Stalinist show trials in America? That’s Trump’s diabolical plan

Here’s the Trump playbook laid out for what next year’s campaign barrage is going to be like.
It will be the most ruthless and dishonest campaign, that any living American has ever seen or can imagine.
You may ask yourself how can I get any worse?
Well you know it can. It can get a lot worse.  Trump Advisor Lewandowski laid out their sick strategy on Fox Business News on the May 23rd in a nutshell;
“Biden was behind Steele Dossier; Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Page will all be on trial “March or April of the next year.” “They should be fearful, and I’ll tell you why. The person who has gotten a pass on this so far is Joe Biden. Because I believe that the investigation which was launched came from somewhere inside the White House to greenlight Clapper, Comey, and Brennan to start this investigation into Donald Trump for “no valid reason” said the Trump advisor. “

“…..Joe Biden has not answered what he knew and when he knew it of how this investigation began. And when Attorney General Barr and Mr. Horowitz release that report in approximately a month I think we’re gonna see additional criminal referrals, with McCabe getting another referral, Comey a referral, Strzok and Page, James Baker, possibly Bruce Orr, and other people…….. And I think what we’re gonna see it all in March or April of next year, Jamey Comey, Andy McCabe, Strzok and Page will be on trial for the crimes they have committed against the Fourth Amendment, against this president, and we can’t wait.”

You can’t get a bigger advanced heads-up than that! Lewandowski just laid out their whole strategy. First, pin the Steele dossier on Biden.

Then it will be time for flunkey Attorney General Bill Barr to do his part. Trump’s disturbing announcement last Thursday that Barr would be in charge of releasing the intel on the Trump campaign probe is a staggering development, something we’ve never seen the likes of. Barr, who already demonstrated he’ll cherry pick evidence on Trump’s behalf, can pluck out whatever evidence he wants and leave buried whatever evidence he wants to leave buried.

We predict Barr will selectively release sensitive information, as he did with Mueller’s report, to shape a favorable narrative for Trump and impede the intelligence community’s ability to collect intel on foreign threats that assist Trump. Barr will continue to release this sensitive information, as he did with Mueller’s report, to shape a favorable narrative for Trump and impede the intelligence community’s ability to collect intel on foreign threats that assist the president.”

But with everything filtered through the FOX state television network and no Republicans in Congress willing to utter a syllable of protest, there will be no accountability.

So then, next spring the Barr’s Justice Department can bring indictments against James Comey, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page for—well, they’ll come up with something. And maybe John Brennan and James Clapper too.

Welcome, to the Trump version of Stalinist show trials in America!
It’s time to take this seriously.
Trump has falsely accused Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Page of “treason.” For investigating a presidential campaign. Treason is aiding an enemy during wartime. And is punishable by death. Trump used the word specifically to signal to his attack dogs that anything is fair game.

The Cover up: Stonewalling Spicer and Chaffetz claim, “it’s the black guy’s fault”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday insisted to reporters that it did not have a responsibility to provide documents used in the hiring of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn because they were filled out in the days before President Donald Trump took office.

At Tuesday’s press briefing, Spicer was peppered with questions about why the White House refused to provide documents related to an investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

Spicer told reporters that the documents were filled out “during the Obama administration” and “those are not documents that the White House would ever possess.”

“From your perspective, is there no obligation either from the transition [team] or the White House to do anything more than you have done?” CBS correspondent Major Garrett asked.

“Everything that the White House has been asked to do, the only documents that were made available to [Congress] that they asked for were the ones that the Department of Defense had,” Spicer insisted.

“How about these calls made where [Flynn] was working during the transition on behalf of a future President Trump?” Garrett wondered. “Aren’t those things that you should have some responsibility or obligation to provide if you can?”

“It’s a question [of] if you can,” Spicer replied. “To ask for every call a national security adviser made is pretty outlandish.”

“Those calls were made on behalf of the Trump transition were they not?” Garrett pressed.

“When?” Spicer said. “We started this administration on Jan. 20. All the information that they’re talking about occurred prior to him being at the White House.”

“Working for the transition!” Garrett exclaimed.

“Not at the White House!” Spicer shot back. “Everything that is being questioned occurred prior to Jan. 20th.”

‘Not Trump’s fault’: House oversight chair Chaffetz blames Obama administration for failing to vet Flynn

The saga over likely criminal wrongdoing by Michael Flynn took another turn for the bizarre today when Congressman Jason Chaffetz told MSNBC that the fault lay with former President Barack Obama.

