The crime wave in Eureka and Humboldt continues to grow unabated

The crime wave of theft, home invasions, assaults, even homicides, continues to reign here locally.  Every other day we continue to read about violence and predation in our communities.  The Examiner has also found and posted about, the overwhelming amount of unreported crimes happening in our communities, especially in the Cannabis industry.(see links at the bottom)  The forecast is only expected to get worse as the local cannabis economy goes through its painful realignment. We believe the Times-Standard story today about the overnight closers of Safeway store is yet another sign of how bad it’s getting.

Small signs on the front doors of the Safeway store in Eureka let customers know about its new open hours. Shaun Walker — The Times-Standard

Safeway stores cut back on hours, stores see hundreds of calls for service from local law enforcement

Safeway shoppers on Tuesday were greeted with signs on some entrances stating the grocery stores will no longer be open 24/7.

“New store hours,” a green sheet of paper taped to the inside of a sliding glass door of the Eureka Safeway reads. “Opens 5 p.m. daily … Closed 1 a.m. daily.”

“Our store operations are continuously reviewed and adjusted where needed based on observations from our division management and customer feedback. We recently modified the hours of operation at over 80 locations throughout the Northern California division,” Safeway Northern California spokeswoman Wendy Gutshall wrote in an email to the Times-Standard on Tuesday.

“As an ongoing effort, we evaluate and adjust our store operations based on observations from division management, customer feedback, seasonal activity and a variety of other variables that impact our operations,” she later wrote in response to a question about why the hours were adjusted.

It’s not just the Eureka store that won’t be open 24/7. According to Gutshall, the Arcata location will now be open daily from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m., the Fortuna branch will be open daily from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. and the McKinleyville store will be open from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.

It is unclear whether crime played a role in the company’s decision.

“We have had 378 responses to Safeway in [the last] year,” Fortuna Police Department office supervisor Robin Paul said.

She added that 57 of those calls in 2017 were for theft and the others were for vandalism or other emergencies.

“We responded over there 469 times and those were petty thefts, disturbances, unwanted subjects, reckless driving, all sorts of things,” Arcata Police Department Lt. Bart Silvers said about calls for service at the Safeway.

Those calls came in between January and December last year between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., he said.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s jurisdiction covers both the Eureka Safeway on Harris Street and the McKinleyville Safeway along Central Avenue.

Sheriff’s office public information officer Samantha Karges said “a lot” of the calls for service at those Safeway stores are outside of their new closing hours.

“A lot of the time, our deputies go out there and Safeway doesn’t want to press charges,” Karges said.

In 2017, deputies were called out to the Eureka Safeway 150 times total but only 17 times between the hours of 1 and 5 a.m. The most common call for service there was for unwanted subjects.

In 2017, deputies responded to the McKinleyville Safeway 133 times including eight times between the hours of 1 and 5 a.m. Unwanted subjects make up the most calls in the McKinleyville location as well, according to information sent by Karges. Hunter Cresswell can be reached at 707-441-0506.

Small signs on the front doors of the Safeway store in Eureka let customers know about its new open hours.

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Take a look at this morning’s Times-Standard newspaper.  Once again, what’s brought to light is the continued rise in violent confrontations taking place in Humboldt County. Yesterday, there were 3 stabbings in the county. Eureka is at the center of most of this wave of violence.  However, the city has a Police Department that’s going […]


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Measure O was passed by voters in 2010, the Supplemental Transaction and Use Tax has generated just under $4 million annually for the city of Eureka, and is expected to provide over $4 million in 2014— a critical lifeline for the city’s public safety and other programs. So where has all that money gone? It […]


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Here in Eureka with have the Andy Mill’s campaign to clean up crime…….on paper anyway. Our illustrious chief of police has embarked on a plan of reducing the impact of Eureka’s crime wave by make all of us believe that crime is really down. Just ask anyone in any Eureka neighborhood if crime is down […]


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It’s been 3 years and we still won’t shut up about the murder on Allard ave

It’s been 3 years since hard working young Eureka resident Tommy McClain was gun down in his own front yard.
The staff at The Examiner had high hopes for the Truth to come out in the federal civil rights trial.
In a real tragic miscarriage of justice, the judge in the case disallowed witnesses and suppressed evidence that would have undoubtedly changed the final verdict.
The McClain family is understandably dissatisfied with the way evidence was suppressed and feel let down by their attorneys. 

