The local crimewave rolls on, do the cops give a s…?

What’s going on in Humboldt County and particularly the greater Eureka area? Theft, petty crime, and vandalism have continued to be on the rise since last summer. Check with your neighbors if you haven’t experienced it yourself chances are they have. Everything from vehicle break-ins and mail theft to digging up your favorite plants.

Recent accounts have come to light that the police are either not responding at all or responding and not being helpful, or in some circumstances even downright abusive

Some observers have drawn a straight line between the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and what seems to many like an intentional slow down or strike by law enforcement. Is that really their plan? Seems to us like it will have the opposite effect from what they want.

2 thoughts on “The local crimewave rolls on, do the cops give a s…?

  1. My neighbors reported their car was stolen and the CHP was insulting and treated them like they had broken the law. The vehicle had a tracker and they didn’t want to spend the time to track it and find it.

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  2. This, TE, was a prescient post, in regards to the Sacramento Bee article about xenophobic, bigoted cops yesterday.
    What is going on? Has there been infighting within EPD, distracting officers from responding to calls from the public? Lackadaisical performance and officers just parked texting each other all day? Seems there is much more to this story than we have been exposed to.

    Well done, TE. I appreciate thought provoking content. I’m sure there will be much more to this story that your readers would find insightful. Please consider looking into this topic further.


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