We don’t trust John “chickenhawk” Bolton


Why would anybody trust “chickenhawk” John Bolton to tell the truth about his buddy Donald Trump? These belligerent bullies are cut from the same cloth. Bolton’s not going to turn on Trump unless it makes him some serious money.

Even rightwing republican apologist Joe Scarborough doesn’t trust John Bolton’s intentions when it comes to testifying before Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. The “Morning Joe” host said he believes the former national security adviser has cut a behind-the-scenes deal with the White House on his offer to testify.

“Forgive me for being cynical, but I think John Bolton wants to sell his book,” Scarborough said. (no shit!) “These people who were saying, you know what? We’ll give you Bolton. You give us, fill in the blank. I mean, whoever else is called, if the Republicans call (anyone), will not talk about executive privilege, but I guarantee you John Bolton will.”

“You talk about drug deals,” he said. “I think there’s a smaller drug deal going on between Bolton and the White House right now, where there’s a nod and a wink. Yes, I’m going to say that I’ll testify, knowing perfectly well the second he gets there to testify the White House will claim executive privilege, and he’ll say, you know what? I came here to testify, but this really does fit under executive privilege, and I’m not going to weaken the presidency and so then Republicans call who they want to call. I think the fix is already in here.”

We think Scarborough is right, this is Bolton injecting meth into his book sales. He’s teasing testimony knowing he’ll never give it so people will be forced to by his book.

John Bolton who always wants to send people to their deaths fighting in some war he’s provoked is a POS and always will be.

4 thoughts on “We don’t trust John “chickenhawk” Bolton

  1. I agree and I don’t trust anyone in this administration.

    It was quite moving to watching Speaker Pelosi yesterday. The procession of the House Managers to the Senate was solemn and serious.

    We knew months ago it was going to get worse. It sure has and will probably continue.

    We are collectively tired.

    We need to take care of ourselves and find ways to cope. Find ways to be creative and useful.

    Rest, hydrate, takes lots of walks, my friends.

    Keep the faith!

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    • I know I’m to the point where I’ve completely lost patience with these Fascist a**holes and I don’t see any reason to even try to be Civil with them when they’re trying their best to turn America into a Dictatorship.

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  2. The procession looked like the funeral march of the democrat party. Did you notice that Nancy wanted no part of that visual?


    • Nancy Pelosi isn’t one of the House Managers, I find it Ironic as all get out that Trumpsters, the so called “Conservatives” know so little about our Constitution.

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