When you’re on the crazy Trump train… All roads really do lead to Putin

A completely deranged Donald Trump on Friday spoke in front of a gaggle of reporters and made a series of unhinged and outright false claims about his political opponents, the still-anonymous whistleblower, and the news media.

Below are the lowlights from Trump’s latest crazed rant.

1.) Trump says that the whistleblower should be exposed as the whistleblower’s lawyer “sued for treason.”

The president continued calling for the public release of the whistleblower’s name, which would be against the law, before serving up a particularly weird attack on Mark Zaid, the attorney representing the whistleblower.

According to PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor, the president said Zaid should be sued “maybe for treason.”

2.) Trump says he might endorse Jeff Sessions after all because the former attorney general said “very nice things” about him in his campaign launch video.

Even though the president still reportedly loathes Sessions for not doing enough to block special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, he said on Friday that he might be open to endorsing him in the Alabama Senate race next year. (This after Sessions blatantly openly kissed Trump’s ass)

“I saw he said very nice things about me last night,” Trump said of Sessions. “But we’ll have to see.”

3.) Trump says he doesn’t know the man whom he appointed to be America’s ambassador to the European Union.

American EU ambassador Gordon Sondland testified this week that he told Ukrainian officials that military aid to their country would not be released unless they agreed to launch investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden.

When asked about this by a reporter, Trump began by saying, “I hardly know the gentleman.”

Other witnesses have testified that Sondland was regularly in contact with Trump this year, however, and Trump called Sondland “a really good man and great American” just one month ago.

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“I would love to send Ambassador Sondland, a really good man and great American, to testify, but unfortunately he would be testifying before a totally compromised kangaroo court, where Republican’s rights have been taken away, and true facts are not allowed out for the public….”

4.) Trump melted down and kept yelling, “Quiet!” at a reporter.

While Trump was trying to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of corruption, a reporter interrupted him with a question, which made Trump visibly angry.

“Be quiet,” Trump said. “Be quiet! Quiet! Quiet!”

5.) Trump stuns reporters by saying he might attend Russia’s May Day military parade.

Trump revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited him to attend next year’s May Day Parade in Moscow.

“President Putin invited me to the — it’s a very big deal!” he said. “Celebrating the end of the war, etc., etc. A very big deal. So I appreciate the invitation… I would love to go if I could.”



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Trump flunky Bill Barr hard at work trying to prove fantasy plots

Willaim Barr Trump’s “Roy Cohn”

As the impeachment noose gets tighter and more and more alarming for Donald Trump, with damning new evidence emerging every day, there is an increasing urgency in the parallel counteroffensives underway by Trump’s “Roy Cohn” team in an attempt to defend him.

There are attacks against the witnesses giving testimony by Trump and his supporters, including attempts to smear Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, Ukraine expert at the National Security Council who this week provided crucial testimony about Trump’s telephone call to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. And there have been the extraordinary scenes of congress Republicans breaking into the proceedings and disrupting them.

But going on relatively unreported at the same time is the ever-metastasizing investigation by William Barr, the “so-called” attorney general, which the White House fantasizes as a game-changer. A farfetched investigation which is seeking nothing less than to overturn the conclusion of the US intelligence services and special counsel Robert Mueller that Russia interfered in the last US presidential election.

To raise the ante this has actually now been designated a criminal investigation with the power of subpoenas and the possibility of prison sentences for those who have been (in Trump’s fantasy) allegedly involved in “criminal actions”, meaning not supporting Dear Leader.

It’s pretty odd that Trump has repeatedly claimed that the Mueller report was a “complete and total exoneration” of him over Russiagate, is now going to such lengths to try and discredit it.

Ukraine is a common factor in both the impeachment hearings and the Barr investigation. The House is looking into Trump withholding military aid to Ukraine to force the Zelensky government to reopen investigations into unproven allegations, with Trump’s own personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani playing a leading part in this subterfuge.

Bill Barr is focusing on the crazy theory, aired on far-right conspiracy sites, and raised by Trump and Giuliani, that Ukraine framed Vladimir Putin over the US election in a complex triple-cross operation by impersonating Russian hackers.

Trump and Barr have also been asking other foreign governments for help in investigating the FBI, CIA, and Mueller investigators. Trump has called on the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison for assistance, while his flunky attorney general has been on similar missions to the UK and Italy.

The information being requested has left our allies astonished. One British official with knowledge of Barr’s wish list presented to London commented that “it is like nothing we have come across before, they are basically asking, in quite robust terms, for help in doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence services”.

