We may be done with Covid-19, but it is definitely not done with us

More than 44.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Of them, over 715,000 have died.

But what about the millions who survived? Have they completely recovered or are there lingering impacts?

According to new research, looks like there’s a lot more to it than just a few weeks of being sick.

Symptoms of a disease are usually noticed as the immediate impacts such as a runny nose or fever. Yet, sometimes, the impacts to our health are internal signs of disease can go undetected for months or years. In this respect, COVID-19 seem to be of greater concern than initially realized.

Concerns about the long-term impacts of the virus aren’t new. Particularly due to the presence of anosmia — a distinct symptom that causes a loss of smell — combined with reports of fatigue, “brain fog” and more, experts have been keenly aware of the potential impact on the brain and other systems. However, as the disease has only been around for less than two years, much has remained a mystery. This prompted several neurological studies over the last year to figure out just what was happening in the brains of COVID-19 patients.

A full understanding will require years of study, but researchers are starting to unravel some of the complexities. So far, a key theme is emerging: The range of impact is not limited to patients with moderate to severe symptoms, but rather cognitive deficits might be seen even in asymptomatic or mild cases. Given roughly a third of cases might be asymptomatic, this could have stunning implications.

Most recently, in one preliminary large-scale study, researchers used a biobank of 45,000 brain scans since 2014. They then followed up with patients who had since been diagnosed with COVID-19, and completed new scans and neurological assessments post-disease.

It’s become incredibly clear that society has gravely underestimated the long-term impact of the virus.

After controlling for variables, a clear and concerning pattern emerged. Portions of the brain in patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 were found to have reduced gray matter, or fewer cell bodies, in several regions versus patients without infection. When accounting for normal changes with age, even mild cases continued to show loss of gray matter. The infected patients also showed cognitive decline on performance tasks, and the specific areas impacted led the team to suspect the possibility of increased susceptibility to aging diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

This study is still in peer review, yet several other studies have yielded similar results. In one published by the Lancet in July, researchers found those who had been hospitalized with a ventilator showed cognitive declines that matched the equivalent of 10 years of aging compared to their peers, or roughly the equivalent of 7 points on the standard IQ scale. The same study also revealed mild cognitive decline for asymptomatic and mild cases, highlighting that even those who think they are “feeling fine” might not actually be fine.

Other studies are actively investigating declines in cognition and links with aging, while some doctors are warning that even asymptomatic cases are producing mild to moderate scarring on the lungs. This is often called a ground glass opacity on a chest X-ray, and it can appear as if one had smoked for years.

We’ve yet to find out if such changes will be permanent — it’s possible the effects of the virus will improve with more time. However, it’s become incredibly clear that society has gravely underestimated the long-term impact of the virus, and that the leaders who sought to use death or hospital tallies as primary indicators for policy changes — versus loftier goals to substantially reduce or eliminate cases — may have destined millions to future health concerns.

This raises the question of what the coming years and decades might look like. Will there be a mass wave of aging diseases and cognitive disabilities among COVID-19 patients? Some experts suggest it’s possible, a prediction that would require political leaders to prepare for millions of disabled Americans.

Few will come out of the pandemic unscathed, whether financially, physically or emotionally. But time and time again, we’re reminded that no matter how much we are done with this virus, it is definitely not done with us.

Original source Colorado Newsline

Blow up the debt ceiling

Moscow Mitch doesn’t give a shit about you or if you can pay your bills. He and his wife are so rich that they make money no matter what the economy does. It’s hard to wrap your head around that but it’s true and It’s the same story for many of the elected republican terrorists in the house and senate. So they will crash the economy to further their January 6 coup and make a fast buck doing it.

It’s time to demand that the Joe Biden to take away the debt limit as a political cudgel for Republicans to use against Democratic administrations.

We propose raising it to a crazy high number so that it is effectively abolished.  Then we’ll be like every other rich nation on earth in that we’re not afflicted by this dumb debt ceiling law anymore.

It’s time for Joe Biden to take unilateral action and dare McConnell to stop him.

People don’t care about the debt limit or even understand it. What they care about is the economy and how their lives are going, can they pay rent and buy food.

Media: Attempted Coup? What Attempted Coup?

Facebook’s deal with the devil comes back to bite Zucky in the ass

Trump cult calls for Zuckerberg to be locked up! That’s some delicious karma for ya

Poor little Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg received harsh criticism from Donald Trump’s political rally in Georgia.