Here is Tommy’s aunt speaking for the family:

We have always been skeptical about Tommy having a BB gun tucked in his waistband when the officers confronted him, but what we found has validated our disbelief! We were given the investigation files, that were previously withheld from us before.  In the files, we found a receipt, for a Walther CP99 ordered by Todd Wilcox with the address of the Eureka’s police department underneath his name. There’s a 7-page report written up by Todd Wilcox on page 6 of his report, he states that he attempts to purchase a BB device of the same make and model as item T1; referring to the alleged replica taken off Tommy. However, Wilcox was unable to order the make and mobile but he does order a Umarex CP99 compact from the Amazon Internet shopping site.

My brother and I, along with our friend, Robin, had made the 8-hour drive up to Eureka to pick up Tommy’s belongings from the Eureka’s police department. Officer O’Neill handed me a box with a replica blood stained BB gun inside. It was not Walter PPQ Mills previously reported at the press conference October 1, 2014,  In the box, was a BB device, embossed with the brand name Umarex and mobile name CP99 compact, which described the one that was ordered from Amazon.

The Eureka Police Department investigated their own officers, documented and falsified evidence to cover up their wrongdoings.

Mr. Galipo had this information and did nothing with it, so instead of fighting for Tommy and our family, he throws the whole case under the bus.  It’s not just my opinion; I have the receipt, the reports, and the BB gun.   Just thought that you would like to know.

Respectfully Jamie Bowman.

More dark violent rhetoric from “Dear Leader” Trump has he incites Long Island cops

Note in the video at least not all of the cops applaud 

On Friday, President Trump traveled to Long Island to address a group of law enforcement n Brentwood, N.Y. (Suffolk County, on Long Island):

Trump’s speech was noteworthy, though, for its embrace of aggressive tactics by police officers. He insisted that his team was “rough” and encouraged police officers not to be concerned about preventing physical harm to people being taken into custody. The laws, he said, were “stacked against” the police.

“Please don’t be too nice,” Trump told the officers, to applause

“Failure to enforce our immigration laws had predictable results: drugs, gangs and violence. But that’s all changing now.” “Under the Trump administration, America is once more a nation of laws and once again a nation that stands up for our law enforcement officers.” (Applause.)

“I saw some photos where Tom’s guys [Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Tom Homan] — rough guys. They’re rough. I don’t want to … say it because they’ll say that’s not politically correct. You’re not allowed to have rough people doing this kind of work. …

“[J]ust like they don’t want to have rich people at the head of Treasury, OK? (Laughter.) Like, I want a rich guy at the head of Treasury, right? Right? (Applause.) I want a rich guy at the head of Commerce. Because we’ve been screwed so badly on trade deals, I want people that made a lot of money now to make a lot of money for our country. …

“[W]hen you see these towns and when you see these [gang] thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon — you just see them thrown in, rough — I said: ‘Please don’t be too nice.’ (Laughter.)

“Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over? Like, don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody — don’t hit their head! I said: ‘You can take the hand away, OK?’ (Laughter and applause.)”




Update # 2 on Your input on Eureka’s “big decision” just became more urgent

It looks like all the public input has worked. The rumor we hear is the City has avoided making a huge mistake by NOT naming Captain Stephens as interim Chief.

Good job everybody involved!!!


Update to yesterday’s post:

Sources are telling us now that City Manager Greg Sparks will be making the decision on the replacement for Chief Mills very soon. We also hear while he plans to consult with the Council he’s going to present them with his choice rather than hear suggestions from the council. They will, of course, have to ratify his choice, but it much harder to say no to a singular choice.

The Examiner strongly urges it’s readers to also contact the City Manager as well as their Council Representative. Urge them strongly to avoid the huge mistake of naming Brian Stephens Police Chief or even interim Chief. 


Whether you’re a community member who thinks Andrews Mills has been great for Eureka or you’re like the Examiner staff who thinks he been wreaking havoc on local law enforcement, his campaign to replace himself as Police Chief with the despicable thug Brian Stephens ought to seriously grab your attention! Stephens, who has a very checkered past, is the guy Mills promoted from Sergeant to Captain shortly after he presided over the negligent killing of Tommy McClain.

