The Trump death cult and the million-maggot march for mass death

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 On Friday, the COVID Tracking Project reported that the number of positive coronavirus infections in the last day had reached 170,000, the highest record ever and a number that was, just a few months ago, hard to imagine. It’s now our daily reality, and it’s likely to only get worse.

Other figures are just as frightening. Hospitalizations — one of the clearest signs of the seriousness of the outbreak —have reached a new high at 69,000, according to the project. Deaths are at a disturbing 1,300, though that rate is almost certain to spike in recent weeks following the more recent spike in cases. And as the newest and largest wave yet engulfs the country, reports have begun to appear of hospitals being overwhelmed with patients, which is almost certainly a precursor to a spike in the case fatality rate.

It’s our horrifying new status quo, and one that experts and observers have been warning would unfold this fall for months. But the mind-boggling truth is that for the Trump administration, everything is pretty much going as planned.

Ever since the first wave in the spring, Donald Trump has seemed increasingly drawn to the so-called (and, indeed, misleadingly named) “herd immunity” approach to the pandemic. On this approach, you reject government restrictions meant to stop people from getting the virus. What advocates of this strategy believe is that it’s best that more people get the virus, because eventually, enough people will have had it, they’ll immune, and life will return to normal.

Trump brought on Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist and Fox News guest, to the White House team, because he advocated this approach and opposed restrictions. His views were at odds with the approach favored by the bulk of the health experts in the administration, but Trump liked his ideas, so they have won the day.

The White House has occasionally denied or talked around the idea that it’s intentionally carrying out a “herd immunity” strategy, but reporting has made clear the plan the administration has adopted. Per the New York Times:

The White House has embraced a declaration by a group of scientists arguing that authorities should allow the coronavirus to spread among young healthy people while protecting the elderly and the vulnerable — an approach that would rely on arriving at “herd immunity” through infections rather than a vaccine.

On a call convened Monday by the White House, two senior administration officials, both speaking anonymously because they were not authorized to give their names, cited an October 4 petition titled The Great Barrington Declaration, which argues against lockdowns and calls for a reopening of businesses and schools.

“Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health,” the declaration states, adding, “The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.”

The problem with this approach — the reason it’s rejected by most of the public health community — is that it will lead to mass suffering and death. That’s what the increase in hospitalizations is telling us. Medical researcher Dr. Atul Gawande made the point in a recent tweet:

But there’s another important point. One crucial part of the “herd immunity strategy,” in theory, is protecting the vulnerable. Since COVID-19 poses the most significant mortality risk to the elderly and people with other health conditions, advocates argue, this population needs to be kept safe while the virus spreads and creates immunity among the rest of the people.

As people like Alex Tabarrok argued early on, though, this tactic has little hope of success. You can’t meaningfully isolate elderly people from the rest of society. What do you do with the grandmother living in a home with parents who are essential workers and kids who are back at school? What do you do with the workers a nursing homes, who have lives outside of work? Who will pay for people with chronic health conditions to stay home from their jobs for months on end?

It’s untenable. And at the same time, the White House hasn’t actually done anything to meaningfully protect vulnerable from the wave of the virus crashing over the country.

Trump has touted vaccines and therapeutics, including therapeutics that may have saved his own life when he was hospitalized with the infection. But there aren’t nearly enough therapeutics for all the patients in need — nor the top-notch care Trump received — and the vaccines won’t be ready for full distribution into well into 2021. On Friday, Trump announced that the vaccines will be available in April, though he had previously said it could be distributed last month, in October, which never happened. And right now, the administration has no plan to stop surging virus. Most Republicans are following his lead, and even Democratic governors who might prefer to take a more aggressive approach are hamstrung by a lack of federal resources.

There is no plan to stop the virus. The federal government just intends to let it spread through all of us. It’s a plan for mass death, because they don’t care enough to stop it.

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

Examiner note: Wear a mask!

Dumb asses are making a bad situation even worse

Idiots not wearing masks and demanding “business as usual”, are basically assaulting us all and threatening our health and well being. Maybe in normal times, you could forgive their ignorance but now, no way!
Like you take your child into the Open Door Clinic in Mckinnleyville for an immunization shot and everyone’s wearing a mask except one “MAGA” office worker who’s walking all around the clinic without and mask interacting with patients and staff.
That’s assault as far we’re concerned.

This type of belligerent dumbassery is all over Humboldt.

A local Humboldt woman was photographed holding a sign suggesting that animals and black people should be “muzzled.” The photo has gone nationwide in the media and viral on the internet thanks in part to the Russian bot propaganda machine.

