End the rash of police-wilding

Guest Post:

Every Eureka resident should be alarmed at the nationwide and local failure in giving veterans preferential hiring status for civilian policing.

Ending the rash of police-wilding requires a return to “Protect and Serve”.

Local media needs to step-up and publish Eureka’s police hiring and promotion policies, screening practices and psychological evaluations. They are clearly inadequate and need to be compared and updated using other municipality’s successful policies.

Any citizen can file a Public Records Act request and find out for themselves.

With enough inquiries to Eureka’s attorney, the Eureka city council and mayor might stop wringing their hands and engage in some leadership by tasking staff to offer policy changes…

…is the EPD checking military records?

One thought on “End the rash of police-wilding

  1. What is “police-wilding”? An internet search yielded nothing on the term.

    Is the author against veterans serving on a police force?

    Does the author want MORE veterans on the police force?

    This was poorly written and shouldn’t have been posted as it is.


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