Blow up the debt ceiling

Moscow Mitch doesn’t give a shit about you or if you can pay your bills. He and his wife are so rich that they make money no matter what the economy does. It’s hard to wrap your head around that but it’s true and It’s the same story for many of the elected republican terrorists in the house and senate. So they will crash the economy to further their January 6 coup and make a fast buck doing it.

It’s time to demand that the Joe Biden to take away the debt limit as a political cudgel for Republicans to use against Democratic administrations.

We propose raising it to a crazy high number so that it is effectively abolished.  Then we’ll be like every other rich nation on earth in that we’re not afflicted by this dumb debt ceiling law anymore.

It’s time for Joe Biden to take unilateral action and dare McConnell to stop him.

People don’t care about the debt limit or even understand it. What they care about is the economy and how their lives are going, can they pay rent and buy food.

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