Political ad from the right, stings Trump bigly

The conservative group The Lincoln Project has released a video entitled, “Mourning in America,” depicting the newfound sense of helplessness and loss brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.
In 1984 Ronald Reagan’s campaign launched an iconic and memorable political ad called “Morning in America.” ‘Morning’ highlighted the positive impact of a first-term Reagan presidency and presented an optimistic vision of an America that was prosperous and peaceful. Under Donald Trump, we instead face “Mourning in America.”
“The Lincoln Project video highlights the effects of Trump’s failure as a leader and how he’s left the nation weaker, sicker, and teetering on the verge of a new Great Depression. In a time of deep suffering and loss, Donald Trump continues with his failed leadership and his inability to put the country before himself,” said Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project.
“Americans are not only mourning the loss of each other, they are mourning the loss of their routine, families, and livelihoods. Trump and his administration failed at every turn to take the response to COVID-19 seriously until it was too late; now we face a collective mourning for the America we once knew.”
Trump waited until March 13, 2020 to declare a national emergency in response to the coronavirus threat. On March 15th he declared that the virus was “something we have tremendous control over.”

According to Greg Sargent in the Washington Post, the widely-praised “Mourning in America” ad provoked an “unhinged” meltdown by Trump that revealed they touched upon his greatest weakness.

The ad focused on Trump’s bungled response to the coronavirus pandemic that has led to almost 70,000 deaths as well as massive unemployment and the collapse of the economy before posing the question of whether there will be an America worth saving after the president gets done with it.

In response, Trump went a rage-filled Twitter binge after midnight attacking the conservatives behind the ad which seems to prove that they touched a deeper nerve with the notoriously thin-skinned narcissist.

“Trump raged that he is a winner, while they are ‘LOSERS’ Trump seethed, they ‘got BADLY beaten by me, a political first timer,’” Sargent reported. “In contrast to those losers, Trump fumed, he delivered for the GOP: two Supreme Court justices and the ‘biggest EVER Tax & Regulation cuts.’”

According to the columnist, “… this very boast on taxes and regulations shows why Trump’s reelection case is so weak. It’s a reminder that in this role, he fully embraced GOP plutocracy and sold out on the sham economic populism that, by his own mythology, enabled him to outdo all those Republicans. He’s revealing the corrupt bargain he has since made with conservative economic elites.”

“The original idea was that Trump would win reelection in spite of that enormous betrayal. He’d coast on the good economy he largely inherited, and falsely give his policies credit for it, thus obscuring their true plutocratic nature, paving the way for more plutocracy to come,” he continued. “But the coronavirus has reduced those designs to smoldering ruins.”

Pointing out that ad, “… depicts the extraordinary economic calamity we’re sliding into, in part because the coronavirus rampaged out of control — requiring much more stringent economic lockdowns — due to his catastrophic failures,” the columnist suggested that reality on the ground is forcing the president to alter his re-election campaign strategy.

“One irony here is Trump hoped to run his own ‘Morning in America’ campaign. He has falsely claimed he took over a smoldering economic hellscape and magically transformed it into a spectacular economic juggernaut,” he wrote before concluding. “But it will now be harder to pull off this lie. He’ll likely be held accountable for this catastrophe. Voters will, no doubt, unfavorably compare the catastrophic status quo with the solid end of the Obama years.”



One thought on “Political ad from the right, stings Trump bigly

  1. What a powerful condemnation. It sums up his legacy and what he will be remembered for, ripping our country apart in just three years. My only surprise is that reasonable Republicans have not voiced their concerns before now. I hope the Lincoln Group continues making their concerns known publicly.

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