Big Dick of the Week

He doesn’t a shit

There was a time, not too long ago, when media outlets were singing the praises of Florida’s evil Governor Ron DeSantis, lauding him for his so called “handling” of COVID-19 and claiming with no basis in fact that he “won the pandemic.” Well Florida has now become an epicenter in the recent surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths, and yet “Dick” DeSantis remains defiant in refusing to take action and even thwarting any effective steps then accusing others of being “judgmental” and criticizing anyone who would blame the unvaccinated for their own suffering.

As Delta Covid rages on in Florida, turning the Sunshine State not only into a virus epicenter of the United States but of the entire world the media and particularly the networks aren’t being honest about the public health crisis under Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. They’re not being transparent about how months ago they embraced GOP spin and portrayed the derelict dictator governor as a pandemic star, regurgitating conservative rhetoric about how the critics had been proven wrong about DeSantis’ wrong-headed policy decisions, which have since propelled Florida into a grave health crisis.

DeSanctis’s fiefdom “Florida” recently broke its one-day record for new Covid cases, topping out at 21,000 which is as many new cases as the entire country of France tabulates each day. Florida now has more than 12,000 (unvaccinated) people occupying hospital beds battling Covid, another grim benchmark under “dick” DeSantis. It’s unthinkable that the state has been plunged into public health chaos when a safe vaccine is readily available to all Floridians over the age of 12.

At a time when states are supposed to be emerging from the year-and-a-half pandemic, Florida is shifting into reverse – it recently recorded more coronavirus cases this week than California, Texas, New York and Illinois combined. This all comes 15 months after DeSantis famously, and loudly, declared victory over the pandemic, back when the state was tallying 500 cases a day.

Dumbass Ron DeSantis BIG DICK of the week

info from TYT and Press Run

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