Lying Trumplicans just keep lying

The queens of mean……..Rep. Liz Cheney with White House adviser Kellyanne Conway. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Secret memo tells House GOP to blame white supremacist violence on ‘the left’
The document also instructed members of Congress to parrot NRA-style talking points on gun safety.

House Republicans have been circulating a memo internally that instructs members of Congress to blame violence initiated by white supremacists, like the recent El Paso mass shooting, as something that is the fault of “the left.”

The Tampa Bay Times reported on the existence of the memo on Friday.

A spokesperson for Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) said the memo was “provided by the House Republican Conference,” is currently chaired by Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY). Bilirakis included talking points from the memo in a newsletter he emailed to constituents this week. The memo provides Republican members a series of questions they are likely to face from constituents and gives them the language to respond.
One question on the document is, “Do you believe white nationalism is driving more mass shootings recently?” Republicans are instructed to respond, “White nationalism and racism are pure evil and cannot be tolerated in any form. We also can’t excuse violence from the left such as the El Paso shooter, the recent Colorado shooters, the Congressional baseball shooter, Congresswoman Giffords’ shooter, and Antifa.”
The El Paso shooter’s manifesto contained references to anti-immigrant sentiment, echoing the message that has for years been promoted by Trump and the right.
In fact, many of the Republicans who received this memo ran for office in 2018 on explicitly anti-immigrant campaign messages.

After the shooting, Republicans have sought to blame everything but the factors that directly contributed to the event. Instead of addressing guns and anti-immigrant/white supremacist sentiment, they blamed video games, mental health, “screens,” social media, and the lack of school prayer, among other excuses. Other questions in the memo reference concerns about Republican inaction on the gun show loophole and the availability of high-capacity magazines. “The answers are boilerplate Republican arguments against tougher gun restrictions,” the Tampa Bay Times noted. The boilerplate language reflects the influence of the NRA, who has urged Republicans to hold steady and not enact gun safety legislation. The troubled organization’s message is decidedly out of touch with the vast majority of Americans, who support a host of gun safety measures.

The memo adds to the growing evidence that the Republican response to the shooting is disinformation and inaction, following the path that the NRA has demanded for years.

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The climate Trump and Fox News has fostered

Making America great again, White Russian style

The manifesto of the El Paso mass murderer was ripped right from Trump’s twitter feed and Fox news

The crazy white anxiety, that an influx of non-white, “very visible”(non-white) immigrants will eventually overwhelm and displace white people in America, is a powerful driver for the far-right in America. This is the mentality that swept Trump into power, and it often turns deadly. Trumps stokes the fear that “This is ethnic replacement. This is cultural replacement. This is racial replacement. This is WHITE GENOCIDE.”

The “great replacement,” also known as “white genocide,” is summed up by its name: a secretive cabal of elites, often Jewish, is trying to deliberately destroy the white race through demographic change in importing immigrants and refugees. Obsession with racial purity obviously goes far back, but the modern iteration of “white genocide” comes almost directly from The Turner Diaries, a racist novel self-published in 1978 by neo-Nazi William Luther Pierce, writing under the pen name Andrew Macdonald. The book is set in a dystopian America where white people have been disarmed and oppressed by non-whites. The book culminates in a white nationalist revolution led by a group called The Order, who go on to plan a global genocide against non-white people.

In the Atlantic magazine, shortly before Donald Trump’s election, J.M. Berger, an expert on extremism, estimated that The Turner Diaries had inspired at least 200 murders since it was published. Timothy McVeigh, the terrorist behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which killed 168 people, helped launch the novel to international fame when it was reported that his attack was styled on The Order.

According to Berger, Turner’s appeal lies in the fact that it doesn’t actually have any concrete ideology. The book is written for a racist audience, so it doesn’t waste any time or space trying to convince the reader of anything. As Berger puts it, “The abandonment of ‘why’ empowers a singular narrative focus on ‘what’ and ‘how’—the necessity of immediate, violent action and concrete suggestions about how to go about it.”

There’s another layer to the panic over demographics: the fear that birth rates for white people are falling all across western nations. The idea was partially popularized in a 2012 book by French philosopher Renaud Camus, and it’s articulated in another white nationalist trope, the “14 Words”: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

These ideas are filtering into the mainstream through social media, which right-wing extremists have been able to expertly game. Trump is continuing to amplify this through his bully pulpit. One conspiracy theory that took off last year with the #whitegenocide hashtag claimed, falsely, that the South African government was massacring white farmers and stealing their land, in part driven by YouTubers like Lauren Southern, who has produced both a “great replacement” video, which disappeared after the Christchurch attack, and a higher-production video called “Farmlands.” It bubbled all the way up to Donald Trump, who credulously touted the story himself on Twitter, saying, “I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers.”

