New restrictions for Humboldt, but the airport remains open? WTF?

It still seems like there is a lot of unnecessary vehicle traffic all over the county too

With the Trump “enabled” Coronavirus spreading everywhere the county is allowing flights into Humboldt????

Health Officer Issues Updated Order for Humboldt County

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich issued an updated Health Order further clarifying and enhancing the Shelter in Place requirements for county residents.

The updated order addresses county residents’ concerns regarding tourists visiting the area, prohibiting short-term rental properties, including hotels, vacation rentals and campgrounds, from renting to non-County residents.

Additionally, the order further limits activity in parks and other outdoor recreational areas that facilitate public gathering.

The order clarifies the definition of essential businesses, recognizing those businesses that support the County’s response to COVID-19 and eliminating the exemption for businesses that “supply products which would enhance the quality of life.”

This updated order will remain in effect until rescinded by the Health Officer.

Ok, but why is the airport still open to the public? It should be open for emergencies only 


Looks like Trump should be charged with Involuntary manslaughter

Trump is doing his best imitation of cultist Jim Jones

Involuntary manslaughter occurs when a person dies due to the recklessness or irresponsibility of the defendant (Trump)


Trump is signaling that after 15 days he wants to ‘isolate the high-risk groups’ and tell everyone else to go back to work—based on a recommendation from a Twitter rando and in direct contravention to public health experts. Just 10 minutes before midnight on Sunday, Tyrant Trump fired off a cryptic all-caps tweet that was interpreted as an alarming signal that—despite warnings from health experts—he could soon lift the federal social distancing guidelines issued by the White House last week to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

“WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF,” idiot Trump tweeted, suggesting the economic impacts of preventative measures could be more harmful than the further spread of coronavirus. “AT THE END OF THE 15 DAY PERIOD, WE WILL MAKE A DECISION AS TO WHICH WAY WE WANT TO GO!”
Then Trump the fool proceeded to retweet a number of approving responses from his supporters, including one Twitter user who said the U.S. should “isolate the high-risk groups and let the rest of us get back to work before it’s all over for everyone.”

Tyrant Trump has repeatedly been chastised by experts for making uninformed statements that either misleads the public or undermine public health warnings in regards to the coronavirus pandemic.

During a press briefing earlier Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would release new guidelines Monday that would allow people who were exposed to the coronavirus to return to work if they wear masks.

Greedy Trump is signaling that after 15 days he wants to “isolate the high-risk groups” and tell everyone else to go back to work — based on a recommendation from a Twitter rando and in direct contravention to public health experts.

The 15-day period to which idiot Trump referred to began last Monday when Trump issued guidelines urging people to listen to state and local authorities, avoid unnecessary travel, and stay at home as much as possible. A number of states, including California and New York, have issued “stay at home” orders and temporarily shuttered non-essential businesses.

Critics warned in response to Trump’s tweet that rolling back efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19, which has officially infected more than 33,000 people nationwide, could have catastrophic consequences.

“This is going to get millions of people killed, and a disproportionately large number of them will be his base,” tweeted David Klion, news editor at Jewish Currents.

In a Monday morning appearance on NBC‘s “TODAY,” Trump’s own U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said “not enough people are taking the virus seriously and warned that “this week it’s going to get bad.” “We really need to come together as a nation,” said Adams. “We really, really need everyone to stay at home.”

Osita Nwanevu, staff writer at The New Republic, pointed to an Imperial College of London study warning that an insufficient coronavirus mitigation strategy could result in over a million deaths from the disease in the United States alone. Nwanevu noted that Trump is not the only one suggesting coronavirus containment measures should soon be lifted for the sake of the economy.

Let’s be clear about this: These Trump cultists, based on reputable estimates, are proposing having a million killed.

Edited from Common Dreams story by Jake Johnson via Raw Story

American capitalism flounders under the strain of the greedy narcissist and the virulent covid 19

American capitalism doesn’t hold up that well under the stresses and strains of a virulent pandemic and this dipshit.

In the face of the coronavirus, that stingy “real-time delivery” dictum taught in business school to guide how we deploy labor and distribute stuff can be a recipe for needlessly high body counts and wealth destruction on the scale of the Great Depression.

