PG&E has no credibility

PG&E photo

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) (The CAISO runs the grid in California).  issued a Transmission Emergency notice for Northern California a PG&E spokesperson said. “This is the lowest emergency level,” “It is declared for any event threatening or limiting transmission grid capability, including line or transformer overloads or loss. Yet the power was shut off for most of Humboldt County for over six hours or more.

PG&E blames weather for the widespread outage. Except the storm with high winds past before midnight the heavy snow and rain had eased off hours before the 5:30 am countywide sudden outage.

Large swaths of Humboldt County lost power for an extended period of time on Friday in an outage event that the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. attributed to storm conditions and snowfall. PG&E claimed The Humboldt area has experienced severe weather conditions this week, including heavy snowfall. Snow is 6- to 7-feet deep in some locations, plus there is fog this morning. The local National Weather Service office politely called BS calling such an estimate excessive. Meteorologist Alex Dodd said Friday the highest levels of snowfall were closer to three feet, and those at very high elevations,….

It’s true that meteorologists had clocked strong wind speeds, estimating 30-to-40 mile-per-hour gusts in certain areas with a peak gust of 60 miles-per-hour in strength. But that was Thursday afternoon and evening the power was shut down at 5:30 am.

It’s hard to believe anything PG&E says.