Putin’s puppet is an international laughing stock

A Whiny sniffling Donald Trump is suddenly leaving the NATO summit, just hours after a video showing several world leaders joking about him went viral. Trump then canceled a press conference and singled out Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “two-faced” before heading for the exits, according to the Associated Press.

Trudeau was in a group of other world leaders commiserating about their frustrations with the U.S. buffoon. Among them were French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Britain’s Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to canceling a scheduled press conference Trump apparently has also canceled a meeting with Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte. He is expected to keep a meeting with Danish leaders before prematurely fleeing back to Washington and the warm embrace of FOX news.

The United States has been reduced to the butt of jokes and ridicule thanks to this orange-tinted buffoon.

Papa Putin is so pleased

2 thoughts on “Putin’s puppet is an international laughing stock

  1. Yes, a laughing stock and one who is dismantling every international commitment America has made since WWII. He is trampling on our Constitution as he makes move that are looking more and more like what a dictator would do. He MOCKS everyone who disagrees with him and has a whole political party kowtowing to his twisted sense of reality. They have chosen to preserve their seat in congress rather tan preserve the Constitution that so much blood and treasure has spent to protect. There are so many of us who are sick at heart watching this one man wrecking ball trying to destroy this country we love. Our grand experiment is now at great peril.

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