The UK, in particular, has been viewed by Trump followers, especially far-right conspiracy theorists, as a deep source of woes for Trump.


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Trump’s “insane” Ukraine Clown Posse

Conservative strategist Rick Wilson penned a scorchingly sardonic column in The Daily Beast, mocking Donald Trump and his “Ukraine Clown Posse” as an utter failure.

“Donald Trump is having the latest in a long run of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weeks, and the strain is showing on his poxed, jowly face and in his raging, undifferentiated anger at everyone but himself and everything but his own increasingly evident instability, incompetence, and desperation,” wrote Wilson. “Trump’s simultaneously baroque and idiotic bank-shot plan to disqualify Joe Biden in the 2020 election is backfiring, his Senate shield wall is cracking, and his crew in the House is reduced to staging dumb, desperate panty-raids into classified facilities to try and protect him. After a bump, Biden’s numbers seem to be moving up, and Trump may have given him two of the most valuable gifts in politics; the right opponent and an inoculation on an issue that might have otherwise haunted him.”

Trump’s rabid supporters, Wilson went on, don’t even seem to realize how serious things have gotten for their hero.

“The gap between what’s happening to Trump in the real world and what happens inside the soft fantasy bubble of the Trump Matrix is vast and widening,” wrote Wilson. “It’s harder and harder to deny his peril. For a long time, Trump and his followers had a kind of fuck-you swagger, confident his Mighty Bullshit Wurlitzer would always overcome truth, decency, the law, and the rules of political physics. This week, they have abandoned that tone for one of screechy belligerence edged with Fuhrerbunker panic.”

Wilson also laid into Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and his cohorts for trying to seize control of the impeachment narrative by illegally raiding a Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) where a witness interview was taking place.

“The purpose of Gaetz and his frat rats wasn’t to bring the facts to light, or to expose some nefarious behavior by the Democrats and Republicans on the three committees leading the impeachment inquiry, who were in the SCIF hearing the testimony of yet another fact witness in what is now absolutely established as a quid pro quo in Donald Trump’s attempt to extort the Ukrainian government,” wrote Wilson. “Their dumb stunt — ‘light treason,’ as my friend Molly Jong-Fast calls it — wasn’t to pin down imaginary Deep State liars. It was a pathetic distraction, the work of a few minutes to try to put a Band-Aid on the boo-boo of Donald Trump’s fragile, shaken ego and confidence, all while compromising national security and attempting to intimidate witnesses.”

Though Trump has weathered other theoretically career-ending scandals, Wilson wrote, this time he might not be so lucky.

“In the Senate, Mitt Romney is making trouble of the best kind, John Thune is signaling his unease, and Mitch McConnell refused to back Trump’s lie that he blessed the content of the infamous Zelensky call where the American tried to extort his Ukrainian counterpart,” he wrote. “The polling and fundraising collapse in key GOP Senate races for 2020 has McConnell pondering the ultimate triage: saving the majority by sacrificing the President .”(Trump)

“The panic in the Republican Party is palpable and delicious,” concluded Wilson. “Trump will grow more angry that the Senate isn’t immolating itself to support him. The House GOP and the Trump media apparatus will demand louder noises, more distractions, more Trump-hadi tactics in support of a Trump who has already poisoned their future. It’s going to be loud, and very, very ugly.”

Respected correspondent calls out Trump for his murderous lies


NBC correspondent Richard Engel on Wednesday lashed out at Donald Trump for portraying the Middle East as “sand and blood” to “confuse” Americans about the U.S. retreat from Syria.

In a statement from the White House on Thursday, The Cowardly Trump announced that he was lifting all sanctions on Turkey after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan promised to enact a “permanent” ceasefire against the Kurds.

“Let someone else fight over this long bloodstained sand,” the Trump said. At another point, he described the Middle East as “tribal.”

Following these callous Trump’s remarks, Engel was outraged.

“Ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity,” the correspondent explained. “By witnessing it, by being in a position to stop it but being order not to stop it, [U.S. special forces] could open themselves up to accusations that they were even aiding and abetting.’

He continued: “This was a very specific mission that was to fight against ISIS with a very small number of elite U.S. special operations forces. They were working, they had captured and killed tens of thousands of ISIS fighters. And then abruptly, for reasons that maybe we’ll know one day, Trump has this call with Erdoğan and he decides to let Erdoğan, let Turkey invade and blow up the entire project.”