Our own local dumb ass trumpie demonstrators swarmed the Humboldt County Courthouse on May 16 to protest the state’s COVID-19 policies. Local Trump dupe Gretha Stenger was among them, a picture of her at the event caused a stir online.  She held an overtly racist sign that read “Muzzles are for dogs and slaves. I am a free human being,” the sign has a photo of an African woman enslaved in Brazil in the 1800s named Escrava Anastacia, who is considered to be a saint to many in South America. Her excuse was she came out to stand with people who were upset about the stay-at-home orders and their repercussions. We guess like stopping the spread of covid 19.

Another local dupe, who said her name was Larkin Small, held another sign reading: “COVID-19 has a 99 percent survival rate. Why are we locked up?”  She whined claiming the virus actually has a high survival rate, when the fatality actually rate ranges from 3 to 5 percent. Which is consider high.

After being excoriated online Stenger apologized, saying that someone else made the sign and handed it to her.

“Holding that sign up at the lockdown protest was a grave mistake and I ask forgiveness from all those who I have caused pain. As I had no sign of my own, it was handed to me by another protester and a photographer took the picture before I considered the racist implications,” Stenger told The Times-Standard. “My intent was to take a stand for the freedom of all human persons and I mistakenly held a sign that conveyed the opposite. (oops!) Please know that I respect the dignity of all people and I sincerely regret any suffering it has caused.”

Larkin Small hasn’t issued any apology yet.

Online, of course, no one is very forgiving nor should they be, for example:
“Everyone needs to know who Gretha Stenger and Larkin Small are. They’re the racist bitches who think muzzling slaves is okay! No human being should ever be enslaved let alone MUZZLED!! I wouldn’t even dare muzzle my dog!”  #COVIDIDIOTS  #ThisIsAmerica


From Raw story with original reporting and photos from RHBB and Times-Standard


Mayor Cruz “mean to Trump.” “Really, Donald?” “You bitch.” – Michael Che

With most of the media afraid to call out Trump for his abhorrent  and callous racist behavior toward Puerto Rico, we can count on Saturday Night Live to do the job

Things got salty during Saturday’s edition of “Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live” when co-host Michael Che went all the way in on President Donald Trump and called the chief executive a bitch for his disrespect toward San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.
Che read the president’s tweet aloud about how Mayor Cruz has “been told by Democrats” that she must be “mean to Trump.”
“Really, Donald?” asked Che drolly. “You bitch.”
He went on to call Trump a “cheap cracker” and to voice some opinions about First Lady Melania Trump’s footwear.

As Racist as He Wanna Be: Trump Attacks Mayor of San Juan, Implies Puerto Ricans in a Crisis are Lazy

The President’s Tiny Twitter Fingers lashed out at the Mayor of San Juan on Saturday morning using thinly veiled racist language to disparage Puerto Ricans who are in desperate need of help after Hurricane Maria.
Trump, tweeting from a golf course in New Jersey (because where else would the president be when citizens of the U.S. are facing a humanitarian crisis?), went on a rant early Saturday morning after Mayor Yulín Cruz of San Juan desperately begged for help on Friday.
“I am going to do what I never thought I would do,” said Cruz. “I am begging, begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying.”
Cruz, a member of the island’s Popular Democratic party, said Friday that federal aid was coming in too slowly, and criticized Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke for referring to U.S. response to the struggling Puerto Rico as a “good news story.”
She also accused the Trump administration of “killing us with inefficiency.”
I guess the president didn’t like her tone.
“They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort,” the President tweeted around 7:30 a.m. Saturday.
He also said that there were “10,000 Federal workers now on Island doing a fantastic job.”
“Fantastic” would not be the word anyone would use in terms of the federal response in PR; and yet when news outlets reported these facts, the president called them “fake” (of course).

Call it out Trump; “white supremacist terrorism”!

Will Donald Trump Ever Say the Words ‘White Supremacist Terrorism’?

POTUS loved whacking Hillary for not saying ‘Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.’ But how come when white people commit terror, suddenly Trump’s tongue is tied?

There’s a growing deadly threat in America but Donald Trump refuses to call it by its name: white supremacist terrorism. In the last three months alone we’ve seen four Americans killed by white supremacists. Now if Muslim extremists had killed four Americans in that time period we all know Trump would be ranting about “radical Islamic terrorism”—a phrase he loves to use except when in Saudi Arabia.

We saw another white supremacist terror attack over the weekend in Portland, Oregon. There, Jeremy Joseph Christian, a 35-year-old white man, was on a local train spewing anti-Muslim and other racist remarks. When three good Samaritans stood up to Christian’s hateful comments, he stabbed them, killing two people who truly represented the best of America: Namkai Meche and Ricky John Best.

Christian’s history of white supremacist views are well-documented. As the media reported, he had been a “vocal participant” in a recent alt-right rally in Portland where he was seen giving a Nazi salute. And he had posted on Facebook Neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic material, including catchphrases used by well-known white supremacist Richard Spencer.