The Examiner has been getting lots of tips from inside EPD about the abrupt departure of Mills to Santa Cruz. For the most part, officers have been happy to see Mills and his “used car salesman” leadership will be gone.  However, looming large for everyone who’s reached out has been the view that Chief Mills is set on having Captain Brian Stephens take his place as interim chief.

On Wednesday, July 19th Mills will be having a somewhat odd “Going Away Reception”(?).  There’s speculation at the Police Department that the “Reception” is going to be when Mills starts his full court press for his chosen successor, Captain Brian Stephens.

This should be a very scary thought for Eureka.  Not the least of which was his very questionable leadership (or really lack thereof) in the Tommy McClain murder which the city was found liable in.  We’ve said it before but Eureka can’t forget, if not for Stephens lack of leadership Tommy McClain would be alive today.

Previous post on this topic:



But what does Eureka really know about Stephens?  Not much is publicly known, most of the info we’ve been receiving is from officers on the inside who know about all the cover-ups that have gone on at EPD.   Here’s some of the history from the information we’ve received about the lowlights of Stephens career:

Brian Stephens is a Southerner born in Kentucky, a conservative Christian who loves bourbon.  After working as a military policeman, Stephens moved from Kentucky to start his career as a police officer.  Stephens was hired at EPD in the late 90’s.  Stephens was hired around the same time as another infamous EPD Officer, Rodrigo Sanchez.  Within no time Stephens and Sanchez were BFF’s.

“We’re EPD and we kick ass”

The notorious Sanchez and Stephens’s team got quite a reputation on the street and within EPD.  They were feared on the street by citizens and suspects because of their heavy handed tactics and abuse.  They were liked by the “old guard” because they “kicked ass and took names”.  To this day, Stephens and Sanchez are best friends and would do anything for each other, including always covering up for their routine excessive use of force.

When promoted to Captain, Stephens touted his time at the Drug Task Force and as a Field Training Officer.  However, according to EPD employees, Stephens was in both those positions with a dark cloud around him.  As an FTO, there were accusations that he had inappropriate relations with a female trainee.  Along with that, Stephens was having sexual relations with a firefighter’s wife who caught Stephens in bed with his wife.  The firefighter was apparently upset, and Stephens pulled out his gun and allegedly threatened the firefighter and even reportedly pistol whipped him.  These incidents and others have been swept under the rug because of Stephens connections to the Old Guard at EPD (it should also be noted that the two officers at the center of the current Department of Justice investigation of the Coroner’s office, Frank Jager and then Dave Parris ran the detectives bureaus during Stephens early career).

After the alleged problems with female trainee’s and other people’s wives, Stephens was “promoted” to the Drug Task Force which consequently would keep him away from the female employees at EPD for awhile(kind like a priest getting moved to another parish).  Stephens took part in seizing property from drug dealers, so it should be interesting to see he gets caught up in the Department of Justice investigation surrounding Coroners Department.

Since Stephens was promoted to Captain, EPD has lost approximately 70% of their senior patrol officers to other agencies, and many of those officers left because of Stephens poor treatment of those he supervises.

Hopefully, the City Manager and City Council will look into who would be the best fit for the interim Chief position at EPD.   Mills wants as his parting gesture to promote a good ol’ boy from Dixieland, booze lovin’, bible thumpin’, gun pullin’ philanderer!

Is that what the citizens of Eureka want….we’d don’t think so!

Call or Email your council representative know as soon as possible to insist that Manager Greg Sparks block this move by Chief Mills

Marian Brady – 1st ward (707) 441-4169

Heidi Messner – 2nd  Ward  (707) 441-4168

Kim Bergel – Ward 3  (707) 441-4170

Austin Allison – Ward 4 (707) 441-4167

Natalie Arroyo – 5th Ward  (707) 441-4171

Former EPD good ol’ boys are finally getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar!!!


