End the rash of police-wilding

Guest Post:

Every Eureka resident should be alarmed at the nationwide and local failure in giving veterans preferential hiring status for civilian policing.

Ending the rash of police-wilding requires a return to “Protect and Serve”.

Local media needs to step-up and publish Eureka’s police hiring and promotion policies, screening practices and psychological evaluations. They are clearly inadequate and need to be compared and updated using other municipality’s successful policies.

Any citizen can file a Public Records Act request and find out for themselves.

With enough inquiries to Eureka’s attorney, the Eureka city council and mayor might stop wringing their hands and engage in some leadership by tasking staff to offer policy changes…

…is the EPD checking military records?

Sign the petition “fire the texting squad”

A March 17 article published by The Sacramento Bee revealed disturbing text messages in a group chat of Eureka police officers sent between January and August of 2020. The text messages display bigoted, racist, misogynist, above-the-law attitudes.  These officers have a complete disregard for the individuals in the community that they serve.  The institution of policing has harbored these attitudes and behaviors for too long and the community will not take it anymore.  We want systemic change, we want all law enforcement to be held accountable to their community.  The community demands this accountability.  These officers must be fired for our community to feel any semblance of safety, especially for our most vulnerable.

AFTER THEY ARE FIRED,  divert the funds to a program similar to Eugene, Oregon’s Cahoots (Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets) which is an innovative community-based public safety system to provide mental health first response for crises involving mental illness, homelessness, and addiction.

American Journal of Preventative Medicine estimated that 20% to 50% of fatal encounters with law enforcement involved an individual with a mental illness.   Last year, out of a total of roughly 24,000 CAHOOTS calls, police backup was requested only 150 times.

The cost savings are considerable. The CAHOOTS program budget is about $2.1 million annually, while the combined annual budgets for the Eugene and Springfield police departments are $90 million. In 2017, the CAHOOTS teams answered 17% of the Eugene Police Department’s overall call volume. The program saves the city of Eugene an estimated $8.5 million in public safety spending annually.

We need to get the dangerous Texting Squad off the streets and direct city funding to a program that has showed significate success for 31 years.  Our community deserves this!!


The ugly truth about EPD

Eureka Police department has been likened to a pit of vipers by some, Look back over the years of posts we have had about EPD and particularly around the murder of Tommy McClain and cover up that followed. We have always pointed out how corrupt and duplicitous this department has been since the ouster of reformist Chief Garr Neilson

Has anything really changed at EPD?


Here’s a very recent “updated” recruitment video starring “Dirty” Sanchez“, his Brother in Law “Go back to the reservation” Goodale and his BFF/Academy classmate Captain “get away with murder” Stephens. 
In the background you can hear current Chief Watson lauding the POP team.  
Come on Chief Watson it’s time to fully clean your infested house

There is much more to come out about this scandal! The Sacramento Bee reporter is in Eureka conducting more interviews as we write this.

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The local crimewave rolls on, do the cops give a s…?

What’s going on in Humboldt County and particularly the greater Eureka area? Theft, petty crime, and vandalism have continued to be on the rise since last summer. Check with your neighbors if you haven’t experienced it yourself chances are they have. Everything from vehicle break-ins and mail theft to digging up your favorite plants.

Recent accounts have come to light that the police are either not responding at all or responding and not being helpful, or in some circumstances even downright abusive

Some observers have drawn a straight line between the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and what seems to many like an intentional slow down or strike by law enforcement. Is that really their plan? Seems to us like it will have the opposite effect from what they want.

Eureka’s crime-wave has metastasized county wide

The current crimewave started with these clowns

The local crime wave that arguably had its start under Eureka Police Chiefs Murl Harpham and Andy Mills has metastasized to the whole County. In today’s Times-Standard there is a story (Sheriff: State ‘flooded with meth and heroin’ – County law enforcement has seen steady increase in hard drugs) featuring County Sheriff Honsel that weakly tries to make it sound like more of a statewide issue. There’s no denying that it is a statewide problem, but Humboldt is at the hub of it.