When Trump complained about Zuckerberg at the rally, the crowd began chanting “lock him up! – lock him up! – lock him up!

“Well, they should be looking at that, Trump said.

Trump’s comments came less than one week after a new report claimed the Facebook CEO cut a deal with Trump to avoid fact-checking political posts. In return, the Trump administration would not impose regulations on the social media behemoth.

Mark Zuckerberg laughed at by Obama alums after Trump discussed his imprisonment at Georgia rally

“Facebook sold its soul and got a ‘lock him up’ chant in return. While doing its part to destroy democracy around the world,” former Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said.

“This speech is a real indictment of the entire strategy employed by the Facebook public policy team. Years of twisting themselves into a pretzel to appease Trump only to have him through Zuck into imaginary Gitmo,” former White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer said.

“Guess those ass-kissing sessions at the White House and letting him break Facebook’s rules didn’t protect you Mark,” former Obama spokesperson Tommy Vietor said.

News source Raw Story

The Big Fail

Well, The Trump propaganda network “Fox” did report the results of the Arizona report and confirmed Biden’s win reporting it one time never to be mentioned again. We checked their website and couldn’t find it…

One America News (OAN) carried it wall to wall but concluded that there was “no clear indication” that the election results in Maricopa County will be overturned.” But told their viewers that “several issues” with the election were found. They brought on Christina Bobb, who has worked with the Trump team to overturn the election. Bobb said the report showed “there is a lot of discrepancies.” She suggested there were “indications of fraud” and added that “there is a lot of explaining to do.” Except she offered no real proof and its all bullshit.

On Newsmax they said, “The numbers aren’t adding up to what they originally certified. That is a problem …”

Proponents of The Big Lie are portraying the Cyber Ninjas report as damning evidence in support of their case…

With all the nonstop lies and propaganda is it any wonder why the Trump death cultist are sinking further down in their rabbit hole of insanity.

It’s amazing to us how many of these cultists live here in Humboldt County. We guess that’s why the covid infection and death rate is so high here

Three examples the continuing insurrection

The embrace of the Taliban by many white supremacists and anti-government Trump extremists is causing concern among American officials. The championing of the Taliban by the U.S. groups comes at a time that Afghan allies are coming to the United States as refugees for their own safety. The report details trends from these right groups that have been “framing the activities of the Taliban as a success,” and saying that it is a model for their efforts to create a civil war in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis chief John Cohen cited the “great replacement” conspiracy theory that has been promoted recently by Fox News host Tucker Carlson as fuel for these white supremacists. “So we’re getting it and if history is any guide—and it’s always a guide —we will see many refugees from Afghanistan resettle in our country in coming months, probably in your neighborhood,” Carlson said during a recent broadcast. “And over the next decade, that number may swell to the millions. So first we invade, and then we’re invaded. It is always the same.” “There are concerns that those narratives may incite violent activities directed at immigrant communities, certain faith communities, or even those who are relocated to the United States,” said Cohen. A recent analysis said that far-right extremist groups have been “invigorated” by Afghanistan. Either they want to emulate the Taliban or they want to fight back against “invasions” by the refugees. “These farmers and minimally trained men fought to take back their nation back from “globohomo”. They took back their government, installed their national religion as law, and executed dissenters … If white men in the west had the same courage as the Taliban, we would not be ruled by Jews currently,” read one post from a fascist Proud Boys Telegram group.

In the past, hyperbolic rants from Trump Republicans and other right-wing nuts promising to take up arms would be dismissed as playing to their base. But after Jan. 6, such words have a different context. After all, the same Madison Cawthorn who at the time called Capitol invaders “disgusting” is now saying they are “political prisoners.” Recently Cawthorn said that there could be “bloodshed” over elections in the future. He has called masks “anti-science” and announced that Democrats want to arm Taliban fighters with automatic weapons. He told Americans that “we all need to be storing up some ammunition,” in response. Cawthorn said he may be forced to take up arms against the United States, an outright violation of his oath of office. And then there this open insurrection: The House Select Committee on the Jan 6 insurrection is requesting that nearly three dozen telecommunications companies preserve the phone records of Donald Trump, his family, and various GOP members of Congress as part of its probe into who fueled the fatal insurrection on January 6.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca.  threatened at any company who complies with the congressional panel’s request, warning that “a Republican majority will not forget. “Rep. Margie terrorist Greene” took McCarthy’s rhetoric a step further, saying that the companies will be “shut down” if they bend to the panel’s will. “These cell phone companies, these telecommunications companies, they better not play with these Democrats,” Greene said prompted by Tucker Carlson during a Fox News interview. “Because Republicans are coming back into the majority in 2022 and we will take this very serious… if they go along with this, they will be shut down. And that’s a promise.”

