Germans know a fascist racist when they see one and they called it in 2017

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Trump declared Friday that no one can criticize the United States while he is president, part of his renewed attack on four minority congresswomen whom he has targeted as un-American.

Trump also praised his supporters who chanted at a rally, “Send her back!,” a refrain directed at one of the lawmakers, ­Somali-born Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). Trump called the campaign crowd “incredible patriots” — a day after saying he disagreed with the chant.

Trump said Friday that criticism of the United States is unacceptable and that the four congresswomen “can’t get away with” it.

I can tell you this, you can’t talk that way about our country, not when I’m the president,” he told reporters outside the White House. (Beyond ironic since his whole campaign for the office was about how screwed up the country was because of the not born in this country black president.)

Meanwhile, the White House version of Igor, Stephen Miller, went on FOX on Sunday defended Trump’s racist tweets directed at four women of color and congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib.

In the interview on Fox News, conservative host Chris Wallace asked Miller to explain Trump’s “go back” remark and the “send her back” chant at a recent campaign rally.

“That is not protecting the American people, that is playing the race card,” Wallace said. “Let’s take the Obama birther — you don’t think that questioning whether the first black president is [a citizen]…”

“That’s not a race question!” Miller interrupted.

“I fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize someone and they happen to be a different color skin that that makes it a racial criticism,” Miller complained. “If you want to have a colorblind society, it means you can criticize immigration policy, you can criticize people’s views, you can ask questions about where they’re born and not have it be seen as racial.”

“And can you also say ‘go back’ where you came from?” Wallace wondered.

According to Miller, the audience chanted the racist phrase because they are tired of being “beat up” by liberals?!?

“During his 2016 campaign and even as Trump has been as critical of this country as anything The Squad has said,” Wallace observed. “He said President Obama was the most ignorant president in our history.

And crazy continues: Over at CBS: The completely unhinged racist spawn of the dark lord Cheney accused CBS host Margaret Brennan of unfairly bringing race into a discussion after Trump told four non-white Democratic congresswomen to “go back” to where they came from. Reporter Brennan asked Liz Cheney if it was appropriate for Trump supporters to chant “send her back” at a rally in North Carolina last week. “The news media wants to make this about race — you just did it,” Cheney told Brennan. “It’s not about race, gender, religion…”

That’s exactly what this is about!


47 thoughts on “Germans know a fascist racist when they see one and they called it in 2017

  1. Miller and Trump definitely want to Make America White Again.

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    • Miller can’t stop talking about how FAKE outraged he is, because he’s Jewish. Really? I guess Miller must be the worst kind of Jew – a self-hating Nazi Jew (just like Adolf Hitler himself). No wonder Miller is simpatico with Hitler! They have so much in common. The only question is – Is Stephen Miller’s real last name Shicklgruber too?

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  2. Sad thing is Bonespurs Supporters are either stupid enough to believe that happy horseshit, they’re as Racist as he is or they’re OK with Racism.


  3. There shouldn’t be a apostrophe in Germans. Mist be a HSU grad….


  4. Last paragraph in the article cuts Liz Cheney’s statement short. Which comes as no surprise, because of the censorship, misattributes and blatant lies promoted by the Left.

    It’s not about racism. It’s about policy. Trump’s calling out the openly socialist members of Congress. Many of whom are people of color. This country was not founded on Socialism and many of us will resist attempts to make this country socialist. Too bad liberals can’t stomach that resistance.

    How many on the left will fight for what they believe? Just curious, cause I know many of us on the right will defend our rights, our constitution and our form of government against all attempts to usurp any of those three.


    • There is nothing inaccurate with the Liz Cheney quote that was the gist of it. We get it you don’t like socialists, fine make that argument. Trump is an f—ing racist and you know it.
      You’re right a lot on the left are pacifists, but not us. We see you in the streets probably sooner than later.

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    • Yeah, y’all hate Socialism so much to prove it you want to take away peoples Health Care and Social Security so Billionaires can get a Tax Break.


  5. JAD, You will see us in the streets, on line, and any other way we can to demonstrate our concerns about this want to be dictator and his corrupt administration, in total lack of a moral center, especially in the treatment of detainees, and his love for illicit sexual encounters, grabbing a woman’s crotch and friends who do the same. In terms of detainees, we don’t even treat inmates in prison the way he and his border cops treat people seeking a better life here. You have to be crazy if you think what he is doing is OK. He is the very essence of what democracy is not. Face it!

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  6. Up until this turkey took office we operated under a democratic rule of law. and this guy tramples the law every chance he gets. Jad, you can twist words any way you want, but you know exactly what I mean, and you ignored what I refereed to in his gross personality dysfunction. If that is what you want in a leader you may be in the wrong country. He is not what we are about. Maybe you need to listen more closely to the sermons you hear each Sunday.

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    • He knows, he just doesn’t care. RepubliCons/Trumpistas are all Fascists at heart, they hate Freedom.
      For them “Freedom” means their right to take Rights away from people they don’t like and if you try to stop them you’re a “Socialist.”


      • Lets, flip this, You know, you just don’t care. Democrats/Progressives/Liberals are all Socialists at heart, they hate Freedom.

        For them, “Freedom” means their right to take Rights away from people they don’t like and if you try to stop them you’re a. “Fascist”.