For years on this blog, we were railing about Andy Mills turning a blind eye to the obvious crime wave of gangs and drug trafficking organizations. Those entities got a firm foothold in the County starting in the City of Eureka from there they have branched out and are now firmly entrench countywide.
Now, and with no lost irony, as Eureka Police Chief Watson has slowly and methodically started turning the tables in the City. These criminals have started moving outside of the City limits. While this is promising news for Eureka we shouldn’t forget that these criminals are now organized and established here and not going to leave easily or peacefully.

Award for EPD at a conference in Houston because of Palco Marsh expulsion, wtf?

EPD has received an award specifically for kicking the homeless out of the Palco Marsh, which makes you really wonder who seriously misled the organization that gave out the award.

Take one look around Eureka and it’s easy to see that Ex-Police Chief Mills’ plan to kick the homeless out of PALCO marsh without a shelter, housing or another area to go to, just make the problem much worse in Eureka. The problem was bad enough at the marsh but without a viable plan and location to move people to (with the exception of the 40 people in the shipping containers), it arguably made the situation much worse,

We wonder if this organization will next be giving Trump a race-relations Award or Kim Jong Un a Human rights Award?  Thanks again Andy…………Pitiful

KIEM TV3 reports: EPD honored for efforts to address homelessness

EUREKA – Though there’s more work to be done, the Eureka Police Department and its community partners were honored for their efforts to address homelessness in the city.

The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing presented EPD, the City of Eureka and mental health providers with the 27th Herman Goldstein Award at a conference in Houston.

The award recognizes groups for innovative and effective policing. EPD was specifically highlighted for vacating the Palco Marsh and establishing the Mobile Intervention Services or MIST team.

Chief Steve Watson said dozens of people contributed to these efforts and he wants the community to continue building on that success. He added, “Even though we’re a smaller somewhat isolated community here on the North Coast, the fact that we are looking outside of our limited exposure here to modern broad based policing practices like problem oriented policing and thinking outside the box, understanding the importance of close collaboration with community partners, that it’s not all just about the police department, that you have to bring all the stakeholders together to address these kind of issues, I think that’s the key takeaway here.”


It’s been 3 years and we still won’t shut up about the murder on Allard ave

It’s been 3 years since hard working young Eureka resident Tommy McClain was gun down in his own front yard.
The staff at The Examiner had high hopes for the Truth to come out in the federal civil rights trial.
In a real tragic miscarriage of justice, the judge in the case disallowed witnesses and suppressed evidence that would have undoubtedly changed the final verdict.
The McClain family is understandably dissatisfied with the way evidence was suppressed and feel let down by their attorneys. 

Here is Tommy’s aunt speaking for the family:

We have always been skeptical about Tommy having a BB gun tucked in his waistband when the officers confronted him, but what we found has validated our disbelief! We were given the investigation files, that were previously withheld from us before.  In the files, we found a receipt, for a Walther CP99 ordered by Todd Wilcox with the address of the Eureka’s police department underneath his name. There’s a 7-page report written up by Todd Wilcox on page 6 of his report, he states that he attempts to purchase a BB device of the same make and model as item T1; referring to the alleged replica taken off Tommy. However, Wilcox was unable to order the make and mobile but he does order a Umarex CP99 compact from the Amazon Internet shopping site.

My brother and I, along with our friend, Robin, had made the 8-hour drive up to Eureka to pick up Tommy’s belongings from the Eureka’s police department. Officer O’Neill handed me a box with a replica blood stained BB gun inside. It was not Walter PPQ Mills previously reported at the press conference October 1, 2014,  In the box, was a BB device, embossed with the brand name Umarex and mobile name CP99 compact, which described the one that was ordered from Amazon.

The Eureka Police Department investigated their own officers, documented and falsified evidence to cover up their wrongdoings.

Mr. Galipo had this information and did nothing with it, so instead of fighting for Tommy and our family, he throws the whole case under the bus.  It’s not just my opinion; I have the receipt, the reports, and the BB gun.   Just thought that you would like to know.

Respectfully Jamie Bowman.

Update # 2 on Your input on Eureka’s “big decision” just became more urgent

It looks like all the public input has worked. The rumor we hear is the City has avoided making a huge mistake by NOT naming Captain Stephens as interim Chief.