Support Humboldt Vaccine Mandate

Support Humboldt County Vaccine Mandate

Scott Q Marcus started this petition to Eureka City Council, Humboldt Board of Supervisors, Arcata City Council, and Fortuna City Council

Point 1: We are facing the biggest health and public crisis in over 100 years. Everyone knows that. No rational person denies it.

Point 2: What we have done for the last year and a half has not stopped it. That’s not opinion; it’s fact – as published daily by the Humboldt County Department of Health.

Despite the fact that we now have a vaccine that we didn’t have last year, and that we know how to minimize the danger of COVID, we are at our highest levels of spread since the pandemic began. That’s just wrong.

Our hospitals are in danger of being overrun. Our health care workers are overworked and feel defeated and unappreciated. They face a shortage of staff and the options to bring in more are close to non-existent. Instead of being hailed as saviors and heroes, they have been treated as frontline pawns thrown into a winless war without regard for what they must face. To that point, we can’t even keep up with the demand for COVID tests due to the rampant penetration of the disease. And let’s not forget the societal, personal, and financial damage being done to individuals, organizations, and our local businesses. 

For the last 18 months, many of us have chipped in and done what we were asked to do to mitigate this rolling disaster. We took care of ourselves and we did our duty to take care of our community. We did everything requested of us. We isolated. We (double) masked. We socially distanced. We sterilized our hands and workspaces. We worked from home when possible. We avoided crowds and travel. We missed family celebrations and gatherings. And when it was finally possible, we stepped to the plate and got vaccinated, looking forward to being able to (somewhat) return to our lives, assuming that we – the general public – would cooperate for our own health as well as the public good.

Alas, that was not to be the case.

Because so many have refused to cooperate, we are now in worse shape than we were a year ago. It is not however for not trying. We cajoled them. Nothing. We offered all manner of incentives. Nothing. We set up vaccination clinics. Nothing. We tried enticing them in every way possible. Still nothing. Study after study; expert after expert; have all reported that the ONLY way to overcome this pandemic is vaccination. Period. End of story. COVID will not just “go away,” it will persist, probably even mutate into more dangerous incarnations if we don’t do something NOW.

We are bitterly disappointed, frustrated, and even angry at how this has shaken out. There is no reason for our progress to not only stop but to go backward due to the irresponsibility of so many others. It’s just plain wrong that those of us who did the right thing have to sacrifice YET AGAIN for those who could get the vaccine but have refused. Their argument is “personal choice.” We get it. They have that right, but with choice, comes responsibility.

In light of what has not worked, it’s time to change course and do something different than previously attempted. We must take a different tact; not only for the reasons listed above but also because, as good citizens, we believe it is our responsibility to help protect that small number of citizens with serious medical conditions who cannot get vaccinated or those too young to get the vaccine; both groups of which are at heightened risk should they catch the virus. 

The reality is continuing to yell at a wall won’t cause it to fall.

So, while continuing to try and convince and coerce and encourage the unvaccinated to step up, we need to change our tactics and target those who won’t do the right thing by, this time, making them sacrifice. Why should it be that those who won’t do the right thing get to drag down those who do? It’s time for a new approach; as the old approach didn’t work and there’s no reason to assume it will this time.

There is a public-health movement spreading across the U.S. and it’s time we instigated it in Humboldt County.

New York City is requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for people to enter indoor restaurants, gyms, and entertainment venues. New Orleans and San Francisco are imposing such rules at many businesses starting, while Los Angeles is looking into the idea. Smaller cities are doing this also: Cathedral City, CA, will require proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours must be shown for patrons entering a restaurant and/or bar with the exception of children under age 12 or those with a medical condition. Local businesses and organizations are doing what they can. 

We understand that some don’t want to get the shot. Then, they don’t get to be with those who did. No shot? No public transportation. No shot? No restaurants. No shot? No attendance at public events. It’s really simple. Some say it’s wrong for the government to apply such rules but that’s not true. When public safety is necessary, we do what we have to do for the greater good. It’s not personal; it’s responsible.

We all want to get out again. We want to go on vacation. We want to go to the movies or theater. We want to eat at a restaurant – but we want to do it in a safer environment. Unlike some, we’re not willing to gamble with the virus — nor deny its reality.

