UN rightly pairs Trump with his bestie dictators pals

On Tuesday, American tin-pot Dictator Donald Trump gave his speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

The logistics of the lineup conspicuously put Trump in the middle of a long list of brutal dictators who also spoke.

Preceding Trump on the schedule was Jair Bolsonaro, the recently elected president of Brazil who is linked to paramilitary gangs and has claimed that the only problem with his country’s former military dictatorship was that it maybe should have killed even more dissidents.

Then after Trump finished, he was followed by Egyptian President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi, whose regime has rolled back human rights reforms by executive fiat, imprisoned rivals, and conducted massacres, as well as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who routinely arrests people for making fun of him and who recently held a sham referendum to rewrite his nation’s constitution.

The initial speaking order at the world’s top diplomatic serves as a vivid reminder of democracy’s declining fortunes around the world. It’s also already drawing attention to Trump’s repeated encouragement, and occasional emulation, of authoritarian leaders.

Trump has bragged of his ‘love’ for North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, praised Russia’s Vladimir Putin as ‘strong,’ downplayed Saudi Arabia’s killing of U.S.-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi, spoken warmly of China’s Xi Jinping and reportedly referred to Egypt’s Sisi as ‘my favorite dictator.’ (On Monday, ahead of their bilateral meeting in New York, Trump called Sisi ‘my friend’ and called him ‘a real leader’ who has ‘done some things that are absolutely amazing in a short period of time.’)”

Autocrat Trump gave a strikingly nationalist speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

Dear leader Trump denounced globalism before the international organization and proclaimed the United States the most powerful nation in the world. “The future does not belong to globalists, it belongs to patriots,” Trump told the gathering.

“The free world must embrace its national foundations,” Trump said, and “must not attempt to erase them or replace them.” Trump then attacked his predecessors for pursuing a global agreement.

“Globalism exerted a religious fervor over past leaders,” he said. “As far as America is concerned, those days are over.”

info from Politico and Raw Story

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