Thanks to a complaint from a concerned citizen and the questioning of Ryan Burns from the Lost Coast Outpost, it looks like the FBI and the State Attorney General’s office will be looking into the Coroner’s handling of estate properties.  And by handling, we mean the most extreme “low-balling” of the purchase price and outright theft of deceased people’s property:

Great “ethical standards” law enforcement!!!  Stealing from the dead or potential family members of the deceased is just plain low.  But that’s business as usual at the Eureka Police Dept(EPD) and in Humboldt’s Good Ol’ Boy network. Wait, EPD you say?  Why would we put EPD into a story about the Sheriff-Coroner sales of property that appears on the face of it illegal?  The reason is that former EPD officers (not Sergeants or Lieutenants) Frank Jager and Dave Parris have run the coroner’s office since the nineties!

Mills and Downey

When we first heard about the selling off of deceased people’s property to county employees, Eureka Mayors, and their family members: we weren’t at all surprised.  We’ve been getting tips for years that people who’ve had their property seized in marijuana raids have later seen their ATV’s and trailers being used/owned by the same officers who raided their property.  But what the hell could we do about that? Who would believe us? If people in the drug trade don’t complain, the problem would just persist.

However, in this case, we have some hope.  At first, we were pretty worried.  Newly minted Sheriff William “Billy” Honsal gave an interview to Ryan Burns, in which he talked about the new “investigation” he was calling for.  The “independent” investigator would be hired by the HCSO, to look into the corruption that was happening under Billy Honsal’s nose when he was in command or second-in-command at the Sheriff’s office:

In that same article, Honsal was quoted as saying, “I don’t want to get too specific into the investigation because I want the independent investigator at the DA’s Office to evaluate the entire investigation and then make a referral to the DA based upon that, but the idea is there is a government code section that basically says no property shall be sold to any current employees of the Coroner’s Office or Public Administrator.”

Now that quote was when we started to get worried and started asking questions to our sources at the County and City of Eureka.  Our worst fears of corruption and potential cover-up had been confirmed, …..that is until today’s announcement from DA Fleming.  Congratulations and respect to DA Magie Fleming for requesting the State and Federal Government to investigate this case.  Maybe some truth will come out of this investigation and criminals (whether elected or not) will be held to account.

But even before this investigation gets underway, it would be nice for the community to understand who the players involved in this good ol’ boy theft of property were, and why those connections had us so worried about what may happen.

NCJ photo of Jager

First, we have former EPD officer Frank Jager, currently the Mayor of Eureka, who was the Humboldt County Coroner from 1999 until 2009. Then in 2009, the Department was taken over by Dave Parris.  Parris ran the department until it was consolidated with the HCSO in 2015.

Paris and Downey

Interesting to note that both Jager and Parris were police officers at the Eureka Police Department.  Neither of them promoted above the rank of officer (?), but both of them ended up running the Detectives Bureau at EPD at different times. Their rise to the top position of County Coroner was filled with lots of glad-handing, favors and out and out corruption.  It’s also important to notice that these men went to prayer breakfasts in the morning and then stole from dead people during the day. (Not a big surprise to the Examiner)

To top that off, Billy Honsal, a regular prayer breakfast attendee is the son of William Honsal Sr.  William Honsal Sr. was a former EPD Captain who was known for several officer-involved shootings.  Honsal Sr. is BFF’s with recently retired evangelical Sheriff Downey, who hired Honsal Jr. from an outside agency as the under-sheriff, groomed him as his heir and then promoted him to Sheriff when he left suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly earlier this year.

But it goes further from there!  Until DA Fleming made her bold move the investigation of Jager and Parris would have been under the direction of Chief DA Investigator Wayne Cox.  Cox was an officer at EPD before becoming a DA Investigator.  Cox was given the Investigator and Chief position by his former boss, Mike Hislop.  Hislop was a former EPD Sergeant who got the position of Chief DA Investigator from his father in law, Jim Dawson.  Now the EPD connections are obvious here, and there’s clearly a built-in bias if Cox was to head an investigation into fellow former fellow EPD officers Jager and Parris.

But it goes even further from there….   You see, many sources have reported to us that Mike Hislop was a thief of the first order back in his days in power.  In fact, we’ve been told that he had a hanger at the Eureka airport filled with lots military surplus gear he obtained when he was a Peace Officer.  That gear was supposed to be utilized by the agency he worked for, but there’s been accusations and speculation that the gear never made it to his employers. And military gear was just the tip of the iceberg for tips about Hislops corruption and thefts.  So you see why we were a little worried that Hislop’s minion Wayne Cox might not look seriously into corruption and theft.