Trump himself came across the story thanks to his buddy at Fox News’s Tucker Carlson who clearly influences Trump all the time. Carlson eventually was forced to retract the South Africa story, but still milks the concept and dedicates significant portions of his popular primetime show to segments that work as “great replacement” propaganda. Carlson’s coverage dovetails so neatly with white supremacist ideology that the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer praised him for being “a fully awakened White man.” Just a week before the New York Times story about the anti-refugee movement in Minnesota, Carlson talked about the rise in East African migrants in the U.S., saying, “The population growth in that part of the world, particularly on the continent of Africa, suggests that—I mean, this—this flood could become a torrent, no?”

Carlson added: “This is—it’s going to overwhelm our country, and change it completely and forever—and our viewers should know that.”

Thanks! This is on you Donald and Tucker


Based on an essay in GQ by Luke Darby


Germans know a fascist racist when they see one and they called it in 2017

Stern is Germany’s most popular magazine


Trump declared Friday that no one can criticize the United States while he is president, part of his renewed attack on four minority congresswomen whom he has targeted as un-American.

Trump also praised his supporters who chanted at a rally, “Send her back!,” a refrain directed at one of the lawmakers, ­Somali-born Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). Trump called the campaign crowd “incredible patriots” — a day after saying he disagreed with the chant.

Trump said Friday that criticism of the United States is unacceptable and that the four congresswomen “can’t get away with” it.

I can tell you this, you can’t talk that way about our country, not when I’m the president,” he told reporters outside the White House. (Beyond ironic since his whole campaign for the office was about how screwed up the country was because of the not born in this country black president.)

Meanwhile, the White House version of Igor, Stephen Miller, went on FOX on Sunday defended Trump’s racist tweets directed at four women of color and congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib.

In the interview on Fox News, conservative host Chris Wallace asked Miller to explain Trump’s “go back” remark and the “send her back” chant at a recent campaign rally.

“That is not protecting the American people, that is playing the race card,” Wallace said. “Let’s take the Obama birther — you don’t think that questioning whether the first black president is [a citizen]…”

“That’s not a race question!” Miller interrupted.

“I fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize someone and they happen to be a different color skin that that makes it a racial criticism,” Miller complained. “If you want to have a colorblind society, it means you can criticize immigration policy, you can criticize people’s views, you can ask questions about where they’re born and not have it be seen as racial.”

“And can you also say ‘go back’ where you came from?” Wallace wondered.

According to Miller, the audience chanted the racist phrase because they are tired of being “beat up” by liberals?!?

“During his 2016 campaign and even as Trump has been as critical of this country as anything The Squad has said,” Wallace observed. “He said President Obama was the most ignorant president in our history.

And crazy continues: Over at CBS: The completely unhinged racist spawn of the dark lord Cheney accused CBS host Margaret Brennan of unfairly bringing race into a discussion after Trump told four non-white Democratic congresswomen to “go back” to where they came from. Reporter Brennan asked Liz Cheney if it was appropriate for Trump supporters to chant “send her back” at a rally in North Carolina last week. “The news media wants to make this about race — you just did it,” Cheney told Brennan. “It’s not about race, gender, religion…”

That’s exactly what this is about!


Trump once again uses migrants as his political whipping boy

Trump manufactures crisis with Mexico and then supposedly solves it

Central American migrants walk along a highway in Mexico near the border with Guatemala on their way north away from crushing poverty and repression

Our hero Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) called it all along she said it was just another Trump diversion and bluff when Trump threatened to raise tariffs on Mexico. The demon dictator had said he would impose tariffs by Monday, June 10th, but suddenly he claimed victory and backed off on Friday. “Auntie” Maxine did not seem surprised. “Spineless GOP Senators grew a backbone this week & finally stood up to their Dictator Trump on something: Mexico tariffs, also known as a TAX INCREASE on American consumers. Bet your bottom dollar; Trump will back off by the weekend. Just another bluff!” Congresswoman Waters said.

His GOP lapdogs were rightfully scared that this Trumpian house of cards economy would be rocked by the effect of another tax on consumers layered on top of their smoke and mirrors tax cuts for the one percenters. This would be especially harsh on food which is a non-discretionary spending item.

All this noise was just a thinly disguised racist play to his bigoted base and a somewhat successful divergence from Trumps worsening legal problems.