How did Trump respond to this attack? Well, finally on Monday, three days after the stabbing, the official White House Twitter account for POTUS tweeted: “The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them.”

At least someone in the White House thought this issue was important to tweet about—although it was unlikely Trump himself. Trump didn’t mention the attack on his personal Twitter account, nor did he event retweet the POTUS tweet there, although he did tweet a great deal about “fake news” and Russiagate.

Yet the threat of white supremacist terror in the time of Trump appears to be growing. Just last week another young white man who had joined the “Alt-Reich” Facebook group that spewed hate of African Americans, Jews, and others, stabbed and killed 23-year-old African-American Richard Collins, a recently commissioned U.S. Army second lieutenant. The judge presiding over the case denied bail calling the attacker “an absolute danger to the community,” and the FBI is looking into whether this unprovoked murder of Collins was a hate crime.

And in March we saw another murder by a young white male who had espoused white supremacist views. James Jackson, 28, had traveled from his home in Baltimore to New York City for the express purpose of killing black men because their dating of white women disgusted him. And Jackson did just that, randomly killing 66-year-old Timothy Caughman on a New York City street corner. Thankfully the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office charged Jackson with not just a hate crime but also with terrorism, noting that Jackson’s goal was to “launch a campaign of terrorism.”

Despite these attacks, one of which has been formally charged as terrorism, Trump refuses to call these acts what they are: white supremacist terrorism. The hypocrisy is especially laughable given that during the campaign Trump slammed Hillary Clinton constantly for refusing to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” to describe ISIS inspired attacks. As Trump repeated during the campaign while going after Hillary, “Now, to solve a problem, you have to be able to state what the problem is or at least say the name. She won’t say the name.” But interestingly, now Trump refuses to say “the name” when it comes to white terrorists.

If you think the attacks over the last few months are the only violent white supremacists out there you are dangerously kidding yourself. In September, three white men who called themselves “The Crusaders” were arrested for plotting to commit a terrorist attack in Kansas to slaughter Muslim-Somali immigrants living there. These men, per the FBI, had espoused “anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant extremist beliefs.”

In December, self-professed white supremacist Glendon Scott Crawford was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for planning to build a radioactive bomb to kill Muslim Americans in upstate New York. And in February, Robert Doggart was convicted in federal court for planning to attack Muslim Americans and burn down mosques. Although it appears that Doggart, a Christian minister, was more of a radical Christian terrorist than a white supremacist. (You can forget Trump ever saying the words “radical Christian terrorist.”)

Will Trump remain silent on the threat of white supremacist terrorism until we see another Dylann Roof-type attack where nine African Americans are murdered in the hopes of starting a race war? Or until we see an American version of the February terrorist attack in Canada where yet another young white man who had expressed anti-immigrant views walked into a mosque and murdered six Muslims simply because of their faith?

I’m in no way suggesting we should ignore the threat of ISIS-inspired terrorism and just focus on white supremacist terror. After all it was just one year ago in June that we saw the horrific Orlando terrorist attack that left 49 dead at the Pulse nightclub.

But there’s clearly a threat from the right that Trump refuses to call out by name. As the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented, the list of white national groups is alarmingly long with hubs in almost every state. If these extremists go unchecked, I can assure you that more Americans will die at the hands of these racists. The question is how many more innocent Americans have to be killed by white supremacist terrorism before Trump will call it what it is?!

Dean Obeidallah –  also hear Dean afternoons on Sirius-XM


Chiv over the moon for Trump….it figures

chiv and buds

John Chiv:

“The media does not know Trump. I lived in Philadelphia, I know many people who have had personal dealings with Trump. He is not a, racist, that is an image fueled by a media with political bias. I do not agree with everything Fox News publishes or their opinions but they are less lame than shameless CNN that defends a woman who could care less about other women, is a self promoting cold, calculating woman, and has lied to the American public over and over again. When the media starts reporting on the Clinton shennanigans, they can claim to be unbiased.”

arkley and homelesstrump and rifle

It figures that the longtime sycophant for Rob Arkley, John Chiv would be attracted to Donald Trump because they (Robin and Donald) are so very similar to each other. For instance, news that Trump has been sued 3500 times or that he has a long history of not paying his bills seems like a story we’ve heard before (sound like anyone we know). Trump, like Arkley, forms syndicates (in Arkley’s case LLC’s) then get lots of investors or partners so he can gamble with their money rarely risking his own.  If either starts losing money, they bail and leave everyone else holding the bag.

Trump like Arkley is a braggart and a bully and yes John, a textbook example of a racist bigot. We’re not a fan of or are we going to defend Hillary, but when comparing them side by side she looks like an angel!

