Three examples the continuing insurrection

The embrace of the Taliban by many white supremacists and anti-government Trump extremists is causing concern among American officials. The championing of the Taliban by the U.S. groups comes at a time that Afghan allies are coming to the United States as refugees for their own safety. The report details trends from these right groups that have been “framing the activities of the Taliban as a success,” and saying that it is a model for their efforts to create a civil war in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis chief John Cohen cited the “great replacement” conspiracy theory that has been promoted recently by Fox News host Tucker Carlson as fuel for these white supremacists. “So we’re getting it and if history is any guide—and it’s always a guide —we will see many refugees from Afghanistan resettle in our country in coming months, probably in your neighborhood,” Carlson said during a recent broadcast. “And over the next decade, that number may swell to the millions. So first we invade, and then we’re invaded. It is always the same.” “There are concerns that those narratives may incite violent activities directed at immigrant communities, certain faith communities, or even those who are relocated to the United States,” said Cohen. A recent analysis said that far-right extremist groups have been “invigorated” by Afghanistan. Either they want to emulate the Taliban or they want to fight back against “invasions” by the refugees. “These farmers and minimally trained men fought to take back their nation back from “globohomo”. They took back their government, installed their national religion as law, and executed dissenters … If white men in the west had the same courage as the Taliban, we would not be ruled by Jews currently,” read one post from a fascist Proud Boys Telegram group.

In the past, hyperbolic rants from Trump Republicans and other right-wing nuts promising to take up arms would be dismissed as playing to their base. But after Jan. 6, such words have a different context. After all, the same Madison Cawthorn who at the time called Capitol invaders “disgusting” is now saying they are “political prisoners.” Recently Cawthorn said that there could be “bloodshed” over elections in the future. He has called masks “anti-science” and announced that Democrats want to arm Taliban fighters with automatic weapons. He told Americans that “we all need to be storing up some ammunition,” in response. Cawthorn said he may be forced to take up arms against the United States, an outright violation of his oath of office. And then there this open insurrection: The House Select Committee on the Jan 6 insurrection is requesting that nearly three dozen telecommunications companies preserve the phone records of Donald Trump, his family, and various GOP members of Congress as part of its probe into who fueled the fatal insurrection on January 6.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca.  threatened at any company who complies with the congressional panel’s request, warning that “a Republican majority will not forget. “Rep. Margie terrorist Greene” took McCarthy’s rhetoric a step further, saying that the companies will be “shut down” if they bend to the panel’s will. “These cell phone companies, these telecommunications companies, they better not play with these Democrats,” Greene said prompted by Tucker Carlson during a Fox News interview. “Because Republicans are coming back into the majority in 2022 and we will take this very serious… if they go along with this, they will be shut down. And that’s a promise.”

One thought on “Three examples the continuing insurrection

  1. The American Taliban is about to try and in some cases has already has succeeded in over throwing the rights of the majority. Can’t have a abortion now in many states. The next thing the will try is forcing women to wear the burka.


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