It’s been 3 years and we still won’t shut up about the murder on Allard ave

It’s been 3 years since hard working young Eureka resident Tommy McClain was gun down in his own front yard.
The staff at The Examiner had high hopes for the Truth to come out in the federal civil rights trial.
In a real tragic miscarriage of justice, the judge in the case disallowed witnesses and suppressed evidence that would have undoubtedly changed the final verdict.
The McClain family is understandably dissatisfied with the way evidence was suppressed and feel let down by their attorneys. 

Here is Tommy’s aunt speaking for the family:

We have always been skeptical about Tommy having a BB gun tucked in his waistband when the officers confronted him, but what we found has validated our disbelief! We were given the investigation files, that were previously withheld from us before.  In the files, we found a receipt, for a Walther CP99 ordered by Todd Wilcox with the address of the Eureka’s police department underneath his name. There’s a 7-page report written up by Todd Wilcox on page 6 of his report, he states that he attempts to purchase a BB device of the same make and model as item T1; referring to the alleged replica taken off Tommy. However, Wilcox was unable to order the make and mobile but he does order a Umarex CP99 compact from the Amazon Internet shopping site.

My brother and I, along with our friend, Robin, had made the 8-hour drive up to Eureka to pick up Tommy’s belongings from the Eureka’s police department. Officer O’Neill handed me a box with a replica blood stained BB gun inside. It was not Walter PPQ Mills previously reported at the press conference October 1, 2014,  In the box, was a BB device, embossed with the brand name Umarex and mobile name CP99 compact, which described the one that was ordered from Amazon.

The Eureka Police Department investigated their own officers, documented and falsified evidence to cover up their wrongdoings.

Mr. Galipo had this information and did nothing with it, so instead of fighting for Tommy and our family, he throws the whole case under the bus.  It’s not just my opinion; I have the receipt, the reports, and the BB gun.   Just thought that you would like to know.

Respectfully Jamie Bowman.


The backstory of our local bangers the 18th st gang

Neither former Chief Mills or former Chief Harpham before him ever wanted to talk about 18th street or deal with these guys. Even when they were linked to several murders and violent attacks in the last few years.

The good news is interim Chief Watson has extensive experience with policing gangs and takes them very seriously!

we’ve posted about this issue in the past:




Barrio 18: Also known as The 18th Street Gang, the gang has its roots in Los Angeles of the 1960s, where it was originally composed of Mexican immigrants. Over the decades, though, Barrio 18 threw open its recruitment to members from Central America as well, often targeting the elementary and middle-school children of immigrants. In Humboldt County, it’s a rag tag assortment of relatives of pelican bay inmates and/or refugees from LA or the Bay Area gang battles. Some are just laying low or moving contraband for the gang.

Meet the terrifying gang with 50,000 foot-soldiers across the US and so unashamedly violent it rivals MS-13

US has vowed to crack down on ultra-violent transnational gang MS-13

But MS-13’s arch-rival gang Barrio 18 has a sickening reputation just as bad

Founded in Los Angeles and spread throughout Mexico and Central America

Believed to have 30,000 to 50,000 members across 20 US states

Allied with the Mexican Mafia gang but sworn rivals to MS-13

MS-13 isn’t the only gang sowing violence and terror from Central America to the US: meet Barrio 18.

Arch-rivals to MS-13, Barrio 18 has an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 members across 20 US states and is linked to drugs, murder, kidnappings and other violent crime from Central America to Canada.

bullet holes

‘With thousands of members across hundreds of kilometers, and interests in a number of different illicit activities, Barrio 18 is one of the more significant emerging criminal threats in the region,’ write analysts for the think-tank InSight Crime.

Last week, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited his counterpart in El Salvador to discuss ways to crack down on transnational gangs – MS-13 and Barrio 18 chief among them.

But if history is any guide, eradicating Barrio 18 will be easier said than done

As the gang’s ranks grew, it became the target of FBI and police crackdowns, sending many of its veteran members to prison.

But time behind bars just gave Barrio 18’s shot-callers a fertile new recruiting ground, and it quickly swelled its ranks in federal prisons.

Stepped up deportations also had an unintended effect, spreading the gang’s reach to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras as hardened members were shipped back to their native countries, where they have battled brutally with MS-13

Loosely coordinated between cells or ‘cliques’ even at the local level, Barrio 18 isn’t believed to have a ‘godfather’-style leader.

That’s made it difficult to target under racketeering laws, the tactic that brought down many Mafia families.

