Dumbass move of the week

Super spreader event?

The “brain-dead” Humboldt County Fair Association agreed Monday to move forward with plans for this year’s Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale despite a steep increase in local cases of “Delta COVID- 19”. WTF!

During an emergency meeting, Humboldt County Public Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman underscored the need to enforce the masking order both indoors and outdoors for all individuals regardless of vaccination status. “ We’re in the midst of the worst numbers we’ve seen yet in the pandemic,” he said. “We couldn’t have known all of the details of this because a lot of this is being driven by the delta variant that is spreading much more rapidly than the previous variants, including spread among fully vaccinated people to a certain degree, although that’s not the primary driver. Spread is still being driven almost entirely by those who are unvaccinated.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s current recommendation for large-scale events in communities with high transmission of the virus is to implement multiple layers of protection — such as proof of vaccination, a negative test, social distancing and masking — or to postpone or cancel the event.

“Currently, Humboldt County is not requiring any events to be canceled or postponed, we are leaving it up to each of the individual organizers to look at the information and make a decision as to what makes the most sense for their organization,……oops!

Info from Times Standard report

4 thoughts on “Dumbass move of the week

  1. Helmets save lives. Don’t wear one and it’s your life on the line. Seatbelts save lives. Don’t wear one and it’s your life on the line.

    Unvaccinated, not washing hands, not wearing a mask…..others will suffer besides you. And some may die by your decision.

    Maybe that’s the actual draw for those people?!? The amount of suffering they can inflict upon others.

    Too bad we can enforce helmet laws but not require health safety in public spaces.

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  2. The place to learn about the fair board is The Ferndale Enterprise. They tweet

    “Luckily, @humcofair has largest cash reserve in recent history due to 2 rounds of PPP and a $200k gift from @HumCoGov. If fair is cancelled, health of community is prioritized and reserve can get the fair to 2022. Horse racing and junior livestock auction can still happen in ‘21. ”

    Constructive advice, but the private corporation in charge is going for a Super Spreader instead.

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  3. You are wrong the humbolt county fair and Johnston’s amusement have gone to great Links to be safe with masking and testing every 3 days for the safety of the public and their employees I have been there and almost all of the people are masked all of the employees I saw were masked I appreciate the time I have to get a little happiness with my grandkids (yes I am a senior)


  4. Seniors should have far more tools in their repertoire for being happy than the “necessity” of risking your life and the life and health of others, including your grandkids, dragged into large groups or enclosed jet liners during an epidemic.

    This is especially true in the Pacific Northwest with our miles of pristine beaches, trails, parks, mountains, rivers, wildlife; for Dog’s sake, go fly a kite!


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