Ignorance, arrogance, greed and entitlement….same ol’ same ol’

Hall Creek/ Glendale area of the Mad River

What’s up with our elected officials and appointed boards?
If it involves Cannabis Production it must be a great opportunity to cash in and we can tax the hell of it so let’s let them do whatever and use whatever polluted industrial site they want. Win-Win right? That seems to be the mentality of the regulators.
Then you have the greedy proponents who just want to get started printing money. We don’t care what was there before besides don’t you know who we are?
Actually, no we don’t, and it doesn’t matter. Pollution is pollution we don’t want it in our water whether it’s from Mercer Fraser or some hipster growers.

At the September 5 Planning Commission meeting, the County Planning Commission approved yet another permit for a development on the site of a former lumber mill without adequate soil sampling – this one is in Glendale, near Hall Creek and the Mad River – just upstream from the drinking water supply for 88,000 people. The Humboldt Bay Municipal Watershed joined Humboldt Baykeeper in calling for dioxin testing, but the majority of Commissioners waved those concerns away.

Daniel Mintz covered this for KMUD news listen here:  https://soundcloud.com/kmudnews/lack-of-dioxin-testing-at-mill-site-triggers-alarm

Surprise! The Examiner agrees with the “Old Guard”

noon whistle

Late great “Noon Whistle” atop Fire Dept.

Right on the heels of the demise of the beloved Arcata noon whistle Arcata Fire Chief Desmond Cowan and the Arcata Fire Protection District (AFPD) is really upsetting folks in Arcata again.

Cowan and AFPD off want to rename the name of Arcata Fire to Mad River Fire…….wtf?

Normally the examiner is pretty hard on the “old guard” but in this case we have to agree with the “old guard”, this makes no sense. The stated reason for changing the name is to avoid confusion. Fire Chief Desmond Cowan noted that there are three different badges with three different names on them used in the department – the Arcata Fire Department, Arcata Fire Protection District and Arcata Volunteer Fire Department. To us simply calling it “Arcata Fire” would be simple and logical.

John McFarland is a 48-year member of the Fire Service, Arcata fire chief, retired and “old guard.” He asks, What’s in a name?

Mad River Fire

Mad River (balloon A) seventy road miles from Arcata


Google “Mad River Fire” and you will discover a tiny little town in Trinity County that is served by Southern Trinity Fire. That alone should cause Cowan to reconsider this proposal.

Google “Arcata Fire” and you will find a pretty impressive fire department serving McKinleyville, Arcata, Manila and Bayside as it always has – and should continue.

arcata patch