Which racist fool gave this speech; Arkley or Trump?

Robin P. Arkley: Humboldt’s homegrown Trump

On a side note, do the businesses and attorneys featured on Chiv’s blog pay to have their ads put up next to the John Chiv’s (Trump) slander/misinformation diatribes?

Trump and his cauldron of hate

Donald Trump has been accused by Felipe Calderon of ‘exploiting feelings like Hitler did in his time’.

Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox said Trump was stirring up hate like the Nazi dictator


Mexicans fear Trump rhetoric is a poison that will infect US border policy as the cross-border war of words over the Republican presidential frontrunner’s immigration rhetoric intensified.

Observers warn that even if a wall is never built, the current political climate threatens to derail decades of cooperation and economic ties

Felipe Calderon, a conservative who was president of Mexico from 2006 to 2012, told reporters at an event in Mexico City on Saturday that Trump’s political rhetoric was “racist” and evocative of the Nazi dictator.

“This logic of praising the white supremacy is not just anti-immigration,” Calderon said. “He is acting and speaking out against immigrants that have a different skin color than he does, it is frankly racist and [he is] exploiting feelings like Hitler did in his time,” Calderon said.

Calderon added that Trump’s discourse was “sowing hate” against the United States around the world and that was “not in Washington’s interest”.

Trump has accused Mexico of sending rapists and drug runners across the US border and has vowed to make Mexico pay for a wall on the border.

Calderon’s predecessor, Vicente Fox, also compared Trump to Hitler in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

“He’s going to take the US back to the old days of conflict, war and everything. I mean, he reminds me of Hitler. That’s the way he started speaking,” Fox told Cooper in a phone interview.

“He has offended Mexico, Mexicans, and immigrants. He has offended the Pope. He has offended the Chinese. He’s offended everybody.”

It is the second time Fox has hit out at Trump. Last week he said in another TV interview that he would “not pay for that fucking wall” and also called Trump “crazy,” a “false prophet” and an embarrassment to his party.

During a visit to Mexico’s capital, Vice President Joe Biden apologized for the inflammatory rhetoric about Mexico in the campaign.

“Some of the rhetoric coming from some of the presidential candidates on the other team are I think dangerous, damaging and incredibly ill-advised,” Biden said on Thursday. “But here’s what I’m here to tell you: They do not, they do not, they do not represent the view of the vast majority of the American people.”

Jean-Marie Le Pen

Haters unite!

Jean-Marie Le Pen endorses Trump days after ex-KKK leader urges support

 Donald Trump received a vote of confidence on Saturday from Jean-Marie Le Pen, the former leader of France’s Front National who in the past has said the Nazi occupation was not “particularly inhumane” and suggested Ebola could solve Europe’s “immigration problem”.

“If I were American, I would vote Donald Trump,” Le Pen tweeted on Saturday about the Republican front runner for president. “But may God protect him!”

Trump’s ascendance in American politics began with his promises to build a “big, beautiful wall” along the US-Mexican border, derogatory comments about Mexicans, and a promise to deport 11 million undocumented people.

Le Pen founded Front National, a far-right party that campaigns mostly on anti-immigration policies.

Donald Trump Jr retweeted about Le Pen, albeit indirectly. The billionaire’s eldest son quoted an editor at rightwing news site Breitbart who declared: “Trump has become the international leader of the populist revolt against the elites.”

Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie’s daughter, currently leads the party, which expelled its founder last year for the extremity of his views. Like her father, she has appeared in court on charges arising from her inflammatory remarks.

In 2012, Jean-Marie Le Pen was found guilty of contesting crimes against humanity. In 2015, his daughter was acquitted of inciting hatred with a comparison of French Muslims to Nazis who occupied the country during the second world war.

On Friday, Trump disavowed the endorsement of another figure associated with inciting racial enmity, the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke. The white nationalist told supporters: “He’s made it OK to talk about these incredible concerns of European Americans today.”

“Voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage,” Duke said.

Trump has racked up less controversial endorsements in the last week, including his first from sitting governors. New Jersey governor Chris Christie endorsed his former rival on Friday, followed in short order by Maine governor Paul LePage. In 2012, LePage suggested the Internal Revenue Service was capable of a “horrific crime against humanity” akin to the Holocaust.

On Saturday, the Trump campaign announced an endorsement from the former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, who in 2010 said that undocumented people bring into the US “everything from the crime and to the drugs and the kidnappings and the extortion and the beheadings”.

Trump said in a statement that he felt “honored” to receive the endorsement from Brewer.

“I love the state of Arizona,” he said, “and have received incredible support throughout the state. I am leading in all the polls and we have had amazing events with tremendous crowds.”