Hopefully, the FBI looks into this as a very “broad” investigation.  Maybe they can flesh out whether the theft/sale of deceased people’s property was an isolated corrupt practice, or was part of a broader theft of community member’s property (such as drug seizures, Military Surplus given to departments, unclaimed property, ect.).

As a side note, this investigation and corruption couldn’t have been a surprise to former Sheriff Mike Downey or soon to be former Chief Andy Mills.

The Examiner has to ask. Did they leave their post’s early knowing shit was about to hit the fan?  That’s as good an explanation as any of the questionable statements we heard from them when they announced their departures!!!

Good luck Federal and State authorities, bring your hip boot waders you’re stepping into some deep shit!!!

Police Chief Andy “Hollywood” Mills has trained the media so well they’re spinin’ his stories for him


H. Beacon photo: Mills spinning the McClain killing


In fact, his spin control has been so effective the local media is just making up “fact’s” to support the out of control shooting spree by EPD in Downtown Eureka.

Over New Years, this caught our attention; KRCR ch 7 redding, their Eureka affiliate Northcoast News 23, featured this as one of its top stories of the year!

#2: Officer-Involved Shooting

In December, a Southern Humboldt man ran through the crowded streets of Downtown Eureka with a semi-automatic handgun. Clayton Lasinkski, 26, fired shots at police, and a full-blown shootout ensued. It was the second officer-involved shooting for the Eureka Police Department in six years.

Now that’s certainly what “slick” Andy Mills would like you to believe, never mind that this is completely false and misleading information, and in fact in the suspects statement he say’s he never pointed his gun at Officer Linfoot!!! Or anyone else. (hard to know since Linfoot conveniently hadn’t turned on his body camera) Also it wasn’t the second in six years it’s the second during Mills tenure as Police Chief, the last one was the negligent killing by Linfoot of Tommy McClain in September of 2014!

Now, lots of fake news that has come from this debacle is because of Andy Mill’s immediate spin the night of the shooting.  Before the officers had even been interviewed, he told the media that he believed the suspect either fired at officers or “dry fired” at officers.  How did he know that???  He knew that because yet again, he knew he could spin the story Donald Trump style since Linfoot didn’t record the shooting!!!

Mills, of course, made up an excuse to the media that Officer Linfoot was just starting his shift and the battery in his camera hadn’t been charged.  Oh please…..Give us a break!  The fact is Linfoot knows that video of his encounters might cost him his job, and maybe even put him in jail!

All publicity is good publicity. Right Andy?


Words Worth

Our “bestie” and local Trump worshipper Mr Chiv’d had a link to his favorite source for national news Brietbart, where there was a poorly written article about Humboldt County’s out of control crime and arrest rate.  Trying to hold down our collective lunch, the Examiner viewed the story and actually found a hilarious confession by our own beloved police Chief Andrew Mills! He’s quoted admitting that data can be fudged:    “But Chief Mills suggested that members of the public research how the data is collected and calculated before drawing conclusions.” NO SHIT Andy!

He cautioned: “Data can be played with many different ways. You have to put that data in context. If you do that, I have no problem of putting the data out there.” “Data can be played with in many different ways.”  He should know, and because that’s exactly what Mills has been doing since he took over as Chief. Cookin’ the books!




In another story about the “bizarro world” that is Eureka....


EPD’s elite officers

Kiem tv3 reports a young woman was awarded Monday afternoon for her bravery during what they euphemistically call “the officer-involved shooting” in Eureka a few weeks ago. The incident TV3 refers to is Captain Stephens and his “merry band of gunslingers” spraying over 40 live rounds in downtown eureka at rush hour!

14-year-old, Kenpo Karate student, Precious Aguilar was given a surprise award to her by the martial arts studio and the Eureka Police Department for her bravery during the shooting.

While we don’t deny she deserves her bravery award, we also think she deserves one for surviving! The Karate studio is located near the area of where the incident took place and instructors asked students to get low to the ground and crawl to the back room. Aguilar made it and looked back and saw a woman in shock with a baby so she went back, assisted the lady and crawled with the baby in hand to a safer area. Aguilar said it means a lot to her to receive the award and it has been her dream to one day work for the police department.