Congress should file Articles of Impeachment’ against Trump immediately

Because of the unprecedented breach of the U.S. Capitol by a mob of terrorists supported by Trump, Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & removed from office by the United States Senate because of the real threat he poses to our country!

The Trump insurrection forced a halt to congressional deliberations over challenges to Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. Senators were being evacuated. Some House lawmakers tweeted they were sheltering in place in their offices. Many Members of Congress were sent running for their lives in the United States capital, this was truly devastating and totally shocking.

This is far from the first time calls for impeachment have been raised during the Trump presidency. Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives earlier in his term, but was later Republicans in the Senate fail to convict him. 

Only a simple majority vote is required to impeach someone in the House, but a two-thirds majority Senate vote is required to convict. A second impeachment is far from guaranteed, with Trump’s term ending in just 14 days. Regardless, calls for impeachment came Wednesday from lawmakers, public figures, and major media op-eds. 

The riots at the US Capitol shocked many in the US and around the world, but for some, the violent scenes in Washington are simply the natural culmination of Donald Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud and repeated stoking of division in the US.

The descent by thousands of Trump supporters on the Capitol – minutes after Trump specifically asked them to march towards it – might be the clearest evidence yet of Trump’s responsibility for Wednesday’s debacle.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer has released a statement saying Donald Trump should be removed from office after his actions yesterday, as a mob stormed the Capitol.

“What happened at the US Capitol yesterday was an insurrection against the United States, incited by the president. This president should not hold office one day longer,” Schumer said in a statement.

“The quickest and most effective way – it can be done today – to remove this president from office would be for the vice-president to immediately invoke the 25th amendment. If the vice-president and the cabinet refuse to stand up, Congress should reconvene to impeach (Trump).”

A Republican congressman, Adam Kinzinger, also called for invoking the 25th amendment today, and some progressive lawmakers, including congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have said Trump should be impeached.

19 thoughts on “Congress should file Articles of Impeachment’ against Trump immediately

  1. Impeachment isn’t going to make a difference at this point. The 25th amendment would be more effective. Curious what the DOJ will do.

    President Biden, please remain centrist and best of luck on your term. For God’s sake stay healthy and alive. Can’t stand your Vice-President. Neither could the Democrats… she got kicked to the curb really early by her own party.

    Somehow, someway we need to find a way to keep this country from going too far left or too far right. Trump has disgusted me ever since he lost the election. Whining doesn’t impress me at all. You lost, get over it.

    “Burning it all down” whether from BLM and the losers in the northwest or Trump and the far right isn’t the answer. Laughable that the press is calling that unorganized mob of slackjaws that rushed the capital a “coup”. Any military NCO could’ve led a better revolt than that. What the hell happened to this country? We used to do great things. Now we can’t even fix a fucking pothole in the road.


  2. JAD, your agonizing reappraisal now begins. Don’t dive too deep into the real fake news.

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    • No reappraisal, Haysmer, just a recommitment to hide income. Trust in my unscrupulous accountant and avoid paying any taxes that feed the leftist machine.

      I’ll just increase tenant rent to the max possible each year, for the next four years; and overstate the depreciation of those rentals. It’s pretty easy to see how one person only paid 750 in taxes.

      Don’t be hating. Rich folk that you and I have voted in over the years make the rules.


  3. JAD you sure are the bad boy. I guess you will have to buy your way into heaven.

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  4. Yes, free. But there are strings attached. Good works, charity to those who
    have not been so lucky as you. But you go right ahead and raise your rents at a time of great economic distress.

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  5. You have no idea of the “good works” that I do not the charitable contributions in time and money.

    As far as rent increases, the state passed a law in the middle of the pandemic that imposed limits on the amount of increase residential landlords can charge. That limit (5%) is higher than I ever raised rent in a year. Since the assembly raised the bar, I can and will comply.


  6. Gosh, I’m flattered you put that much energy into your thoughts of me, TE. Thanks for sharing your “Tolerant Left” thoughts.


    • Now explain why we should be tolerant of a unrepentant jerk who thinks he can buy his way into Heaven using the money he bilked off his Tenants during an economic downturn, Trumpster.


      • Economic downturn? Maybe for thee, but not for me.

        My investments are humming along nicely and thanks to the California assembly I can legally raise rent yearly 5% or more if I factor in the CPI.

        I don’t billk my tenants. If they want another unit that is less than the one I maintain and provide, they are free to find another unit that meets their needs.

        I worked hard to get into a position to own my homes outright and keep them well maintained. Prior to California’s rent control law, the only time I raised rent was when a unit was vacated. Now landlords can legally make more on their units with yearly rent increases of 5%. Guaranteed that the politicians that voted this in we’re looking out for their interests. Just so happens that law is a boon for us landlords, too.


      • Thanks for proving you’re an unrepentant jerk who thinks he can buy his way into Heaven with the money he bilked off his Tenants during an economic downturn that doesn’t affect him at all and is trying to blame his Greed on the California Legislature, you still haven’t explained why we should be Tolerant because you think you can buy your way into Heaven using your Tenants money mr “Christian.”


  7. Jim must be a lifelong renter. Why should I explain tolerance to a member of the Tolerant Left?


    • The only one who thinks we should be tolerant of an unrepentant jerk who thinks he can buy his way into Heaven by gouging his Renters is you but you also seem to be able to justify tolerance for a lot of things, including Treason, Trumpster.


      • Ooh boy, just read an article about forbearance, eviction moratoriums and debt being misleading due to metrics being unreported or underreported on CalMatters. There’s going to be a lot of cheap properties come up for sale in the next few years. Time to increase my holdings. Nice to have cash in times like these!


      • And you wonder why people hate you so much

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  8. You’re a renter too, TE, aren’t you?

    Hate’s a strong word, but I’d rather be hated than broke and waiting for the government to make my life better.

    Have a nice day!


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