Foxnews 1st freaks then tries to flip the script on Trump’s unlawful behavior


Donald Trump’s Fox lackeys are frantically scrambling to defend him following the revelation of a whistleblower complaint regarding a promise to a foreign leader. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Trump pushed Ukraine’s president at least eight times to work with Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani for an investigation into Joe Biden’s son.

Fox News was slow to pick up on the story initially. While other networks covered bombshell revelations for hours starting Wednesday night, Fox News talked about it for just a few minutes. Rush Limbaugh gave a blanket defense of Trump during the day on Thursday, saying that Trump can say what he wants to anyone.

By Thursday evening, the Fox puppets started to roll out the propaganda. Sean Hannity claimed that the whistleblower had a “political agenda” — even though we still don’t know who the person was or even the full scope of their report. Lou Dobbs suggested the complaint is “pure nonsense.” Laura Ingraham called the entire story a distraction.

On Friday, the Fox sycophants went all-in against the story. A Fox & Friends co-host called Trump’s reported actions just part of “The Art of the Deal.” Geraldo Rivera called the whistleblower “a deep state punk snitch”. Jesse Watters called the whistleblower a snake. Fox so-called “straight news” correspondent Ed Henry said, seriously, that the story may be overblown because a “senior administration official” assured him there was no story here. Sean Hannity said that he was told that no crime occurred and then also accused the whistleblower of breaking the law.

The Fox puppets also began to lie about the seriousness of the charge. Both Fox puppet Brian Kilmeade and Fox guest puppet Matt Whitaker (the lame former acting U.S. attorney general) claimed that the whistleblower’s complaint was just a policy disagreement with Trump. That claim is demonstrably false given that the intelligence community Inspector General Michael Atkinson has said the whistleblower’s complaint is valid.

It’s still early to say where this is going for sure (but just this morning, Trump admitted on camera that he discussed the Bidens with the Ukrainian president), all indications are that Fox News wants to flip this and turn this into a story about Joe Biden — instead of a story about Trump once again inviting a foreign power to interfere in an American election. Even worse, there are signs that elite mainstream media will be only happy to join in and help Trump.

Giuliani: In the middle of all of this, Trump’s personal attorney and frequent Fox News guest Rudy Giuliani went on CNN, where he melted down in an interview with Chris Cuomo, conforming that he asked Ukraine to look into Joe Biden. Fox News covered up for Giuliani by cutting the video to omit Trump’s attorney contradicting himself. The next day, Sean Hannity said that State Department officials asked Giuliani to contact Ukraine for an “official mission.”

This shit never ends and the media is partly to blame because of their never-ending quest to be fair and balanced and claim both sides do it. What do you get when you balance truth with lies? We don’t know, but we damn certain it’s no longer the truth.


Original story in Media Matters


30 thoughts on “Foxnews 1st freaks then tries to flip the script on Trump’s unlawful behavior

  1. An interesting (at least to me) observation I heard recently was; if Fox News (or something like it) existed in the early 1970’s, then Nixon would probably never been investigated for impeachable offenses, let alone resign.

    Food for thought (or nightmares).

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    • That’s an interesting observation, MOLA…

      ……….Blah blah blah (rightwing talking points) blah blah blah………

      Merely an observation… I’m entitled to my point of view……….

      You are, so go tell it to Breitbart where you fit right in and stop insulting us with your despicable point of view


      • I didn’t find MOLA’s POV Despicable at all, on the other hand I find your POV not only Despicable but Typical of a self named, Deplorable Trumpist who thinks the only valid opinions are the one he agrees with and also finds Rudeness to be an acceptable opinion.

        BTW it looks like your boy stepped in “It” and is finally going to face the music for his constant Corruption, another thing that Trumpists seem to find acceptable
        No wonder you’re a bit cranky.
        Lock Him Up!
        Lock Him Up!
        Lock them All Up!!!


      • JAD:

        Do try to be coherent. Then perhaps I will be better able to judge if it is worth my while to respond to you.

