Normalized rigging, cheating, and lying

Sieg heil y’all

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough dismissed Donald Trump’s accusations against Joe Biden, as the Ukraine scandal continues to widen.

The “Morning Joe” host ripped “dictator” Trump for pressuring Ukraine’s president to make up dirt on Biden and then leaning on states to cancel Republican primaries to snuff out three challengers’ campaigns.

“You talk about an inside game, rigging the process, and we talked about how Donald Trump is rigging the process on the Republican side to make sure that as many states as possible cancel democratic elections for the primary,” Scarborough said. “I mean, he’s learning from Vladimir Putin the way you get 100 percent of the vote is you just cancel the elections, and that’s what Donald Trump is getting Republican operatives to do across the country.”

“So, he’s rigging the election that way,” Scarborough added, “he’s using his power now to try to rig the election so a foreign power is pressured to actually try to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his family.”

The allegations Trump and his lackey attorney have been trying to push have already been investigated, and no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden or his son has ever turned up.

“To use the word that Rudy Giuliani used, and actions that most voters would consider to be very slimy,” Scarborough said, “especially since every investigation has shown that Joe Biden not only acted properly, but did what democracies across the West were asking him to do, and that is clean up Ukraine by getting rid of a corrupt investigator.”


3 thoughts on “Normalized rigging, cheating, and lying

  1. Endless whining over Trump is pointless in that it distract attention from focusing on the little Trumps politically dominating our (every) community, (Trump’s base),

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  2. Maybe a trial of the President’s misguided ways will help his followers see that there is another world out there. A world of sane people waiting for trump’s world to be righted so that our founding principles are not ignored. Then we can sink his ship and send him on his way, out of Washington, to one of his towers, or better yet off to a world tour of all his golf courses.

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