Bushnell acts as Ford’s little puppet

The real power in Humboldt

Tuesday’s meeting of the board of stupidity and corruption was even worse than the usual drivel that passes for governing. Bushnell seemed to be fed leading questions to ask via text by John Ford. After the release of texts by the public records act recently, we saw that Bushnell and Ford were in collusion to try and remove a planning director that asks tough questions. So, it’s not a big leap to see what happened during Tuesday’s review of a letter from the planning commission as more of the same with Ford sending softball questions for Bushnell to ask so he could set the narrative.

Bottom line Board of Supervisors signaled to the planning commission don’t worry about the environmental damage and unequal playing field with the Humboldt cannabis industry.

It also appears John Ford is completely in charge and fully responsible for all inequity and dysfunction in the county’s treatment of cannabis.

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