Time to drop a dime on these covidiots

Humboldt County residents are once again required to mask in indoor and at outdoor public settings regardless of vaccination status in accordance with the county masking order. Businesses and individuals who do not comply with the order can be reported.

“Violations of the health order may be reported to the authorities in the jurisdiction where the violations are alleged to have occurred,” according to an Aug. 5 press statement from Humboldt County Public Health. “Members of the public who wish to report a potential violation may call the appropriate county or city office directly.”

However, good luck getting your local MAGA sheriff or EPD goon to take action.

If you do see the unmasked covidiots anywhere near you leave the vicinity because these M-F’ers will be spewing their delta corona virus all over.

But hey, what the hell, let’s turn these a-holes in anyway:

Phone lines are set up to report idiot anti-maskers
Interested individuals can report noncompliance to the following jurisdictions:

• Arcata: 707-822-5953

• Blue Lake: 707-668-5655

• Eureka: 707-441-4203

• Fortuna: 707-725-1435

• Ferndale: 707-786-4224

• Rio Dell: 707-764-5642

• Trinidad: 707-677-0223

• Unincorporated county locations: 707-476-2429

More information on COVID-19 can be found at humboldtgov.org/2749/ Dashboard or 707-441-5000.

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