Good job everybody involved!!!


Update to yesterday’s post:

Sources are telling us now that City Manager Greg Sparks will be making the decision on the replacement for Chief Mills very soon. We also hear while he plans to consult with the Council he’s going to present them with his choice rather than hear suggestions from the council. They will, of course, have to ratify his choice, but it much harder to say no to a singular choice.

The Examiner strongly urges it’s readers to also contact the City Manager as well as their Council Representative. Urge them strongly to avoid the huge mistake of naming Brian Stephens Police Chief or even interim Chief. 


Whether you’re a community member who thinks Andrews Mills has been great for Eureka or you’re like the Examiner staff who thinks he been wreaking havoc on local law enforcement, his campaign to replace himself as Police Chief with the despicable thug Brian Stephens ought to seriously grab your attention! Stephens, who has a very checkered past, is the guy Mills promoted from Sergeant to Captain shortly after he presided over the negligent killing of Tommy McClain.

The Examiner has been getting lots of tips from inside EPD about the abrupt departure of Mills to Santa Cruz. For the most part, officers have been happy to see Mills and his “used car salesman” leadership will be gone.  However, looming large for everyone who’s reached out has been the view that Chief Mills is set on having Captain Brian Stephens take his place as interim chief.

On Wednesday, July 19th Mills will be having a somewhat odd “Going Away Reception”(?).  There’s speculation at the Police Department that the “Reception” is going to be when Mills starts his full court press for his chosen successor, Captain Brian Stephens.

This should be a very scary thought for Eureka.  Not the least of which was his very questionable leadership (or really lack thereof) in the Tommy McClain murder which the city was found liable in.  We’ve said it before but Eureka can’t forget, if not for Stephens lack of leadership Tommy McClain would be alive today.

Previous post on this topic:



But what does Eureka really know about Stephens?  Not much is publicly known, most of the info we’ve been receiving is from officers on the inside who know about all the cover-ups that have gone on at EPD.   Here’s some of the history from the information we’ve received about the lowlights of Stephens career:

Brian Stephens is a Southerner born in Kentucky, a conservative Christian who loves bourbon.  After working as a military policeman, Stephens moved from Kentucky to start his career as a police officer.  Stephens was hired at EPD in the late 90’s.  Stephens was hired around the same time as another infamous EPD Officer, Rodrigo Sanchez.  Within no time Stephens and Sanchez were BFF’s.

“We’re EPD and we kick ass”

The notorious Sanchez and Stephens’s team got quite a reputation on the street and within EPD.  They were feared on the street by citizens and suspects because of their heavy handed tactics and abuse.  They were liked by the “old guard” because they “kicked ass and took names”.  To this day, Stephens and Sanchez are best friends and would do anything for each other, including always covering up for their routine excessive use of force.

When promoted to Captain, Stephens touted his time at the Drug Task Force and as a Field Training Officer.  However, according to EPD employees, Stephens was in both those positions with a dark cloud around him.  As an FTO, there were accusations that he had inappropriate relations with a female trainee.  Along with that, Stephens was having sexual relations with a firefighter’s wife who caught Stephens in bed with his wife.  The firefighter was apparently upset, and Stephens pulled out his gun and allegedly threatened the firefighter and even reportedly pistol whipped him.  These incidents and others have been swept under the rug because of Stephens connections to the Old Guard at EPD (it should also be noted that the two officers at the center of the current Department of Justice investigation of the Coroner’s office, Frank Jager and then Dave Parris ran the detectives bureaus during Stephens early career).

After the alleged problems with female trainee’s and other people’s wives, Stephens was “promoted” to the Drug Task Force which consequently would keep him away from the female employees at EPD for awhile(kind like a priest getting moved to another parish).  Stephens took part in seizing property from drug dealers, so it should be interesting to see he gets caught up in the Department of Justice investigation surrounding Coroners Department.

Since Stephens was promoted to Captain, EPD has lost approximately 70% of their senior patrol officers to other agencies, and many of those officers left because of Stephens poor treatment of those he supervises.