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      • JAD:

        I’m not sure exactly what is going on here… but it appears I owe you an apology for my remarks concerning your incoherent writing, since it appears to be the fault of others that your post turned out the way it did.

        I am sorry.

        Tuluwat Examiner: I understand your desire to keep a leash on JAD… but I do not believe it is ethical to change anyone’s post to the point it no longer makes sense. I’m not defending JAD, I just don’t think you are on the side of the angels in this particular case.

        Still, this is your blog and you have the right to run it as you see fit.


      • Sorry to offend you because we hold you in high regard.
        We are just fed up with JAD and others rightwing bullshit.
        We told him and others if they want to debate issues fine, but we’re not going to be a party to spreading their lies.
        His latest is yet another vague threat of violence. So we deleted it.
        We’ll just do that from now on

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      • No worries, I’m not offended.

        Considering what goes on at other blogs I don’t blame you for trying to keep the lid on. It’s not an easy job and I don’t envy you.

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  2. When the REAL FAKE NEWS gets into the swing of the story and half the nation tunes in to hear them white wash their orange haired man, the nation remains polarized. That is their function, make everything he does Lilly white. What a joke we are forced to live through, while they remake our country into a mere shadow of what the founding fathers had intended. They are laying the groundwork to crown him the illegitimate king who can do no wrong.

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  3. (This blog)…. is an unconstitutional censor, MOLA .

    This will get deleted or my sentences altered as well, so I bid you good day.

    God Bless America


    • As we have repeatedly stated “This our blog” and we will engage you and others in a debate on the topics raised by our posts.
      Calling us names and spewing propaganda….we have no tolerance for.

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    • JAD: If you feel you are getting a raw deal here, then why do you bother? You have so much free time that it does not matter?

      Second, you really need to do a small bit of research on what actually constitutes censorship, constitutional or not.

      But if you think your Constitutional Right to Free Speech has been abridged by the Tuluwat Examiner, then you should get yourself a lawyer and sue.

      The benefit will be you will give a lawyer a happy moment as he laughs you out of his office.

      Years ago I did write an article here about the subject of censorship. You might try to find it although by now it might be a bit of a slog (many words under the bridge since then).

      But, JAD, who am I to get in the way of a masochist and his fun.

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  4. Right-wing Republicans John Fullerton is trolling local blogs constantly these days in his desperate attempt to defend Rotund Racist Rex Bohn’s personal hero Demented Donald Trump.🏌️👈🏼🇷🇺

    #NoMoreRacistCountySupervisors 🐘🚫

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  5. Vague violence… hmmm.

    I was merely inferring that the breakdown of communication will beget violence. Sorry you couldn’t grasp that.

    When one party suppresses another’s voice and even alters the content of another’s message, guess what will happen. Sorry you’re so blinded by your paranoia and fear, but it doesn’t change the fact that suspension of discourse usually escalates to violence.


  6. Folks, please try to understand my position here.

    I’ve gone hammer and tongs with JAD for quite a while now. And I’ve said nothing for which I need to apologize. Until now, that is, and I’m not happy about it. (However, I am not offended either, I see TE’s point in this).

    But it’s plain not right for anyone to change a person’s words to hide that person’s meaning, or to make them look silly. Period. And I, in my diminished capacity, did not see that had been done and I did something I did need to apologize for… and that’s really annoying.

    TE has the right to delete objectionable posts. TE also has the right to outright ban obnoxious persons. But, in my fragile little world TE does not have the right to selectively choose the words of a poster and perhaps inject a few words of their own. And on that, and ONLY that, JAD has a right to complain. And on that, and ONLY that, rests my apology to him/her.

    It’s just a simple (if not simpleminded) case of treating others as we would like others to treat us. You know…. fairness.

    And JAD: Why the heck do you bother with this? Seriously. By now you must realize this little blog is way over your head and you are out of your league?

    Please let me make a suggestion: Start your own right wing terror blog, go make a few entries, then rent a mailing list from the NRA. You’ll have the audience you want who will agree with you and play with you nicely, and you will be much happier.

    I’ll even look at an entry or two and let you know how I think you’re doing.

    I do try to be fair, after all.