Currently, Senate Majority Leader “Moscow” Mitch McConnell is fashioning a coronavirus pandemic stimulus package that is fashioned after the Trump/ GOP $1.7 trillion tax cut — meaning, weighted to favor corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

To be fair, this was the same impulse we saw in the Bush/Obama response to the Great Recession. Their remedy led to Wall Street’s pillaging of MLK Boulevard and Main Street, the destruction of $20 trillion in household wealth, and accelerated wealth concentration. It also left tens of millions of households in a precarious position to face this pandemic.

And while President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s response to the Great Depression in the form of the New Deal was widely praised for uplifting working-class Americans, we must remember that it left out Americans of color. Consider the Faustian bargain that FDR made with the Dixiecrats to get basic labor protections and standards for workers that expressly left out domestic and agricultural workers.

Greedy SOB Sen. Richard Barr (R.-NC), chair of the Senate’s Intelligence Committee

Greed dies hard. Now that the wolf (COVID-19) is at the door, we can see the reflex that many political leaders have to put wealth preservation above the common good. Four senators, including Sen. Richard Barr (R.-NC), chair of the Senate’s Intelligence Committee, sold off significant stock holdings after being briefed on the impending coronavirus pandemic.

These greedy bastards can’t help themselves. When destiny asks them to choose between money or life, they pause to make a trade.

This is what happens when you organize every aspect of your society to promote wealth accumulation and nothing else. It’s really just physics. You invest everything in accumulating gold or money for security and all of a sudden your life gets cut short as your lungs no longer function because you caught coronavirus from some other person who accidentally became the real sculptor of your destiny.

This will come as a real downer for the wealthy elites who have structured their lives around pre-coronavirus social distancing behind the gated walls of privilege that won’t protect them now.

But it’s our grocers, postal workers, trash collectors, nurses and emergency medical technicians who hold the jobs that are the most essential and need protecting.

Similarly, our vaunted American health care system — which is designed to maximize shareholder profits and discourage patients from using it — turns out to be antithetical to promoting the public health. This for-profit model is based on scarcity, which rations access to care, ventilators and personal protection equipment for medical staff, all to feed the insatiable bottom line.

Works great until that doomsday scenario when everybody needs it.

Our whole socioeconomic framework was predicated on the notion that our society could function and feed off vast inequality, and that the day-in and day-out misery of tens of millions of American families was their problem.

It turns out that the country’s economic deprivation — reflected in hunger and homelessness — significantly complicates our ability to end the pandemic. And as this more vulnerable cohort falls ill as a consequence the inadequacy of this existing system puts the broader society at a greater risk.

Poverty may not be contagious. But COVID-19 is.

At the end of his life, as the Vietnam War raged, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King called for a “revolution of values” when he suggested that instead of the phrase “Black Power,” activists should invoke the more inclusive rallying cry “Power for Poor People” in order to build a multi-racial coalition of the impoverished and disenfranchised.

Out of that call to action, the Poor People’s Campaign was formed. Just weeks after her husband’s murder, Coretta Scott King initiated a 14-day protest in Washington, D.C. on Mother’s Day, demanding passage of an Economic Bill of Rights.

The 21st-century iteration of the Poor People’s Campaign has been calling for a “national call for a moral revival” in the throes of our current pandemic.

“With its broad sweep, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into an unprecedented national emergency,” the Poor People’s Campaign writes on their website. “This emergency, however, results from a deeper and much longer-term crisis — that of poverty and inequality, and of a society that ignores the needs of 140 million people who are poor, or a $400 emergency away from being poor.”

Long before this coronavirus pandemic, there was already an under-reported poverty pandemic that killed hundreds every day in America in the form of missed diagnoses and delayed care.

As Rev. Dr. William Barber and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis of the Poor People’s Campaign wrote, “millions of people are in dire need of critical attention immediately. We call on you to fulfill your moral and Constitutional responsibilities: expand the COVID-19 emergency provisions to care for us all and enact our Moral Agenda immediately.”

They continue: “We cannot return to normal. Addressing the depth of the crises that have been revealed in this pandemic means enacting universal health care, expanding social welfare programs, ensuring access to water and sanitation, cash assistance to poor and low-income families, good jobs, living wages and an annual income and protecting our democracy.”

And this real-time national realignment “means ensuring that our abundant national resources are used for the general welfare, instead of war, walls, and the wealthy.”