The gang is nevertheless notorious for enforcing strict rules and absolute obedience among its ranks, and failure to show proper respect can bring severe punishment, including execution.

Barrio 18 cliques have been linked to the international drug trade, and the gang is closely allied with the Mexican Mafia, another Hispanic organized crime ring with its origins in US prisons.

Their colors, blue and black, even pay tribute to the Mexican Mafia: blue for the allied gang, and black for Barrio 18’s original color.

Barrio 18 tattoos can include: 18, XVIII, XV3, BEST (for ‘Barrio Eighteenth Street) and 8P (stands for killing a police officer).

Another tattoo, X8, stands for absolute loyalty to the gang.

Barrio 18 members are the sworn enemies of MS-13, another gang with its origins in California that has since spread in Central American countries with weakened governments.

‘These two gangs have turned the Central American northern triangle into the area with the highest homicide rate in the world,’ the US Justice Department wrote in a 2013 report.

Like MS-13, the decentralized structure of Barrio 18 has made it incredibly resistant to decades of efforts to eradicate it.

‘They’re worse than a cancer,’ gang expert Gabriel Kovnator told the Los Angeles Times all the way back in 1996.

‘A cancer you can kill. These guys keep growing.’


Update: Your input on Eureka’s “big decision” just became more urgent

Update to yesterday’s post:

Sources are telling us now that City Manager Greg Sparks will be making the decision on the replacement for Chief Mills very soon. We also hear while he plans to consult with the Council he’s going to present them with his choice rather than hear suggestions from the council. They will, of course, have to ratify his choice, but it much harder to say no to a singular choice.

The Examiner strongly urges it’s readers to also contact the City Manager as well as their Council Representative. Urge them strongly to avoid the huge mistake of naming Brian Stephens Police Chief or even interim Chief. 


Whether you’re a community member who thinks Andrews Mills has been great for Eureka or you’re like the Examiner staff who thinks he been wreaking havoc on local law enforcement, his campaign to replace himself as Police Chief with the despicable thug Brian Stephens ought to seriously grab your attention! Stephens, who has a very checkered past, is the guy Mills promoted from Sergeant to Captain shortly after he presided over the negligent killing of Tommy McClain.

The Examiner has been getting lots of tips from inside EPD about the abrupt departure of Mills to Santa Cruz. For the most part, officers have been happy to see Mills and his “used car salesman” leadership will be gone.  However, looming large for everyone who’s reached out has been the view that Chief Mills is set on having Captain Brian Stephens take his place as interim chief.

On Wednesday, July 19th Mills will be having a somewhat odd “Going Away Reception”(?).  There’s speculation at the Police Department that the “Reception” is going to be when Mills starts his full court press for his chosen successor, Captain Brian Stephens.

This should be a very scary thought for Eureka.  Not the least of which was his very questionable leadership (or really lack thereof) in the Tommy McClain murder which the city was found liable in.  We’ve said it before but Eureka can’t forget, if not for Stephens lack of leadership Tommy McClain would be alive today.

Previous post on this topic:



But what does Eureka really know about Stephens?  Not much is publicly known, most of the info we’ve been receiving is from officers on the inside who know about all the cover-ups that have gone on at EPD.   Here’s some of the history from the information we’ve received about the lowlights of Stephens career:

Brian Stephens is a Southerner born in Kentucky, a conservative Christian who loves bourbon.  After working as a military policeman, Stephens moved from Kentucky to start his career as a police officer.  Stephens was hired at EPD in the late 90’s.  Stephens was hired around the same time as another infamous EPD Officer, Rodrigo Sanchez.  Within no time Stephens and Sanchez were BFF’s.

“We’re EPD and we kick ass”

The notorious Sanchez and Stephens’s team got quite a reputation on the street and within EPD.  They were feared on the street by citizens and suspects because of their heavy handed tactics and abuse.  They were liked by the “old guard” because they “kicked ass and took names”.  To this day, Stephens and Sanchez are best friends and would do anything for each other, including always covering up for their routine excessive use of force.

When promoted to Captain, Stephens touted his time at the Drug Task Force and as a Field Training Officer.  However, according to EPD employees, Stephens was in both those positions with a dark cloud around him.  As an FTO, there were accusations that he had inappropriate relations with a female trainee.  Along with that, Stephens was having sexual relations with a firefighter’s wife who caught Stephens in bed with his wife.  The firefighter was apparently upset, and Stephens pulled out his gun and allegedly threatened the firefighter and even reportedly pistol whipped him.  These incidents and others have been swept under the rug because of Stephens connections to the Old Guard at EPD (it should also be noted that the two officers at the center of the current Department of Justice investigation of the Coroner’s office, Frank Jager and then Dave Parris ran the detectives bureaus during Stephens early career).

