“we like the Kurds” we’re just going to let the Turks slaughter them

Birds of a feather

Turkey targets the Kurdish people living in Syria

Erdogan ruler of Turkey launched airstrikes and fired artillery aimed at crushing Kurdish people and their fighters in northern Syria on Wednesday after U.S. troops under orders from “Dicktator” Trump pulled back from the area, paving the way for an all-out assault on forces that have long been allied with the United States and a people we have repletely promise to defend.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the start of the invasion, which followed an abrupt decision Sunday by Donald Trump that American troops would step aside to allow the genocide.

Trump’s move drew some weak bipartisan opposition at home but mostly just posturing. This represents a major shift in U.S. policy that essentially abandons the Syrian Kurdish fighters who have been America’s only allies in Syria fighting the Islamic State terrorist. After some Republicans complained about allowing the Kurds to be massacred, Trump called the operation “a bad idea.”

Turkey’s invasion — in which a NATO member is raining down bombs on an area where hundreds of U.S. troops are stationed — drew immediate criticism and calls for restraint from Europe.

Trump said Wednesday that it would be “easy” for the United States to form new alliances if Syrian Kurds leave the fight against the Islamic State to fend off a Turkish attack, noting that “they didn’t help us in the Second World War, they didn’t help us in Normandy” and were only interested in fighting for “their land.” “With all of that being said, we like the Kurds,” Trump said

Besides being a thief, womanizer, liar, traitor, etc. now we can add War Criminal to the list.


11 thoughts on ““we like the Kurds” we’re just going to let the Turks slaughter them

  1. Trump’s right… Where was the Kurdish Navy when D-Day happened? Trump’s grasp of history and it’s relevance to today’s world is… unique.

    I think it’s important to start mentioning the “A-Word” when it comes to Trump and his powers of judgement (or lack thereof).

    That word is Alzheimer’s.

    It’s not like there has never been a Republican President to suffer from that disease while in office (cough–Ronald Reagan–cough cough).

    I think it is time to let Mr. Trump go before we have to change “Hail to the Chief” to the Loony Tunes theme.

    Ah-Bee-Da-Beep! That’s All Folks!

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    • Hi, Mola42. I used to think DT had dementia but no longer. He is a criminal. He is a pathologic liar, a racist, a misogynist, and does not possess a shred of decency.

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  2. Our perceived world dominance is crumbling as we speak. The “little guy” has weakened us by bowing or siding with our adversaries at every turn. How could he have acted more immorally than he has done with the Kurds? Or how about Ukraine, or backing Iran into a corner, or giving in to Putin’s every whim. or adding to his personal wealth by using his office to do backroom deals, or taking foreign money to pay for his run for office. The list is too long and we know about much of it already. Our “Pax Romana” if we ever did have it, is crumbling as trump’s world is becoming very unstable, at home and abroad. Hard to say what part will break down first, but what ever it is will break the dam and that won’t be pretty. He doesn’t acknowledge it yet but he is a very big part of the swamp that is about to be drained.

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  3. There is a new food on the menu in Turkey these days. It is a trumpwitch stuffed with tender cuts on Kurdish peasant bread. I know, it is tasteless, but what else would be served at the newest trump tower in Turkey.

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  4. About time we stop baby sitting stupid 3rd world shitholes. We should of never been over there in the first place, Trump knows this, now he has the ability to let us bail that endless funnel of horseshit.


    • Trump’s just sending the troops all to the “funnel of horseshit” called Saudi Arabia to defend them and their oil from Yemen

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    • It wasn’t enough for Traitor Trump 🇷🇺💰 to assist in Saudi war crimes in Yemen resulting in the murders of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Now Traitor Trump is responsible for the slaughter of our faithful allies the Kurds. Deranged Donald Trump is a disgusting sack of shit. FUCK TRUMP!!!

      P.S. – Right-wing racist Rex Bohn is a Trumptarded tool. 🐘

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  5. Wouldn’t want us to support the Kurds , is that right “fromthehlls’? They lost 10,000 soldiers doing all the front line fighting to defeat ISIS. So we just throw them on the scrap heap of history, and we retreat to Saudi Arabia to get further mired in the desert madness. Weak brained thinking.

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