Comment Rules -Update

Readers may use their name or a name to make comments.
Use your name or pick an alias, for clarity be consistent.

Type an email address into the email field. Then type your comments in the box.
Your comments must be relevant to the post.

You may comment directly on another comment.

No threats, no bullies, no trolls and get to the point. Stay on topic.

You can’t just make shit up or repeat false information.

If you feel the Examiner as missed a story please Email us.    – all communications are confidential.

Racist, Sexist, Name calling or homophobic comments will be deleted.

Disparaging the name and/or special place of Tuluwat, your comment will be edited or deleted

4 thoughts on “Comment Rules -Update

  1. To set the record straight, I am not the author of the excellent explanation of Measure P, it was written by the organizers, I simply submitted it to TE via a friend because I believe this Measure P to be critical to our economy and wonderfully diverse non-toxic healthy food from our farming community. Ken


  2. Which rule did I break to warrant censorship?


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