Former Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn spent 24 days as National Security Advisor to Donald Trump — setting the record for the shortest tenure in the post when he resigned following news reports proving he had lied about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The latest Flynn scandal concerns potential violations of federal law by not disclosing payments from Russia while seeking a security clearance to work in the Trump White House.

“It was the Obama White House that this would have fallen under,” Chaffetz claimed. “I don’t think what happened here is really the fault of Donald Trump.”

The deflection of blame away from Trump by the Republican Chair of the House Oversight Committee referred to Obama appointing Flynn as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. However, as the New York Times explained about this developing scandal, “it was only after Mr. Flynn was forced out as national security adviser that his dealings in Russia came into sharper focus.”

It was also revealed today that the Administration is stonewalling congressional investigators by refusing to turn over White House documents concerning the vetting, hiring and dismissal of Flynn. Following that revelation, Fox News host Shepard Smith used the term, “cover up” to refer to the lack of cooperation by the White House.

Before being appointed by Trump, Flynn’s loyalty had been rewarded with a coveted speaking slot during the 2016 RNC Convention.


The same suspects and failed policies that resulted in the wrongful death of Tommy McClain are at the center of Tuesdays crazy shootout!

It all comes back around to Tommy McClain….

Finally yesterday the North Coast Journal broke the details that we at the Examiner had been hearing about from many sources all week…..that the Eureka Police Department had a completely out of control “O.K. Corral” type shootout just a couple days ago.  This happened in the middle of holiday shopping season, during rush hour traffic and was right in the middle of downtown Eureka:

Included in the NCJ article was a picture we had seen posted elsewhere.

Let him bleed out   (photo removed at request of owner)

If you go to the original picture in the NCJ, you can see how this whole incident spun out of control…if you know who the people are.  But first, just look at what is happening.  Look at the officers hands.  Not guns, but latex gloves.  Clayton Lasinski is bleeding on the ground because he was shot.  Although the officers had time to put on latex gloves, and fire over 40 bullets, not one of the 12 officers in this picture could take the time to grab a first aid kit or help the person lying on the ground.  Lasinski was shot at by four officers in this picture standing around and talking…trying to get their stories straight, and not trying to save his life.

The person who is being looked to in this picture, who almost all the officers are looking to for leadership and direction, is Captain Brian Stephens.  Stephens was the commander on scene and in charge of these officers as this running, “out of control” shooting spree by EPD started and ended.  He was the “Incident Commander”.  In the picture, Stephens is the guy with the moustache facing the camera (under the Toshiba sign).  Below, is a picture of Stephens.  Here, he’s smiling in all his glory.  He had just been promoted….after he oversaw the reckless murder of Tommy McClain:


Mills’ “favorite” Captain Stephens

Captain Stephens is smiling in this picture because he never fired a bullet and was promoted after leading a group of young cops in a cowboy operation that left Tommy McClain dead in his own front yard. Just weeks ago Eureka lost the wrongful death lawsuit in Tommy’s case, but the actual person who killed Tommy McClain was Officer Linfoot, not Stephens. Linfoot was was the only one named as a guilty party, but the leader responsible that night was Captain Stephens.  No worries for “Hollywood” Mills, he blamed Tommy from the beginning and PROMOTED Linfoot as well as Stephens.  Here’s a picture of Linfoot, but in the picture from the NCJ above, Linfoot is the person on the far left with the stripes on his sleeve (this guy actually TRAINS(?) cops!):


“billy the kid” Linfoot

Mills has already come out and claimed that the victim, a SoHum kid named Lasinski was a dangerous wanted criminal trying to kill the police.  Mills has said that Lasinski, a southern Humboldt kid from an allegedly multi-generational cannabis growing family, might have been trying to kill police but that his unfamiliarity with a model 1911 type .45 prevented him from firing a round.  That is what Mills will try and spin.  In all likelihood, “Hollywood” will be able to spin this around like he did with Tommy McClain when it comes to the local media.  Especially since some of them actually recommended Stephens for the job of Captain after Tommy McClain was killed!

However, “Hollywood” Mills can’t spin this: Linfoot was the first officer to shoot at Lasinski and he fired potentially dozens of bullets.  Stephens was the commander in charge of this nightmare, and even after 40 bullets he still didn’t care enough to have one officer check on Lasinski. Check the videos. He was probably hoping Lasinski would die just like Tommy, because dead people can’t testify against you.

