The rules be damned; we must stop Linda Atkins

Last night Linda Aktins and community homeless advocates won a symbolic victory over the status quo. Other than symbolism we’re not really sure what that resolution actually does.

What was particularly astounding was the way they altered the meeting rules again in a attempt to thwart Linda from passing the resolution. There was motion moved and seconded and discussion going on when what appeared to be a pre-planned tactic between the City Clerk, City attorney and Ciarabellini. As it became obvious that Ciarabellini and Brady were going to fail, Mayor Jaeger allowed another motion to be made by Ciarabellini which would have put off the discussion for at least a month or longer. WTF! In all the years we’ve all been following City Council meetings no one has ever seen that maneuver be allowed. Ciarabellini, for her part, appeared to believe she could shame and intimidate Kim Bergel into voting against Linda. Then after admonishing the audience to be quiet Mayor Jaeger allowed an “out of order” Leo Sears to speak and vaguely threaten and question Kim Bergel while no other public comment was allowed. It was almost successful, Bergel started to waffle but in the end she voted her conscience and did the right thing.

All of this insurrection and political BS maneuvers over what was really a symbolic resolution. Imagine the blood that would have been spilled over an actual ordinance as opposed to a declaration!


The Shelter Crisis Resolution that isn’t

Greg Spark’s staff has produced “Shelter Crisis Resolution” that is a far cry from what councilwoman Linda Atkins and many homeless advocates have been demanding for months. It looks like staff has managed to write it up so it will have little or no effect in actually helping any homeless people. Keeping them from “public trust lands” and “any area within 100 feet of any Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas … including, but not limited to, Humboldt Bay, any land held in public trust by the City, and any river, stream, estuary, slough, pond, or source of groundwater, within the jurisdiction of the City.” Those are pretty tight restrictions for something that supposed to be an “emergency resolution”. All this combined with the many restrictions and exceptions included by Development Services Director Rob Holmlund will result in little or no forward movement in addressing this crisis. In fact, the declaration literally kicks the can down the road and keeps the city out actually creating solutions. Instead, the city will encourage others to do the work of assisting those in need. From the agenda packet describing what the resolution accomplishes, along with our translation of what it really means:

1) Declares the existence of a shelter crisis in the City of Eureka under Government Code 8698 et seq. (Duh! Just look around and it’s pretty clear there’s a crisis. So now what are you going to do about it?)

2) Does not identify any City facility as part of the declaration. (Does not INCLUDE any City Facility as part of the SOLUTION).

3) Encourages the community to step forward and provide shelter either on private property or through a negotiated agreement with the City. (You’re on your own. The City of Eureka doesn’t want to do the hard work, or spend the money, so it’s all on you private citizens. We are going to show you our true libertarian spirit and put the problem right back in your lap. BTW-to all of you “homeless advocates” that we’ve been harassing for years about giving out free food or offering people to sleep in cars on your private property, now we want you to solve this!)

4) Excludes areas that are 100′ from any Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (ESHA-as defined by federal, state or local law or regulation), in order to protect fragile and local ecosystems. (All the places you’ve been trying to survive in are now off limits. Chief Mills, take off the gloves and move these people out of Eureka!)

As you can see, the insurrection in the un-elected portion of Eureka government is going strong. Linda Atkins put forward a resolution that would allow the city to start tackling problems….today! However, in the middle of the worst winter storms in recent memory the City of Eureka is making sure that there are no city facilities used to help people survive the elements. Shame on you City Staff! Linda said she wanted solutions, not the firing of city staff. Well it kinda looks like getting rid of the problems at city hall might just be a solution!

On another note, we wonder…….are Kim and Natalie going to back Linda up this time? We’re not holding our breath.

Bergel: “I’m so proud, so proud of Eureka”

Et tu Bergel?


Witnessing last night’s Eureka City Council meeting proved to us that Eureka’s dysfunction and denial has become complete and total.

Linda Aktins, the council person who has served the longest and has the most experience was completely out maneuvered by staff and the City Manager last night. She got little or no support from Arroyo or Bergel and was full on attacked by Ciarabellini and Brady. Aktins had asked several times at the last Council Meeting to have “Shelter Crisis Declaration” put on the agenda. What actually showed up on the agenda was a report with staff recommendations, but nothing to take action on. This was clearly designed by the Manager and Staff to prevent a vote on a Shelter Crisis Declaration. So Aktins wrote up her long form resolution and attempted to make it as a motion. That’s when the knives came out. Brady and Ciarabellini were spittin’ mad.   Brady called Atkins attempt to get a vote a “bully move” and claimed that she was trying to shove it down their throats. Atkins simply made a motion to vote on a shelter crisis which was seconded by Arroyo who then sabotaged Aktins by going to the incompetent City Attorney Day-Wilson to ask if it could be voted on. Day-Wilsons authoritative answer was “I don’t believe so”. Aktins objected and Brady accused her of having a fit.

Bergel: I’m so proud, so proud of Eureka and all of the progress Eureka has made on the homeless!

In a complete break with any form of reality Councilperson Bergel repeatedly said she is so proud of the City Council accomplishments. Ciarabellini joined with Brady to express their great pride in all that the City of Eureka has accomplished. Lots of patting each other on the back over all they’ve accomplished. WTF!

All the success with the homeless problem????? What alternate universe do these clowns live in? All that’s happened over the past year is “homeless musical chairs”. What accomplishments could any of them see as being positive?

After the meeting was over, the council members went home to their houses. On the other hand, the houseless folks who so bravely spoke at the meeting went back to their cold and wet tents in the bushes. What did the council accomplish last night? The only accomplishment we could see was making it painfully clear that Eureka is going to continue to kick the poorest of the poor when they’re down.

Mean while Ciarabellini and Brady will be lining up their allies to defeat Linda at the next meeting.

Oh ya, don’t forget to take The Mayor up on his offer to call him up at home and let him know what you think! He said his numbers in the book……………………