Engel noted that Trump was wrong to expect a few special forces to stay behind to takeover oilfields in the area.

“I don’t think he has any idea of what these special operations forces do,” Engel explained. “They don’t go around with buckets and pick up oil and fly them in helicopters back to the United States. They hunt down ISIS fighters. They do very specific missions. They look for hostages. That’s what they’ve been doing here.”

Engel also blasted the Trump for stereotyping the Middle East to “confuse” Americans.

“Trump was trying to confuse the whole American people who think that the Middle East is a big just giant war zone, sand, and blood,” he observed. “And he’s dwelling on these memories that people have, angry memories about Iraq, when you had lots of young men and women, hundreds of thousands of them cycling through Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“This is not that,” Engel insisted. “This was a specific counter-ISIS operation that was working. And what the world is going to see is the United States betrayed an ally. That is the only message that will be received out of this internationally. And that Vladimir Putin sticks with his friends.”

Putin’s favorite candidate this election cycle

Tulsi with war criminal Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat running for her party’s 2020 presidential nomination, continues to scoff at charges that her campaign is being backed by prominent Russian sympathizers. She like Trump calls it “fake news.”

“Fake news”  is the favorite phrase of the Trumpies, Trump himself has tweeted it hundreds of times during his reign.

Gabbard has received donations to her 2020 campaign from supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin, including a Russian studies professor and an employee of the Russian government-funded broadcaster RT.

Gabbard also has received sharp criticism for her refusal to call Syrian President Bashar Assad a war criminal — a position aligned with Russia’s stance not that of the United States.

Gabbard is called a progressive by some but there no evidence of that  It’s true that she has voiced support Medicare for all and free college tuition, her actual record skews center-right. She has broken from her party on votes to increase restrictions on refugees and weaken gun control. She has introduced legislation supported by GOP donor Sheldon Adelson and interviewed for a possible position in Trump’s Cabinet.

Many Democrats balk at Gabbard’s tactics and lengthy opposition-research file, which is bulging with ties to controversial figures and lingering questions about her conservative upbringing. While some say her opposition to military intervention in Syria makes her an advocate for peace, others say it makes her a “mouthpiece” for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In 2017, she was widely rebuked for taking a meeting with Assad, an act that legitimized the accused war criminal, and saying she was “skeptical” of the U.S. conclusion that Assad had used chemical weapons. The previous year, she was one of only three members of Congress to vote against a resolution condemning the Syrian government’s use of force against its own people.

Gabbard grew up a spiritual follower of a Hare Krishna sect that has been accused by former members of being an authoritarian cult. Its teachings include anti-gay activism, something that has already created headaches for Gabbard’s presidential campaign. As a teenager, Gabbard worked with her father, a fervent crusader against gay rights, at the Alliance for Traditional Marriage, which supported conversion therapy and helped pass an anti-same-sex marriage law. At least twice as a state representative, Gabbard referred to LGBT-rights advocates as “homosexual extremists.” She has since apologized,

All in all, she looks like Putin’s perfect replacement for Jill Stein this election cycle.


“Impeachment…I never thought I’d see or hear that word with regard to me.” WTF?

An unhinged and freaked out Trump threatened on Saturday night to sue top congressional Democrats Rep. Adam Schiff and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi amid the House impeachment inquiry into his crimes.

The bully blowhard has a long track record of calling for lawsuits against his critics and then doing nothing. Trump threatened, “We’re going to take a look at it. We’re going after these people. These are bad, bad people.”

Trump said he spoke to his lawyers about Schiff and told them, “Sue him anyway, even if we lose, the American public will understand.” “And sue Nancy Pelosi,” Trump continued. “Or maybe we should just impeach them because they’re lying and what they’re doing is a terrible thing for our country.”

Except Members of Congress cannot be impeached, according to the US Constitution.

The speech and debate clause in the US Constitution, which appears in Article 1, section 6, protects members of Congress from being sued over their statements made on the floor, which also would apply to committees.

Trump’s ignorant comments come as impeachment proceedings into his crimes deepen in Washington.

“Impeachment,” Trump said. “I never thought I’d see or hear that word with regard to me. Impeachment. I said the other day it’s an ugly word. To me, it’s an ugly word. Very ugly word. It means so much. It means horrible, horrible crimes and things, I can’t even believe it. It’s a witch hunt.”

Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow told CNN the President’s legal team is “looking at all options” after Trump floated the possibility of a lawsuit against Schiff and Pelosi.

“Nothing off the table,” We are “in the research stages,”. Sekulow said

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