Throw the EPD bums out

Eureka Police Officers Association President Terry Liles (accused in multiple questionable deaths and of being misogynist and racist) was sympathetic to Reyna-Sanchez and his wife, a dispatcher with the Eureka Police Department, according to emails the department released in response to a records request.

“I am so sorry for all that you are going through,” he wrote. “I hate that this is happening and I recognize how the timing sucks. I wanted to make sure you had a heads up. Please let me know if you need anything.”

Close ties among cops are not unusual. But the past two months have shown just how tight this fraternity of bad behavior is.

Capt. Brian Stephens, a key figure in the killing of young Tommy McClain, worked closely alongside Captain Patrick O’Neill who was finally put on leave after many questions about is conduct on and off the job have been raised over the years. Together, it was on them to oversee operations and address complaints that officers and the members of the public made. What a joke that’s foxes guarding the hen house for sure. Long time bad actor Stephens joined the department about the same time as Reyna-Sanchez, and the two have a bond that has led rank-and-file officers to doubt the point of making complaints at all, according to interviews and documents. Really! “Let’s snitch on Sanchez to Stephens that won’t be a bit dangerous.”

Patrick Bishop a close friend of Sanchez, who was working as a reserve officer, recently suddenly and quietly left the department. The drip-drip of bad news for EPD keeps going but we hear there’s a full reservoir of shit ready to break lose

There needs to be a thorough house cleaning at EPD with almost all of command staff ousted

Sacramento bee and anonymous sources

One thought on “Throw the EPD bums out

  1. So far, the public has no clue that these incidents are a nationwide epidemic and that they are due to most community’s allowing law enforcement to prioritize the hiring of veterans for civilian policing.

    Virtually all local uses of excessive force were by veterans.

    Domestic abuse is rampant among veterans; as is gang membership and racism on military bases and aircraft carriers.

    If a municipality is going to hire veterans for civilian policing, rigorous psychological testing is essential to identify potentially violent, sexist and racist tendencies.

    Military records and complaints must be carefully examined.

    Demand your city councils, supervisors, human rights commission, law enforcement liaison, journalists, media, academics, professionals, etc, to begin taking action to protect the public from preferential hiring of veterans for civilian policing.


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