After the alleged problems with female trainee’s and other people’s wives, Stephens was “promoted” to the Drug Task Force which consequently would keep him away from the female employees at EPD for awhile(kind like a priest getting moved to another parish).  Stephens took part in seizing property from drug dealers, so it should be interesting to see he gets caught up in the Department of Justice investigation surrounding Coroners Department.

Since Stephens was promoted to Captain, EPD has lost approximately 70% of their senior patrol officers to other agencies, and many of those officers left because of Stephens poor treatment of those he supervises.

Hopefully, the City Manager and City Council will look into who would be the best fit for the interim Chief position at EPD.   Mills wants as his parting gesture to promote a good ol’ boy from Dixieland, booze lovin’, bible thumpin’, gun pullin’ philanderer!

Is that what the citizens of Eureka want….we’d don’t think so!

Call or Email your council representative know as soon as possible to insist that Manager Greg Sparks block this move by Chief Mills

Marian Brady – 1st ward (707) 441-4169

Heidi Messner – 2nd  Ward  (707) 441-4168

Kim Bergel – Ward 3  (707) 441-4170

Austin Allison – Ward 4 (707) 441-4167

Natalie Arroyo – 5th Ward  (707) 441-4171

The Checkered regime of Chief Andy Mills at EPD draws to a close

Local press about his departure:


During Mills three and half years tenure as Eureka Police Chief, we found ourselves the lead critical voice for his actions and public statements. We had less concern about is announced policy goals, all though we weren’t always on board.

In our minds, the most egregious incident was the negligent killing of Tommy McClain and the way Mills defamed Tommy and promoted the officers directly involved in the killing.

Here are some prime examples of our coverage of Mills at the EPD:

McClain shooter, Stephen Linfoot, is rewarded by Mills Seven months ago, when the innocent young Tommy McClain was gunned down in his own front yard, the media, for the most part, gave EPD and Chief Mills a pass. Regular citizens were left horrified and bewildered. We at the Examiner began asking lots of questions. We […]

As the crime wave in Eureka continues, EPD Chief Andy Mills continues to try keeping all of our heads buried in the sand. A look at the Eureka Police website shows that EPD has only 2 official press releases this year; “Operation Safe Tweets” and “Neighborhood Input Meetings”. A look through the older press releases […]

Good thing for them this picture is cropped at the elbows or you’d be able to see the blood on their hands   When you look at the above picture, you see (from left to right) Captain Brian Stephens, Sergeant Terrence Liles, and Chief Andy Mills.  Besides, the uniform these men all share a […]

In fact, his spin control has been so effective the local media is just making up “fact’s” to support the out of control shooting spree by EPD in Downtown Eureka. Over New Years, this caught our attention; KRCR ch 7 redding, their Eureka affiliate Northcoast News 23, featured this as one of its top […]

The Tommy McClain wrongful death trial is set to start on Nov. 17 the Federal Courthouse in McKinleyville, in Humboldt County, 13 miles north of Eureka. (The Examiner is looking for volunteer witness/reporters) Upon hearing the news about EPD and the City of Eureka’s trial date for the wrongful death of Tommy McClain, […]

Take a seat everyone, we’ve got big news.  According to the crime “statistics” provided by the Eureka Police Department, violent crime is up (DUH!) and property crime is down (WTF!).  What could have caused this sudden drop in property crime that isn’t reflected in anybody’s personal experience that lives or works in Eureka?  We’ll give […]


Meet the NEW EPD……same as the old EPD with Mills fooling everybody


photo Jose Quezada for the times-standard

Good thing for them this picture is cropped at the elbows or you’d be able to see the blood on their hands


When you look at the above picture, you see (from left to right) Captain Brian Stephens, Sergeant Terrence Liles, and Chief Andy Mills.  Besides, the uniform these men all share a common background. All of these men are former (or current) SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Officers,

Captain Brian Stephens was a SWAT team member during the “glory days” of EPD’s about a decade ago when there was a whole string of shootings.  Although he wasn’t there for the Cheri Moore murder, he was around for other operations that resulted in the deaths of citizens.  Most recently, Stephens was in command while Tommy McClain was recklessly gunned down by EPD.