Indeed, the Poor People Campaign’s list of demands is an essential foundation for our country’s survival:

  1. Immediate, comprehensive and permanent paid sick leave for 100% of employees for this pandemic. Paid sick leave must become standard across all sectors of the labor market.
  2. Immediate health care for all, including 100% free COVID-19 testing, treatment and quality care to all, regardless of income, age, disability, citizenship or any other factor, and including the uninsured.
  3. A guaranteed and adequate annual income / universal income, including rapid, direct payments to all low-wage and temporary workers, from grocery, fast food and delivery workers, care workers, and pharmacists to other workers who remain on the front lines and are severely underpaid.
  4. A national moratorium on evictions, tax foreclosures, rent hikes, and a national rent freeze. This includes an immediate halt to encampment sweeps and towing vehicles of unhoused communities. Federal resources must be directed to local and state governments towards opening and preparing vacant and habitable buildings, properties and warehouses to house and provide adequate care for all people who are homeless. This includes ensuring education, food assistance and health care for homeless children and provisions for medical testing, treatment, and respite for the homeless.
  5. Jubilee and debt forgiveness for medical debt, student debt, water, utilities and other forms of household debt.
  6. Protections for our democracy and the right to vote with expanded opportunities to vote during this crisis and an expanded census to ensure every person is accounted for.

And there’s more — much more.

As we refashion America, we need “a national moratorium on water and utility shut-offs, a waiver of all late-payment charges, and reinstitution of any services that have already been cut off due to nonpayment, including access to cellular and the internet.”

But this remodeling at home has to come with a recalibration of our risk threat matrix that has us spending hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowed money on further notice wars abroad.

In the shadow of COVID-19, the greatest threat to our immediate collective well- being is the miserable circumstances of our poorer neighbors we had for all too long ignored, figuring their reality had nothing to do with the rest of us.



an edited version of a Commentary in Salon by Bob Hennelly



Time to confront Arcata’s evil neighbor Sun Valley Floral Farms

The man with the power to stop this – Sun Valley CEO and President Lane DeVries

Don’t be fooled by the expanse of pretty irises growing between Foster Avenue and Bay School Road in the Arcata Bottom.

Earlier this year, Sun Valley Floral Farms sprayed that field with the carcinogen glyphosate (aka Roundup) without adequately informing neighbors, the three nearby schools, or anyone in the densely populated Greenview/Windsong neighborhood of Arcata, all of which were downwind of the spraying.

In 2015 the World Health Organization declared glyphosate a “probable carcinogen.” Later the state of California added glyphosate to its list of chemicals that cause cancer. Since then Monsanto and its parent company Bayer, which produces glyphosate, have suffered several high-profile court losses to victims of glyphosate who contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other cancers. By now managers of any company that uses glyphosate should well know that in doing so they risk giving workers and neighbors cancer. (A new study shows when combined with other risk factors Glyphosate dramatically increases the risk of breast cancer)*TE

The Arcata Bottom tract is new to Sun Valley’s floral production. It was formerly used to feed cattle, with no chemicals needed. Yet over summer Sun Valley was at it again, spraying the same field with yet another carcinogen: chlorothalonil.

In this case, I watched it happen. My presence was coincidental, as spraying occurred with no public notice. On the afternoon of July 30 a Sun Valley operator sprayed chlorothalonil onto the company’s new field. It was chilling to watch the day’s predictable northwest breeze wafting the chemical across Bay School Road right into neighbors’ homes and yards, and presumably into Arcata.

The next day a large troupe of agricultural workers tarried in this very field, presumably absorbing the toxic impacts of a long-lasting chemical like chlorothalonil. (I learned that the chemical was chlorothalonil by contacting the Humboldt County Agricultural Commissioner’s office.)

The state and federal governments list chlorothalonil as a probable human carcinogen and reproductive toxin. Chlorothalonil can contaminate the air traveling beyond the field and has been found in residential neighborhoods in many areas where it is applied. It is a potential groundwater contaminant, is persistent in soils, and is acutely toxic to fish, crabs, and frogs.

In 2016 (the last year for which statistics are available) Sun Valley used 1,152 pounds of chlorothalonil in Humboldt County. Now that the company is cultivating a new field its use of chlorothalonil has undoubtedly risen.

Also in 2016, Sun Valley applied 1,621 pounds of captan—a mutagen and carcinogen that can cause respiratory damage and is highly toxic to fish—and 171 pounds of thiophanate-methyl. Thiophanate-methyl is a possible human carcinogen and suspected endocrine disruptor.

(The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences defines endocrine disruptors as “chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife.”) Other dangerous and toxic chemicals used by Sun Valley include diuron (birth defects, groundwater contamination, destruction of aquatic invertebrates) and the infamous 2,4-D (developmental and reproductive toxin, a possible human carcinogen, potential groundwater contaminant).

