The Big Fail

Well, The Trump propaganda network “Fox” did report the results of the Arizona report and confirmed Biden’s win reporting it one time never to be mentioned again. We checked their website and couldn’t find it…

One America News (OAN) carried it wall to wall but concluded that there was “no clear indication” that the election results in Maricopa County will be overturned.” But told their viewers that “several issues” with the election were found. They brought on Christina Bobb, who has worked with the Trump team to overturn the election. Bobb said the report showed “there is a lot of discrepancies.” She suggested there were “indications of fraud” and added that “there is a lot of explaining to do.” Except she offered no real proof and its all bullshit.

On Newsmax they said, “The numbers aren’t adding up to what they originally certified. That is a problem …”

Proponents of The Big Lie are portraying the Cyber Ninjas report as damning evidence in support of their case…

With all the nonstop lies and propaganda is it any wonder why the Trump death cultist are sinking further down in their rabbit hole of insanity.

It’s amazing to us how many of these cultists live here in Humboldt County. We guess that’s why the covid infection and death rate is so high here

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