Sergeant Terrence Liles was the shooter in the questionable killings of teenagers Christopher Burgess and Zach Cooke.  Liles is notorious for bar fights in Old Town and spoke out against former progressive Chief Garr Neilsen during the EPD insurrection that was orchestrated by the “Old Guard” at EPD and spearheaded by EPD’s SWAT Team and the dispatchers they were married to or “dating”!

Chief Andrew Mills was a SWAT Commander who oversaw missions which resulted in the killing of numerous citizens in San Diego.  A SWAT man through and through, Chief Mills has continued to reshape EPD back into the Agency it once was, prior to the public outcry that resulted in the hiring of a  “progressive” police chief, Garr Neilsen.

So now its very clear that the new standard for EPD is really just the old standard.  Mayor Jager is overjoyed, along with Murl Harpham and others that had been so worried about their department becoming less macho (the old saying around the copshop was “we’re EPD we kick ass”) and actually practicing modern policing techniques. Nothing to worry about Boy’s!  Your department is safely back in the hands of SWAT, and the criminals (along with regular citizens) are still afraid that they may be shot at any time by trigger happy cops.

Oh ya, and Kim Bergel, you’re lack of recent historical knowledge on who Sgt. Liles is speaks volumes about your knowledge about ANYTHING to do with the city.  This is Terry “child killer” Liles, the guy who literally had “notches” on his duty weapon for each of his kills.


EPD: The gang who couldn’t shoot straight

This is how a large cross section of our community is viewing last Tuesday’s chaos:


This is EPD minus Det. Ron Harpham who actually can shoot straight


EPD at CR’s gun range




Incident statement of officer involved



Chief Mills, maybe just give em one bullet at a time

The out of control shoot out on the streets of Eureka still is something we find very troubling and alarming.

Examiner staff has been spending time out and about in the community, while holiday shopping and enjoying winter in Humboldt.  This has brought us into contact with a broad cross section of the community. We feel we’re still right to be alarmed about the way in which the shooting came about, but we have to take a minute and reflect about the way this episode is playing out in the larger community across normally divisive political lines.


Justice on the streets of Eureka


City of Eureka: the complete dysfunction continues

epd logo

Eureka Police Department’s complete failure to protect the citizens of Eureka is on display for everyone to see as daylight break-ins become a regular happening in Henderson Center. EPD under Mills has been effective at obfuscating the real crime stats by not responding to or not reporting crime in Eureka, but that doesn’t mean it’s not continuing!

BURGLARIES: There has been a trend of residential burglaries since the start of the week. The incidents have occurred in neighborhoods near Watson and D streets and Henderson and K streets.

Over the last two days, the Eureka Police Department has responded to numerous daytime residential burglary reports with trends in the in the neighborhoods near Watson and D Streets and Henderson and K Streets.

A witness reported seeing three white males, 20-30 years old, park a blue van near the 1600 block of D Street. The males walked out of sight then returned to the vehicle with a guitar and other property. A burglary report was taken soon after at a nearby residence describing the guitar and other similar property as being stolen. A BOLO (be on the lookout) has been issued for this vehicle and occupants.

Kathy Anderson

Eureka wants you to believe it’s all her fault: we call Bullshit!


Excerpts from Janelle Egger’s letter in Times Standard

In a special closed session call to discuss a “significant exposure to litigation” the City Council decided to disperse the Palco Marsh camp on May 2. This is sad. For years the city has allowed this situation.

For years there has been the same response: blame and periodically evict the poor trying to survive and are the greatest victims of every evil the city claims to be addressing. It’s sad the city feels the need to blame a woman who was injured in a fall. It was the cities and/or (REMIF) Redwood Empire Municipal Insurance Fund’s choice to reject her claim and force her to sue and settle for enough to cover the cost to sue. It is sad to think they are ignoring the Housing First implementation plan’s two year estimate to accomplish the task and its warning that dispersal of people “is not an appropriate solution or strategy, accomplishes nothing toward the goal of linking people to permanent housing opportunities, and can make it more difficult to provide such lasting solutions.” It is especially sad to see the mayor and Eureka Police Department chief backtrack on support of a legal place for the people. It is confusing and sad to see the city backtracking on offers of portable toilets, a Dumpster and land after Mayor Jager called for a camp days ago.

Sad indeed, pathetic is more like it.  Using REMIF’s freaking over the settlement with Kathy Anderson as an excuse is pretty weak, wait until the pay out for Tommy McClain and Daren Borges which could top 10 million dollars!