Caltrans proposes spending more than 50 million so you can drive fast between Eureka and Arcata

Here’s a view of heavy summer traffic and the eucalyptus trees before the were pruned to near death


On May 23, 2019, CalTrans hosted a public information meeting at the Wharfinger Building about the Highway 101 Safety Corridor Project between Eureka and Arcata.

Here a list of some of the many objections and concerns expressed:

  1. Opposition to CalTrans reducing local, public participation by bringing the Humboldt project to be decided at the San Diego meeting, in June, of California Coastal Commission (CCC). Two months later, the CCC will meet in Humboldt.


  1. Concern the mitigation portion of the project has no costs associated with it so the public cannot comment fully.


  1. Concern the proposed interchange will lead to an increased speed limit on the corridor.


  1. Concern the adverse impacts of both during the construction and after the closure of median crossings at the Bayside, Mid-City, California Redwood Company, and Bracut areas will increase traffic on and negatively impact residents adjacent to the Old Arcata Road/Myrtle Avenue and Samoa Boulevard/Highway 255 corridors. Not to mention the businesses located on the corridor.


  1. Concern the “improvements” will not adequately address the safety needs of non-motorized transit (bicyclists, pedestrians, and users of wheelchairs).


  1. Concern: The Indianola interchange/airport road half-signal cost has escalated to 34 million dollars. Think of all the county road improvements that won’t happen because of this boondoggle.


  1. Concern: The Indianola overpass will induce and facilitate growth all the way to Kneeland via Freshwater and Greenwood Heights.


  1. Concern: No serious consideration on traffic signals on the 101 corridor were ever seriously studied just rejected out of hand because there might be a rear end collision.


  1. Concern: Caltrans is using this project as an excuse to achieve their long-desired goal of clear-cutting the remaining eucalyptus trees along 101.


Also, no serious plan for climate change/sea level rise was revealed!


Note: Public input received before 5/31/19 will be included in the packet submitted to the California Coastal Commission. Public input received before 06/07/19 will be included in the addendum to the packet.


Partly taken from a Facebook post by Ali O. Lee, Bayside