Dumb asses are making a bad situation even worse

Idiots not wearing masks and demanding “business as usual”, are basically assaulting us all and threatening our health and well being. Maybe in normal times, you could forgive their ignorance but now, no way!
Like you take your child into the Open Door Clinic in Mckinnleyville for an immunization shot and everyone’s wearing a mask except one “MAGA” office worker who’s walking all around the clinic without and mask interacting with patients and staff.
That’s assault as far we’re concerned.

This type of belligerent dumbassery is all over Humboldt.

A local Humboldt woman was photographed holding a sign suggesting that animals and black people should be “muzzled.” The photo has gone nationwide in the media and viral on the internet thanks in part to the Russian bot propaganda machine.

Our own local dumb ass trumpie demonstrators swarmed the Humboldt County Courthouse on May 16 to protest the state’s COVID-19 policies. Local Trump dupe Gretha Stenger was among them, a picture of her at the event caused a stir online.  She held an overtly racist sign that read “Muzzles are for dogs and slaves. I am a free human being,” the sign has a photo of an African woman enslaved in Brazil in the 1800s named Escrava Anastacia, who is considered to be a saint to many in South America. Her excuse was she came out to stand with people who were upset about the stay-at-home orders and their repercussions. We guess like stopping the spread of covid 19.

Another local dupe, who said her name was Larkin Small, held another sign reading: “COVID-19 has a 99 percent survival rate. Why are we locked up?”  She whined claiming the virus actually has a high survival rate, when the fatality actually rate ranges from 3 to 5 percent. Which is consider high.

After being excoriated online Stenger apologized, saying that someone else made the sign and handed it to her.

“Holding that sign up at the lockdown protest was a grave mistake and I ask forgiveness from all those who I have caused pain. As I had no sign of my own, it was handed to me by another protester and a photographer took the picture before I considered the racist implications,” Stenger told The Times-Standard. “My intent was to take a stand for the freedom of all human persons and I mistakenly held a sign that conveyed the opposite. (oops!) Please know that I respect the dignity of all people and I sincerely regret any suffering it has caused.”

Larkin Small hasn’t issued any apology yet.

Online, of course, no one is very forgiving nor should they be, for example:
“Everyone needs to know who Gretha Stenger and Larkin Small are. They’re the racist bitches who think muzzling slaves is okay! No human being should ever be enslaved let alone MUZZLED!! I wouldn’t even dare muzzle my dog!”  #COVIDIDIOTS  #ThisIsAmerica


From Raw story with original reporting and photos from RHBB and Times-Standard


4 thoughts on “Dumb asses are making a bad situation even worse

  1. I swear MSNBC and CNN show these idiots all around the country refusing to wear a mask, demonstrating for “their rights”. What have we become? l am about to start getting into their faces, which I can plainly see. I am the ban dido in the mask. What an odd turn of events.
    My home state of Michigan just had two demonstrations at the capital with people carrying guns screaming for “their rights”. The capital museum has a display of my great grandfather’s gun and sword used when he enlisted in the Mich. 3rd Cavalry in 1862. He fought to keep us as an undivided country. I am sure he just turned over in his grave because of the divide that is ripping the USA apart. Party on and open it, throw the masks away, cough, and sneeze on your neighbors. Sure is grand to be an American in 2020, but not for long. We are fast traveling down a hell hole with no way out.

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    • There’s a way out alright. It’s called Election Day, November 3rd. VOTE!!! 🗳. No Goddamn excuses this time.

      F**k the Green Party.
      F**k Jill Stein.
      F**k Jesse Ventura.
      Stop getting high.
      If you vote 3rd Party,
      You’re on drugs.
      Stop that Trumptard’s
      Foolish fascist thugs.


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