Only time will tell if things at the border calm down from all the Trump induced chaos and whether Mexico actually really agreed to do anything substantial


48 hours of Trump corruption and evil intent

Here are 9 things in just the last 48 hours Trump and his cronies are doing to sabotage the United States of America

1/ Trump gave Attorney General William Barr “full and complete authority” to unilaterally declassify intelligence-community documents in his audit of the Russia investigation. Trump issued an order for intelligence agencies to comply with Barr’s investigation just hours after accusing the people who led the investigation of committing treason. Barr has said he believes the Trump campaign was “spied” on. (New York Times / Washington Post / NBC News / CNN)

2/ The Trump administration is preparing to bypass Congress to sell billions of dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other appointees are urging Trump to invoke an emergency provision that would allow him to prevent Congress from blocking the $7 billion deal. (New York Times / Washington Post / The Independent)

3/ The United States will send 1,500 additional troops and a dozen fighter jets to the Middle East in the coming weeks. Trump publicly blamed Iran and its proxies for recent attacks on oil tankers near the UAE and for a rocket attack in Iraq. (Associated Press)

4/ Trump has personally and repeatedly urged the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to award a border-wall contract to a specific construction firm in North Dakota run by a GOP donor. The company’s CEO is a frequent guest on conservative media and has courted Washington officials by arranging meetings at congressional offices and inviting officials to review border-wall prototypes. (Washington Post)

5/ The Trump administration formally proposed revisions to Obama-era healthcare and civil-rights protections for transgender people. The proposal would eliminate gender identity as a protected category in healthcare decisions and instead push government policy toward only recognizing sex at birth when evaluating discrimination “on the basis of sex.” (New York Times)

6/ Passage of the bipartisan $19.1 billion disaster-relief package was halted by one Trump loving House Republican. Rep. Chip Roy of Texas said he objected to the bill because it would add to the national debt and leaves out an additional $4.4 billion for the border wall. (Washington Post)

Not to be overlooked these events at least deserve dishonorable mention:

  • Trump tweeted a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi that had been deliberately edited to suggest she was slurring her words. “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,” Trump tweeted alongside the video. (NBC News / CBS News / Washington Post / The Guardian)
  • Republican candidates and campaign committees have spent more than $4 million at Trump hotels, golf courses, and vineyards since Trump took office. More than a quarter of the money has come from Trump’s own campaign. The Republican National Committee has spent more than $1 million at Trump’s properties in Washington and Florida. (The Hill)
  • Accused war criminal Edward Gallagher’s attorney also represents the Trump Organization. Trump has indicated that he plans to pardon Gallagher, who is accused of killing civilians and premeditated murder in Iraq. (CNN)

Can this country even survive until 2020?

Professor Michael Eric Dyson: This Is “White Supremacy By Ventriloquism”

Professor Michael Eric Dyson: Blacks Can Not Stand By Kanye West; This Is “White Supremacy By Ventriloquism”

Professor Michael Eric Dyson called the Donald Trump-Kanye West meeting an example of mass ignorance in the face of the downfall of democracy. Dyson also shook his head at the notion that Kanye could have brought Trump and Colin Kaepernick together. He went on to say that African-Americans can not stand by his comments and that they must intervene on his behalf.

Dyson also accused West of furthering white supremacy by giving “cover” to Trump and of being a puppet. He called West a ventriloquist dummy for white supremacists.

“This is time for us to say Kanye, we, as African-American people cannot stand idly by while you give cover to a man who is proved to be a white supremacist,” Dyson said.

“This is white supremacy by ventriloquism. A black mouth is moving but white racist ideals are flowing from Kanye West’s mouth.”

Watch the video

More reasons to vote NO on M

Joel Morrison of McKinleyville’s LTE in the Times-Standard today:

The American Presidency Project contains an immense amount of information about U.S. presidents, including McKinley. I found it incredibly instructive that in my review of his proclamations, executive orders and of his messages to both Congress and the Senate, there were numerous examples of his concern for and advocacy of specific protections against the “lynching of foreigners.” He repeatedly advocated for laws and financial compensation for those groups affected.
I could find no similar concern on behalf of black citizens. Nor was there, discoverable to me, appreciable statements about voting rights for this group. This is probably why he was so severely criticized by black civil rights advocates of his time.

As for indigenous peoples, McKinley made several proclamations (numbers 421, 436 445, 456, 460, 461) that involved treaty violations and seizures of vast tracts of land across the U.S. from various tribes, including the Coleville Tribe in Washington state. This would be in addition to the Curtis Act of 1898, a law he signed into action which resulted in 90 million acres of land and dissolution of tribal courts for five tribes.

In one executive order, McKinley established the Hualapai Indian School Reserve in Arizona. These schools were notorious for their role in the cultural and physical destruction of indigenous peoples, something he brought to indigenous and native communities around the world. I cannot see how “civil war service” is more important than this information.

Measure M proponents have some explaining to do.

Vote no on M