The Examiner is here to report what others have miss-construed or ignored. We will question assumptions and stimulate discussion.

We picked the place name for the Examiner out of respect for the indigenous people who lived here first. They named it. So to make it clear to some of the dumb asses in our community, Tuluwat is the name of a special place, the Examiner is the name of this blog.

Tuluwat existed in a time and place free of the kind of greed and corruption that we associate with Eureka today.

Contact us: tuluwatexaminer@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “About

  1. is the site hosted by the Wiyot Tribe?


  2. Ahh, I see. Just wondering. Thank you.


  3. fyi, Tuluwat is the name of the village on Indian Island

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  4. Thank you bb. I think our history is very important. I think because we have ignored it has cost healing for Humboldt. When we want to know what is going on today we must always look at history to understand and make real changes. Just like the white have killed the Native American they have killed the African American and it still goes on too this day. Facts are important..


  5. Let’s not forget the Chinese that were literally run-out on a rail.
    This from Wiki;

    Chinese expulsion:
    ” In February 1885, the racial tension in Eureka broke when Eureka City Councilman David Kendall was caught in the crossfire of two rival Chinese gangs and killed. This led to the convening of 600 Eureka men and resulted in the forcible permanent expulsion of all 480 Chinese residents of Eureka’s Chinatown.[37] The expelled Chinese unsuccessfully attempted to sue for damages. In the U.S. Circuit Court case Wing Hing v. Eureka, the court noted that the Chinese owned no land and held that their other property was worthless. A citizen’s committee then drafted an unofficial law decreeing:

    That all Chinamen be expelled from the city and that none be allowed to return.
    That a committee be appointed to act for one year, whose duty shall be to warn all Chinamen who may attempt to come to this place to live, and to use all reasonable means to prevent their remaining. If the warning is disregarded, to call mass meetings of citizens to whom the case will be referred for proper action.
    That a notice be issued to all property owners through the daily papers, requesting them not to lease or rent property to Chinese.[citation needed]
    Among those who guarded the city jail during the height of the Sinophobic tension was (then) future Governor of California James Gillett, himself a recent resident of the city.[38] The anti-Chinese ordinance was not repealed until 1959.”


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