Wait……..Biden said what?

Candidate nullification!

CNN and FOX are reporting Joe Biden told voters in New Hampshire on Monday that he would consider choosing a Republican as a running mate. In what should be a disqualifying statement from ANY Democratic candidate for president,

“No, I’m serious.” Biden said “No. Here’s what I mean.” “Let me finish. You know, there’s some really decent Republicans that are out there still, but here’s the problem right now with the well-known ones: they’ve got to step up,” Biden added, which sparked laughter from the audience. “I’m not being a wise guy,” he added.

WTF!!!!  Unless that was some kind of lame attempt at sarcastic humor, that statement should be sending shock waves through the Democratic electorate.

Uncle Joe should retract that statement immediately, or drop out of the race.

So a serious Democratic candidate can or should be elected saying stupid crap like that?


8 thoughts on “Wait……..Biden said what?

  1. “So serious Democratic candidate can or should be elected saying stupid crap like that.”

    I dunno… Our nation elected an even more stupid Republican.

    The basement’s the limit…

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    • Not really, everytime he’s found a new basement he breaks out the shovel and start digging a new one.


      • I agree Jim. It’s just “The bottom of the coal mine is the limit” just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

        At this point Trump and Pals have dug clean through the Earth’s mantel and hit molten rock. I have confidence Trump will overcome.

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  2. What an immature view. Grow some tactical brains. This battle will be won at the middle, not in the middle of the writer’s living room with his small circle of 13 passionate friends. There’s not a chance Biden would do this, but he holds open the possibility that he won’t antagonize moderates in Arizona and other states that we need to win the Senate. See Ezra Klein’s column in Vox, then check the sputtering at the door.


  3. The so called cream of the crop of the political to of both parties is curdling. Sour cream on your taco anyone? Oh I forgot, no more Mexicans allowed. How about “peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge in the pot, nine days old, topped with curdled cream? that is about as spoiled as this election is going to be.

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