Tommy McClain Never Forgotten

Will REMIF, the city’s insurance pool carrier, drop Eureka after the McClain family wins?


Two years ago, Tommy McClain was shot to death standing in his front yard posing no danger to anyone.  The operation was commanded by Sgt. Brian Stephens.  The cop who fired the fatal bullets was Officer Steven Linfoot.  In the wake of this reckless killing, Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills vilified Tommy, and cop apologists immediately demonized Tommy for wearing baggy clothing and listening to hip hop music.  Mills EPD never took responsibility for the killing.  Instead, Stephens and Linfoot were promoted. The Examiner is hoping that truth about what happened that night will be fully revealed. Right now the public has only Mills very convenient version of events.

This all sounds like a bad movie but it’s just business as usual in Eureka.  Eureka has never taken responsibility for deaths in police custody, even after multimillion dollar judgments in civil court!!!  Well, the only real solution seems to be a complete change of culture around the City and the Police Department.  How can that happen?

Maybe REMIF, the city’s insurance pool, will drop Eureka after Tommy’s family wins the lawsuit against EPD. REMIF (Redwood Empire Municipal Insurance Fund)

If that happened, then Eureka would be forced to pay the civil judgments they will inevitably get slapped with out of the general fund.  Believe us; a 2 million hit to the general fund during any given fiscal year will absolutely crush city government.  Maybe, just maybe REMIF will dump Eureka and the City will be forced to either change dramatically, or go bankrupt.  Maybe that’s what justice will have to look like in Eureka………………Time will tell…..


justice for tommy

L A W    O F F I C E S   O F

D A L E   K . G A L I P O

Contact: Dale K. Galipo,, cell: (626) 807-9317, office: (818) 347-3333.

Federal Civil Lawsuit Alleges City of Eureka Police Shooting Was Unjustified

May 7, 2015, Jeanne Barragan and Lance McClain filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging wrongful death and civil rights violations arising out of the fatal shooting of their son, Thomas McClain. Thomas would have turned 23 last month.

On September 17, 2014, City of Eureka Police Department Officer Stephen Linfoot shot and killed Thomas McClain when Thomas was standing in his own front yard. Witnesses state that at the time of the shooting, Thomas McClain had his hands up and did not pose an immediate risk of death or serious bodily injury to any person.

The law does not permit police officers to use deadly force unless a reasonable officer would believe the person posed an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury. In addition, if feasible, officers must give warnings before resorting to deadly force, and under a recent California Supreme Court decision, an officer’s unreasonable tactics leading up to a shooting are relevant to whether the shooting was lawful.

Jeanne Barragan and Lance McClain are represented in their civil rights lawsuit by The Law Offices of Dale K. Galipo. Some of Mr. Galipo’s recent civil rights verdicts include the following: a $4.6 million jury verdict in September 2011 for the family of Martin Cotton, who died after being beaten by City of Eureka police officers; a $5.7 million jury verdict for Robert Contreras, who was left a near-quadriplegic after being shot by LAPD officers; a $6.5 million jury verdict in April 2013 for the family of Douglas Zerby, who was shot and killed by Long Beach police while holding a garden hose nozzle that police claimed to have mistaken for a gun; a $7.8 million verdict in June 2014 for William Howard, an unarmed man who suffered a severe brain injury and partial paralysis after being shot in the face by a County of Riverside sheriff’s deputy; and an $8.8 million jury verdict in May 2013 for the family of LeJoy Grissom, who was killed in a parking lot by a Culver City police officer wielding an MP5 submachine gun. Mr. Galipo is currently handling approximately sixty officer-involved shooting cases throughout the state of California

From family member Ms. Nikki:

The weekend before Tommy died Josh’s brother Tommy’s cousin came to visit and we spent the weekend taking them to the redwoods and ocean. Tommy was so happy he spent money on his cousin buying them sweaters and just showing him a good time. He was proud of his job and got paid weekly. He was saving up to buy our car, but we were planning to give it to him.

Tommy was a protecting person of our two daughters. He baby sat for us whenever we needed. The girls loved Tommy so much, he had a way with kids and I looked up to him for it. The girls would always go to him about any questions. They would hug him when he got home from work. He was more like a uncle to them. Tommy never went out like a single young guy would he always stayed at home with us and was happy just doing family stuff for the night. We miss him so much. Anything we did as a family Tommy was there and we did it better with him. It’s not the same without him here. Our home has a hole in it.