Please, we have 12 short years to start making big changes

Back a few days ago the Times-Standard ran a “My Word” about the future of our planet from a very aware 14-year-old who lives in a small town in Northwest California. Since then local right-winger-climate deniers have been going crazy. How dare some child call out our ignorance and greed.

 Well, we thought it was great. Since many of our readers haven’t seen it, here it is:


Hello, my name is Kaden Hunter Crosby, and I have just turned 14. I live in the small town of Orleans, California. It is a beautiful place but is slowly slipping away due to climate change.
As I write this letter I am filled with fear for the future of our planet. I simply request that our country leaders, businessmen, spiritual leaders, tribal leaders, and every human on this beautiful world of ours to look at how far we have come.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, religious or not, conservative or liberal. It doesn’t matter. We’re all human and we all face a common threat, climate change.
So I ask you this, do you know of any other species that has made it as far as we have? Do you know of any other species that can make it to the moon or tells stories about real or unreal subjects? Do you know of any other species that has mastered electricity like we have?
We can now cure diseases that once wiped out entire tribes of our ancestors. Look at how our ancestors of our great country came together to fight the Nazis with our allies. We should not push them away but bring them closer along with new ones.

As we look back on our country we see that we have made many mistakes but there are also times when have come together as a nation to fight a common foe. This is one of those times. So please don’t let it all end because of our greed and hubris.
I also ask you this: Who will watch your movies and buy your merchandise when we’re all gone? Who will dine at your restaurant when we’re all gone? Who will vote for you and support your laws and ideals when we’re all gone? Who will shop at your stores when we’re all gone? Who will buy your video games and read your books when we’re all gone? Who will come to your for spiritual advice when we’re all gone? I ask you these questions and hope that you can take it to heart.

I would give up everything that I have so that people on this earth can have a chance at a life. So they learn about how beautiful life here is, not about how we messed it up.
We cannot keep sticking our heads in the sand and hope that things will get better. This is the time that we come together as a people as a nation, as a planet, and show that we can build a better future for our children.

We have to start making big changes or all that we accomplished is for naught. You have had a childhood; why can’t future generations have one, too? Why can’t we come together and build a brighter future for the next generations?

Please, we have 12 short years to start making big changes. We need to take this opportunity to make our earth livable again. I am only 14. I don’t want to live in a world of the dead and the dying. I don’t want to have my children and their future children living in this hell of a home. To tell them that we had a chance but were too greedy and pigheaded to change. So I hope that with this letter I can inspire you to take action. For the future of all that lives on this beautiful earth.
Kaden Hunter Crosby resides in Orleans.

26 thoughts on “Please, we have 12 short years to start making big changes

  1. left wingers have been successful in brain washing our youth and instilling unnecessary fear into their hearts.

    If the build up of co2 in our atmosphere is the problem, don’t Leftists realize that carbon is the building block of all life and that carbon could quite possibly be a building material in its own right? Imagine mining or gathering carbon from our atmosphere to build the next generation of architecture and infrastructure with advanced 3D printers while decreasing atmospheric levels of carbon at the same time.

    This country used to do and build great things. Are we going to tackle the problem to move forward as a society or revert to the Stone Age in hopes that no more emissions solves the problem, if indeed there is a problem other than natural occurrences of changes in the earth’s climate that have been happening throughout millennia?


    • Wow, Deplorable Dumbass, you sound almost as drunk as Larry Kudlow! 🥃❄️ LMFAO!! 😆🤣😂😅😄

      Ah, yes, alcoholic cocaine addict Larry Kudlow as The White House Chief Economic Advisor? You know lyin’ Don 🏌️👈🏼🇷🇺💰 only picks “the best people”. Believe me! That I can tell you.

      P.S. – Send Larry Kudlow back to rehab & send that corrupt racist alcoholic Republikkkan Rex Bohn 🍺🐘 with him!

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  2. CO2 is the major defining factor in global warming. Jad, you can deny the cause but the science that most of us rely on is as close to fact as we are going to get. If you bury your head in the sand, sand being the major component of deserts, you are going to miss the the permanent cloud that will envelope the earth. That should scare even you. Try to build a machine big enough to convert all that carbon. Now that is a real pipe dream.
    In the mean time female salmon are dying in huge numbers in Alaska before they can spawn. The largest fresh water lake is drying up and surrounding wet lands in Florida now burning with massive fires. The polar ice is melting faster that anytime in recorded history. What is it going to take to get you on the path to understanding?

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    • BTDT, I don’t deny that the earth is warming. I’m just not convinced that it’s human induced. If scientists are so concerned, why are they using politicians as their mouth piece? That right there makes me suspect the data you refer to. In my opinion global warming as presented currently is political propaganda. First time I recall any mention of it is from Al Gore. Of course, he created the Internet, too, dontchaknow? What I want is a collective voice of respected scientists getting the word to us without a freaking political filter. And I want to hear solutions that are viable. From Scientists, not failed bartenders who are now politicians.


      • First time I recall any mention of it is from Al Gore ” Scientists were talking about way before that he just brought it to the masses
        AOC has got her shit together way beyond you. You should run for congress troll, let’s see what you’re made of.

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      • The FIRST time you heard about global warming was from Al Gore? Holy Shit 💩😇, Deplorable Dingus! You ARE as dumb as advertised!