It’s bad enough that Sun Valley uses these poisons for non-food crops that could easily be produced without them. It’s infuriating that the company would waltz onto a brand new field, formerly free of toxics, and blithely contaminate it as well. Sun Valley might blandly state that “we adhere and comply with state and federal laws” in applying the chemicals, but this may not even be true.

The company has no legal right to contaminate the waters and wildlife of California, which are owned by the people, and Sun Valley certainly has no legal right to poison its workers and its neighbors. Without extensive and expensive monitoring there is no way to adequately ascertain the extent of such contamination.

Companies like Sun Valley count on this difficult process, and deferent county and state officials, to protect their “right” to do whatever they want, no matter the human and environmental costs.

The County of Humboldt and the City of Arcata, and its residents, need to step up and object to Sun Valley’s contamination. There is no reason these irises cannot be grown organically, except that it might cost a penny or two more on the dollar.

So instead, Sun Valley management, including company CEO and President Lane DeVries, has opted to impose these costs onto the lives of workers, neighbors, and the environment.

Greg King Mad River Union Oct 2, 2019

WTF St. Joseph Heath?

Passed along to us so we’ll share it with you:

St. Joseph Health – Humboldt County has begun FIRING union members over the phone as of 8:00 am this morning.

The corporate greed and the corporate agenda has now replaced any level of commitment to the values once envisioned by the founding Sisters. This is incredibly disappointing but not surprising when you consider the leaderships actions as of late.

This is an incredibly sad day for Humboldt County and the marvelous legacy of the founding Sisters.

As the largest private sector employer in Humboldt County and the regional healthcare provider, St Joseph Health should be committed to growing and retaining jobs, which are so incredibly vital to a healthy local economy, a physically healthy community and better quality of life for our families.

We are going to be calling on St Joseph Health to cease this retaliatory behavior and the blatant disregard for the safety of our patients, to honor the contractual obligation to negotiate in good faith with and to provide notice to both Nuhw National Union of Healthcare Workers and the California Nurses Association with regards to any reductions, and demand that they meet their charity care obligation with California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and that they do right by our community and abide by their obligation to provide the best care possible for our families.

I encourage the community to call 707-445-8121 and ask for the hospital president and let her know how you feel.

Also express your concerns with Senator Mike McGuire and let Mike know how devastating this is to our community.

As for me and my team we will keep fighting for the best interest of our community and our union members.

In Solidarity Allen McCloskey

Union Steward

Assembly Delegate for CA District 2

Join the calls for adequate key staffing at St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospitals this Monday

Members of National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) and the California Nurses Association (CNA) declare a staffing crisis at St. Joseph Eureka and Redwood Memorial Hospitals and expose the dangerous and unhealthy impacts on patient care. They call for immediate staffing in critical departments.

On Monday, September 10, at noon, on the front sidewalk of St. Joseph Hospital, Eureka, dozens of hospital providers and nurses will demand that both hospitals adequately staff key departments immediately so that they do not continue to compromise patient care.

“For months, those of us who work closely with patients have informed Hospital Management that certain gaps in staffing are causing dangerous situations for our patients,” states Allen McCloskey, Union Steward with NUHW and Lab Technician at St. Joseph Eureka. “At least two patient deaths are being investigated because the Hospital used bed alarms instead of hands-on care. We are offering concrete proposals that the Hospital can implement to remedy this crisis, and they have ignored us.”

“I suffered first-hand the impacts of St. Joseph’s under-staffing,” says Ruby Sierra, a Monitor Technician in St. Joseph’s Progressive Care Unit (PCU). “I was the only Monitor Tech working my shift and my Manager denied my requests for cover when I needed to use the bathroom. For the sake of keeping patients safe, I remained at my station and urinated all over myself. Nobody should have to go through the humiliation and physical torture I went through.”

Recent reports show St. Joseph’s profits are more than healthy and that the Hospital failed to provide the amount of charity care it promised the State it would.

“Nursing Assistants care for more patients than what is realistic and safe,” states Lesley Ester, RN, a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital and Union representative with CNA. “I don’t understand why the hospital administration is risking patient care if it can afford to adequately staff our hospital. What will it take—more patient deaths?”

Community allies and public officials will also attend the press conference.

Monday, September 10, at noon, on the front sidewalk of St. Joseph Hospital