MSNBC canonizes former EPD chief Andrew (andy) Mills, then the Local media follows suit, disgusting

Holy Trinity pictured here: Murderer Stephens, double murderer and newly promoted Liles and Saint Mills

A few of our readers recently sent us emails wondering why we hadn’t responded to the media lovefest of former EPD Chief Andy Mills. He took a knee in the recent protests against police violence, which he quickly used to try to get some good press coming his way. Here’s our simple answer, we have been receiving so much info regarding a recent lawsuit against Mills and Santa Cruz that we tried to ignore Mills Silver Tongued BS in the press. You see, we never once thought Mills supported people of color and especially ‘Black Lives’:

Mills isn’t just someone who spins the truth, he was and still is a damn good liar. Back in 2017, when he started at Santa Cruz, he heard from multiple women who had been sexually assaulted by a long term police officer, union leader, and good-old-boy friend of the department. Mills didn’t believe the women, or if he did he didn’t care about their pain or pleas for help. However, an independent outside investigation was started and the sexual predator that Mills supported was arrested for….surprise surprise…..sexually assaulting multiple female officers! Here’s a quick rundown of the lawsuit currently against Mills and Santa Cruz PD.

Ex-Santa Cruz cop sues city, police

Mills is still a liar who will use any situation for his own political gain. However, we’ll never forget the murder of Tommy McClain, and how Mills promoted the supervisor in charge of this debacle Brian Stephens to Captian.
We will update readers as to the lawsuit against Mills for failing to protect female cops from being raped by his good friend at Santa Cruz PD.

As a side note of history, prior to being hired by Santa Cruz, Mill’s wife was sexually assaulted by a former EPD Sergeant, now current EPD Captain. It happened at the wedding where that Captain was getting married. In the sick world of white male-dominated policing, being drunk and touching the intimate parts of women against those women’s will was and apparently still is a part of the culture Mills supported. Mills must have thought it was funny when that Sergeant grabbed on to Mrs. Mills intimate parts, in front of numerous employees at EPD, while that Sergeant made comments about never having felt silicon breasts. Mills must have supported that behavior since that supervisor was never disciplined and everyone in the department heard about the incident. Everyone working at EPD knew of the incident, so why would Santa Cruz be surprised that Mills sometimes overlooks sexual violence against women if it helps him politically? We’re sure those questions will be answered in the court proceedings against Mills…unless Santa Cruz settles and sweeps this case under the rug.


11 thoughts on “MSNBC canonizes former EPD chief Andrew (andy) Mills, then the Local media follows suit, disgusting

  1. Yo, I am from Santa Cruz, and I was glad I found you, took me a day of research, but you have the most extensive information of Mills. I have a yen for him for a personal reasons I cannot devulge, but I do not support him and I condemn him and I used your article and a few others you had, like his middle name beign hollywood, and I hope you do not mind, I sourced it, I spent part of the day posting at every outlet who carried this story of the good chief doing a kneeling for Black Lives Matter. I am talking CNN, the whole bunch of them, but I am diligent in exposing corruption. I was shocked about the sexual abuse issues and his wife.


  2. I tried to source this claim about Chief Mills wife abuse, now I saw on another paper there was another woman manhandled and that fool was fired by Mills, so you are claiming this is directly to do with his wife. I do not want to go spreading stuff until I know for sure, because this damns him badly if he just stood about as his wife gets fingered and prodded and gropped.


  3. Initially your update said We will update readers as to the lawsuit against Mills for failing to protect female cops from being raped by his good friend at Santa Cruz PD. I see that has vanished, the cops were not raped, and I am glad you took it out, meanwhile I spread the first version to the four corners without doing my homework; so I am going to look like a fool and hopefully not sued. They were sexually harassed, different from rape.


    • It was not sexual harassment, he pled no contest and was sentenced on 4 counts of sexual battery

      Sexual battery – PC 243.4
      Penal Code 243.4 PC prohibits touching the intimate part of another person for purposes of:
      sexual gratification,
      arousal, or


      • Thank you for your prompt responses. I like to be on the same page when I go after people. I spearheaded a group in Santa Cruz in 1976 for the second civilian police review board in the country, and also ran a group to prosecute corrupt cops; I was about 21 years old. So this issue is dear to my heart and became more dear when a cop latched onto my brother 10 years back and began to harass him and sirens, and then shooting at him for 10 years, when tRump won, that cop brought two other cops to shoot. My brother a artist, poet, writer killed himself under the duress. So I really want reform more then ever. Today is his birthday; rest in power. This term is used when a person dies unjustly and until the crime is brought to justice, his spirit cannot move on or be a peace. Rest In Power to all who have died by corrupt cops.


  4. Do see the new feel good article full article on mr mills in Santa Cruz Good Times, a puke weak oh how wonderful he is article. When do you think. you will drop the bomb about him just watching as his wife was sexually assaulted? It pisses me off he ghosted me.


  5. Is it possible that you review the Good Times, and make a comment on the article, I just re-read the article, its pretty infuriating, they did not even mention the SC police department allegations on sexual abuse, oh and how he is down for Blacks and loves the Homeless, its just too good to pass up. They say he is progressive. And when do you think you will wrap up the story on how he watched his wife be mauled and sexually abused by his buddy cops. I will quote a few choice comments, to prompt you to have a look. “He was seen as a champion of liberal values//he was hire because-his responses reflected the experience of a police leader familiar with working with communities of color.//There is real power in having a police leader who proudly proclaims that “Black Lives matters, as Mills often does. This is my favorite one; Many residents are fed up with petty crime, …or see someone pushing a shopping cart. Then this gem- My core values for homelessness is we really need to try to help people, but the reality is there’s a pretty substantial service resistance population who are more interested in a party lifestyle or the homeless life style, than they are in getting the help they need to fix the things that are wrong. He clearly has not concept who the homeless population is. I guess the vets who are destroyed by PTSD are just out partying in the cold, and rain and no place to sleep, or the mentally ill, or the run aways, or the children rejected for being gay or trans. The domestic violence survivors dodging maniacs. Or all those who lost housing due to the pandemic. I had a man who became a good friend, he was homeless for 9 years, he had major brain damage from being run over by a car and then no advocacy from anyone as he was dying on the streets. I knew someone who worked at a homeless shelter so I was able to upgrade my opinion on the homeless, and the ones I met, all had severe mental illness, abandoned to die in amerikkka. Or the one senior woman I met, who had a life, who was quite accomplished, and well to do, and then gang banged, then she collapsed inward and was homeless and broken. You could see her shouting into the air maybe at the memories of that tragedy she was stuck and trapped in. Sure she loved that “lifestyle of partying in the streets.” When I approached her to help her, she took a few swings at me. I did not take it personal, she had been injured to the core, but hey she be partying on some distant level, some distant planet, in Mills version of the homeless.


  6. hahaha did ya see Mills resigned and moving to Florida, I need to research this, he just had this glowing four page article in the Good Times and now he is moving on. Wonder why he is, “everyone” loved him.


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