        P.S. – Rex Bohn is inbred trailer trash.

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  3. “way before that”, huh, TE? What amount of time constitutes “WAY”? Gore was the veep from 1993-2001. A google search shows “global warming” has been in the news for roughly 30 years….. just a year or so before Gore started running his money maker about it.


    • Timeline:
      French scientist Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768–1830) predicts the greenhouse effect – in which the Earth’s atmosphere traps heat and makes the planet warmer than it otherwise would be.

      The French polymath is best known for the ‘Fourier series’ – a tool for breaking down complex mathematics into simpler forms – useful in physics, such as heat flow and wave theory, and in communications. It was Fourier who discovered the ‘greenhouse effect’.

      Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius (1859–1927) calculates that industrial carbon dioxide emissions will enhance the greenhouse effect, leading to global warming. He didn’t know it had already begun.

      This Swedish chemist was first to realise that human emissions of carbon dioxide could aggravate the greenhouse effect. Arrhenius was also an early proponent of ‘panspermia’ – the theory (now taken very seriously) that spores of life can drift between the planets.

      The first evidence for global warming is brought to light by British researcher Guy Stewart Callendar (1898–1964). He links rising temperatures with increasing carbon dioxide levels since 1850.

      A steam engineer by profession, Callendar became intrigued by the impact of steam power, and other products of the industrial age, upon the environment. He was first to tally soaring temperatures since the mid-19th century with increasing carbon dioxide levels.

      Roger Revelle in the USA calculates that much less CO2 is absorbed by the Earth’s oceans than originally thought, leaving a great deal to warm the planet.

      Charles David Keeling (1928–2005) begins careful measurements of atmospheric CO2 levels at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. In 1961 he publishes evidence for a relentless year-on-year rise.

      Geochemist and oceanographer Keeling extended Callendar’s work into the modern age, charting the ongoing rise in atmospheric CO2. His graph became known as the ‘Keeling curve’. In 2002, he received the US National Medal of Science for his climate research.

      The first reliable computerized climate simulation yields grim predictions – doubling of carbon dioxide levels from pre-industrial times will raise the Earth’s temperature by 2.3 degrees Celsius.

      American climatologists Michael Mann (1965–), Raymond Bradley and Malcolm Hughes publish the ‘hockey stick’ graph, showing a sharp upturn in global temperatures since the industrial revolution.

      Mann led a team who put forward the ‘hockey stick’ graph. A key piece of evidence for anthropogenic global warming, it plotted northern hemisphere temperatures over the last 1,000 years, showing a sharp rise at the start of the 20th century.

      The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that the likelihood of human carbon dioxide emissions being responsible for most observed climate warming is now over 90 percent.

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      • TE, thank you for the references. I will do some studying up on the timeline you posted. Believe it or not, I appreciate your effort.

        Have a great day.


      • On my personal timeline, I first heard of the Greenhouse Effect in school in the early 60’s (I was 8 or nine at the time).

        Evidently some folks were sleeping that day when it was discussed.

        I would just like to add that props should go to the young author who wrote this well thought out piece for us to contemplate. Well done, I personally hope to hear more from this young person.

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  4. TE, your hero, AOC, drove away 20,000 jobs for her district.

    Proof positive that Liberalism is a mental disorder, to quote Dr. Michael Savage.


  5. What are you saying jad; Savage is not what you would call a reliable witness to history or mental illness. He and you should be looking at the President if he or you wants to learn about abnormal behavior. trump now likes the idea of being the king of Israel, the proud owner of Greenland, the chosen one in regards to China, the lover of the dictator of N. Korea, the one who encourages the dictator of Russia to meddle in our elections, the one who is bankrupting the American farmer with tariffs and has the rest of the world on guard for his next crazy pronouncement. You seem to be a pretty smart guy jad, but you have some serious blind spots.

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    • Working on it, BTDT. I’m not perfect, but I’m inquisitive. I love nature. Seeing it and being in it. AOC hasn’t put anything forth that makes sense in my world. Dr. Savage calls Trump on some of his bullshit and so do I. Not in lockstep with our president by any means.

      I believe in limited government, protecting the rights afforded us in the constitution, and secure borders. Until a Democrat runs on those platforms, I’ll keep voting Republican. But turns out they aren’t making much headway either.

      Conservatives need to embrace Conservation. Our planet and our descendants are worth it.


  6. TE, your opinion matters, but so do the opinions of others. The man is an accomplished author and doesn’t walk in lockstep with the Republican Party line.

    I’d be willing to bet he has more credibility, followers and listeners than your darling, AOC. And probably more than the Tuluwat Examiner, but I know you can elevate your contributions to this blog.

    So out of what I posted about rethinking my stance on environmental issues, all you can come up with is your aspersions to a talk show host?

    Dig… make us think… help us reason… and feed us thoughts and wisdom. You have a valuable platform for that. Your response with examples of scientific data to my query thrilled me. And I’ve been consuming content based on your examples.

    Let’s agree to disagree on some points but agree on others for the advancement of this US experiment.

    MOLA, thank you for your insight also. I didn’t get that info in school in the 80’s….

    “Buehler, Buehler, Buehler?”


  7. If you don’t see value in his diatribe, then you’re a conditIon of his conclusion.


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