We did what we were supposed to do to bring us back from the brink. We took care of everyone we could. Now, it’s time for others to help with the load. It’s the fair and right thing to do.

We want you to begin the process to require “proof of vaccination” for large and indoor events so those of us who are being responsible can enjoy the fruits of our actions. 


Dumbass move of the week

Super spreader event?

The “brain-dead” Humboldt County Fair Association agreed Monday to move forward with plans for this year’s Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale despite a steep increase in local cases of “Delta COVID- 19”. WTF!

During an emergency meeting, Humboldt County Public Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman underscored the need to enforce the masking order both indoors and outdoors for all individuals regardless of vaccination status. “ We’re in the midst of the worst numbers we’ve seen yet in the pandemic,” he said. “We couldn’t have known all of the details of this because a lot of this is being driven by the delta variant that is spreading much more rapidly than the previous variants, including spread among fully vaccinated people to a certain degree, although that’s not the primary driver. Spread is still being driven almost entirely by those who are unvaccinated.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s current recommendation for large-scale events in communities with high transmission of the virus is to implement multiple layers of protection — such as proof of vaccination, a negative test, social distancing and masking — or to postpone or cancel the event.

“Currently, Humboldt County is not requiring any events to be canceled or postponed, we are leaving it up to each of the individual organizers to look at the information and make a decision as to what makes the most sense for their organization,……oops!

Info from Times Standard report

Time to drop a dime on these covidiots

Humboldt County residents are once again required to mask in indoor and at outdoor public settings regardless of vaccination status in accordance with the county masking order. Businesses and individuals who do not comply with the order can be reported.

“Violations of the health order may be reported to the authorities in the jurisdiction where the violations are alleged to have occurred,” according to an Aug. 5 press statement from Humboldt County Public Health. “Members of the public who wish to report a potential violation may call the appropriate county or city office directly.”

However, good luck getting your local MAGA sheriff or EPD goon to take action.

If you do see the unmasked covidiots anywhere near you leave the vicinity because these M-F’ers will be spewing their delta corona virus all over.

But hey, what the hell, let’s turn these a-holes in anyway:

Phone lines are set up to report idiot anti-maskers
Interested individuals can report noncompliance to the following jurisdictions:

• Arcata: 707-822-5953

• Blue Lake: 707-668-5655

• Eureka: 707-441-4203

• Fortuna: 707-725-1435

• Ferndale: 707-786-4224

• Rio Dell: 707-764-5642

• Trinidad: 707-677-0223

• Unincorporated county locations: 707-476-2429

More information on COVID-19 can be found at humboldtgov.org/2749/ Dashboard or 707-441-5000.

Big Dick of the Week

He doesn’t a shit

There was a time, not too long ago, when media outlets were singing the praises of Florida’s evil Governor Ron DeSantis, lauding him for his so called “handling” of COVID-19 and claiming with no basis in fact that he “won the pandemic.” Well Florida has now become an epicenter in the recent surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths, and yet “Dick” DeSantis remains defiant in refusing to take action and even thwarting any effective steps then accusing others of being “judgmental” and criticizing anyone who would blame the unvaccinated for their own suffering.

As Delta Covid rages on in Florida, turning the Sunshine State not only into a virus epicenter of the United States but of the entire world the media and particularly the networks aren’t being honest about the public health crisis under Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. They’re not being transparent about how months ago they embraced GOP spin and portrayed the derelict dictator governor as a pandemic star, regurgitating conservative rhetoric about how the critics had been proven wrong about DeSantis’ wrong-headed policy decisions, which have since propelled Florida into a grave health crisis.

DeSanctis’s fiefdom “Florida” recently broke its one-day record for new Covid cases, topping out at 21,000 which is as many new cases as the entire country of France tabulates each day. Florida now has more than 12,000 (unvaccinated) people occupying hospital beds battling Covid, another grim benchmark under “dick” DeSantis. It’s unthinkable that the state has been plunged into public health chaos when a safe vaccine is readily available to all Floridians over the age of 12.

At a time when states are supposed to be emerging from the year-and-a-half pandemic, Florida is shifting into reverse – it recently recorded more coronavirus cases this week than California, Texas, New York and Illinois combined. This all comes 15 months after DeSantis famously, and loudly, declared victory over the pandemic, back when the state was tallying 500 cases a day.

Dumbass Ron DeSantis BIG DICK of the week

info from TYT and Press Run