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    • We copped to deleting JAD’s propaganda and his name-calling but that’s it. Lesson learned we’ll just delete it completely from now on.

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    • MOLA, it’s been some time since I’ve typed anything violent or objectionable, unless, of course, someone objects to my strong dislike of Democrat politicians and their failure to govern effectively.

      I appreciate your apology, but I personally feel you have nothing to apologize for. You merely read what was posted and reacted accordingly. I have a lot of respect for yours and BTDT’s insight and discourse.

      I tune in to this little blog to gauge opposition’s ideology. I comment to express my thoughts. Whether they are accepted or not is irrelevant.

      Over my head and out of my league? Hardly. I have a different viewpoint, for sure, and your assumption that I’m unintelligent is merely a reflection of your prejudice to my viewpoint.

      Simple fact of the matter is, right and left better figure out a way to meet in the middle for the benefit of all Americans. Most of us don’t operate in the fringes, including myself. My stance on preserving all rights enumerated to us in the Constitution is hardly alt-right.

      I could go on, but not necessary. If you choose not to engage me because you really think you’re so much more intelligent, that’s your choice. But it just shows the smugness of liberals that infuriates us conservatives and further ensures a lack of discourse and a widening of the divide. I’d rather agree to disagree and move on to topics we can agree on.

      Have a good day.


      • I don’t see any indication that the Righties have any interest in meeting anyone in the middle on anything, #MoscowMitch has been “My way or the Highway” every since he assumed control of the Senate, he spent 8 Years blocking everything that Dems/Obama proposed because all he was interested in was making sure Obama was a one term president, even if it hurt the country. When the Cons took over all 3 branches of Gov’t the only thing they accomplished was “#TaxScam after spending 8 years whining about the Deficit and he still has a pile of legislation piled on why he calls his Graveyard that he is afraid to even allow debate on.

        As far as you go, you expect everyone to treat your opinions with respect but you don’t show any respect for anyone elses opinions at all, you’re trying to claim that you’re open minded to other opinions but you’ve as much as told us that we’re just “Stupid Leftists” but when you get called out for it you play Victim, like you’re doing now and for what it’s worth you are on the fringes, you are the epitome of “The Fringes” and trying to hide behind the Constitution as an excuse is pure Bullshit. Now whine and play Victim some more.

        BTW, it looks like Bonespurs stepped in it good this time, where in your precious Constitution does it say that it’s OK to extort the head of another country into digging up dirt on your Political opponents?


      • Sorry, John Fullerton (Campaign Treasurer for corrupt right-wing racist idiot Rex Bohn), but your constant trolling is a waste of your limited campaigning time. Tick tock… tick tock… tick tock… ⏱

        Low-IQ racist Republikkkan Rex Bohn, brain damaged alcoholic asshole 🥃 🧠🥃 that he is, will require more of you, John, than just your usual thuggish bigoted misogynistic misbehavior.

        By the way, Trump is getting Impeached! LMFAO!! 😆🤣😂😅😁. Republicans SUCK.

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  7. I’m responding to MOLA and Jim has to chime in…

    Note, Jimbo, you are not one of the regular contributors to this blog that I have any respect for, nor care to discourse with.

    I will NEVER be a victim. My role is Victor.

    You may crawl back under your rock now.

    You are dismissed.


    • Good job eurekajim you’re definitely under “Victor’s” skin

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    • For a so called Victor you sure do sound like a Whiny lil Cupcake who can’t support your Bullshit claims, funny how you expect people to respect your stupid opinions, like “meeting in the middle” but like I’ve already said, you show absolutely no respect for anyone elses opinions and that makes you a flaming Hypocrite, Trump Troll.


  8. In the end he won’t be able to squirm out from under what he has owned up to.His life is about to change in a very dramatic way. His day to day constant twitter deflections are now taking a back seat to the real news that is coming from the House. That rant at the expense of the Finnish President was an amazing thing to behold. It sounded more like the school yard bully, while holding his own jock strap. He was implying that the contents of his jock strap are surely something to behold, and feared. Anyone see any Dem. shaking in their boots?

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