Hopefully, the City Manager and City Council will look into who would be the best fit for the interim Chief position at EPD.   Mills wants as his parting gesture to promote a good ol’ boy from Dixieland, booze lovin’, bible thumpin’, gun pullin’ philanderer!

Is that what the citizens of Eureka want….we’d don’t think so!

Call or Email your council representative know as soon as possible to insist that Manager Greg Sparks block this move by Chief Mills

Marian Brady – 1st ward (707) 441-4169 mbrady@ci.eureka.ca.gov

Heidi Messner – 2nd  Ward  (707) 441-4168  hmessner@ci.eureka.ca.gov

Kim Bergel – Ward 3  (707) 441-4170 kbergel@ci.eureka.ca.gov

Austin Allison – Ward 4 (707) 441-4167 aallison@ci.eureka.ca.gov

Natalie Arroyo – 5th Ward  (707) 441-4171 narroyo@ci.eureka.ca.gov

The Mayor: Prayer Breakfasts in the morning….thievery as a public official during the day????

It appears as if in 2016, the (honorable?) Eureka Mayor Frank Jager was not only earning over $100,000 a year in PERS retirement and $15,000 a year from the County working as a deputy coroner/public “administrator of estates”, he couldn’t help himself from allegedly stealing from dead people thru the unethical practice of having his wife and himself purchasing property from deceased peoples estates at below market value.  We have a question for our very religious Mayor; what would Jesus do?  Certainly not what this ex-EPD “good ole boy” has done.  It is time for Mayor Jager to repent.  It is also time for some justice and for him to reap the consequences of this kind of low-life behavior and probably breaking the law.

This growing scandal is catching many of our local good ole boys by surprise. They thought sheriff Billy was going to handle it in the usual way, appoint the usual suspects to investigate one of their own then say basically “nothing to see here move along” sweeping all under the rug. Well as we posted about before…https://tuluwatexaminer.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/former-epd-good-ol-boys-are-finally-getting-caught-with-their-hands-in-the-cookie-jar/  (OOPS!) The DA invited the State Department of Justice in. For the most part, they don’t give a shit about the local good ole boys perceived right to line their pockets at the rest of our expense. Stay tuned to this story is going to get interesting especially if it starts coming out the tragic death of family members was followed by the looting of their estate

The rumors mill is reporting that Mayor Jager is for some reason feeling a sense of relief because the FBI has declined to investigate at this time.  However, from what we have heard the California Department of Justice is very interested in investigating the whole matter.

Take a deep breath Mayor Jager, it’s going to be quite a ride

Nobody is safe, in the city of Eureka, NOBODY

With the real possibility of Captain Stephens the officer in charge of the whole Tommy McClain negligent killing debacle being named police chief, we present the following Guest Post from Robin Christofferson:

There’s a lot that the public was never told about the murder of Tommy McClain. For instance, he never got into an argument with the kid in the black truck. I myself have read the kids statement, and he said Tommy never said a word to him. And I also went to the trial, and that was what the whole entire trial was based on, that Tommy got in an argument with that kid. So that’s why they approached Tommy in the first place. That and they said he had a gun. Not true. First off if you’re a cop and your hiding in the back of a cemetery…..how in the world could you hear an argument, then see a gun…and hear the sound of a gun being racked? I’m pretty sure officer McElroy doesn’t have superpowers, but yet the jury believed him. Probably because of the kid in the black truck…nobody saw his statement…because if they did…then I’m pretty sure that the outcome of that civil trial…would have led to criminal charges. But now the trail is over, Tommy’s family have been given “the box” and in it is the truth. This family I love as my own. And they Will never give up…..until the truth about that night comes out. And that will be soon. But until then…nobody is safe, in the city of Eureka Ca. Nobody.

Note from the Examiner: The McClain family’s legal counsel was never allowed by the Judge to completely present its whole case with its witnesses or evidence to challenge the basic premise of this failed enforcement action.
Federal Judges in these type civil cases have broad discretion as to what they will allow or not allow into evidence. In this case, a number of these decisions made by the Judge were very helpful to the accused Police officers and basically cut the legs out from under the McClain family’s case.

We would also bring to your attention that the statements of witnesses and family members have remained consistent from the beginning, while the EPD changed their story several times early on.