        The only “rights” I hear you sniveling about on a regular basis are Social Security and Health Care. Would you mind showing me in the Constitution or any of it’s amendments where it states you have the right to Social Security? Or the right to Health Care paid for by others? Or, lets go a little further, the right for you to have an abortion???

        None of those are in there, are they?


      • Who’s rights are we trying to take away?
        If you don’t like the Fact that our Country offers Medicare, Social Security and Legal Abortion maybe you should go back to that Shithole Country where you came from because it sounds like you’re the one who is trying to take peoples Rights away, Yuri.


      • I Already asked this question once in regard to your Strawman rebuttal and I never got an answer mr “Constitutional Scholar,” feel free to point out all of the Rights the Democrats/Progressives/Liberals are trying to take away from you, Yuri.

        #TrumpTraitor #MoscowMitch LeningradLindsey #RuskiRubio #PutinsPuppets ##GOPTraitors


    • You’d be surprised what our pastor says about our president that you hate so much. But thanks for looking after my spiritual well being!


  7. Who but the President twisted you logic button? You think more than half the country is a socialist. Most of the government programs are designed to keep people safe, offer healthcare, pay for the school lunch program for families who can’t afford it. We have many safety nets and it is called compassionate, not socialism. And what does your pastor have to say?

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    • You completely sidestepped my question. Are those three topics I mentioned rights in the United States Constitution? Where are they mentioned in the constitution?

      They’re not. So there can be government programs available during some eras or administrations and maybe some NOT available during others. There is no RIGHT to health care. No RIGHT to Social SECURITY. No right to an abortion, or food stamps, or housing or any other social program. Don’t you understand that? Don’t project that I don’t believe that a safety net needs to be available for the very poor and down trodden in our society, because I do. But those social programs that Left candidates keep promising the masses are not social programs that I agree with. If we can’t agree to disagree then so be it.

      Several months ago, our pastor read a characterization of President Trump written by Karen Vaughn, mother of Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn, called “The Salty Sailor”. To long for me to post here, but if you have the inclination, google it and you will see what the Silent Majority thinks of our President.

      Hope you have an incredible week.


      • I’ll tell you where it’s mentioned in the Constitution, it’s mentioned in the part where Congress passes a Bill, sends it to the Senate where they vote on it and if it passes the Senate it’s sent to the President and if he signs it then it’s a Law.

        Maybe now you can explain where in Article 2 of the Constitution it says the President can do whatever he wants and if we don’t like it, too bad, so sad which is what Bonespurs and Barr are claiming.

        BTW, you aren’t by any means the Majority, you’re nothing but a Loudmouthed Minority who think if you yell loud enough you can Bully the Majority into doing what you want, even if you need to Cheat to “Win” because you can’t win on your Ideas of making sure the 1%ers get all the Goodies, forever.

        It’s also “funny” how you “Super Patriots” figure you need help from the Russians to “Win” and that’s not even counting Gerrymandering and Suppressing the Vote of Citizens you disagree with, Yuri.

        #TraitorTrump #MoscowMitch #PutinPuppets #IQ45


  8. Actually, last week was quite the incredible week. Thanks for the good wishes.
    All that you mentioned are rights, given that power in the form of law. They are the LIFE part of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Notice the founding father put LIFE first. Good health and have enough money to buy food is the foundation behind Life. Some countries still do not subscribe to these ideas as basic to LIFE. North Korea, Russia, some Central American countries,Turkey,Serbia, Syria, to name a few. So what major countries are left that do subscribe to an agenda of providing help for their people. That would be USA, Canada, Israel, Great Britain, France, Germany, to name a few. What you subscribe to is not the way civilized Nations respond to the societies that elect them. By the way LIBERTY is a very relative concept, and is constrained by laws which create boundaries that define “civilized”. Can’t take that beloved AK into a garlic festival and it is very debatable whether anyone should even be allowed to own that beloved AK47.

    You have an incredible week

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    • I’m glad you had a great week. You may not believe this, but I respect your opinion and responses. At least you answer intelligently.

      Please note that Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not in the Constitution. That is in the opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

      As I’ve mentioned before, I believe a safety net for the extremely poor is necessary. I don’t subscribe to recent Democratic candidates promising to give to a vast majority of the people all kinds of “freebies”. Because those giveaways are not free. Taxes and costs for numerous things will go up to pay for those “free” things.

      Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill to the senate yesterday to make college free and to erase debt for those that financed their scholarships. She knows it does not have a snowballs prayer in hell of passing, but it was brilliant on her part to at least try. On the campaign trail, she can attest that of all candidates making promises, she has actually tried to do something about the student debt crisis. But what her and other senators and representatives have NOT done is address the laws that federally insured these loans. It gave the colleges and universities free rein to constantly raise the cost of tuition and no oversight on the quality of education individuals get for their expense.

      My fear if higher education becomes free? Just to get a job at McDonalds may require a BA! Any job may require a degree. What’s the value of higher education at that point? Junior or princess don’t need to go to Harvard. Wisest choice is a state college close to their home to keep expenses low. Even better yet, work your way through college without any debt. Then one can maximize their earnings to real wealth when they aren’t paying a bank!

      As far as Gilroy goes. That was a gun free zone. Guns were not permitted. Not sure how the perpetrator got a gun into the festival, but see how “gun control” works? It doesn’t. Law abiding citizens will obey, but someone bent on mayhem and destruction will disobey. The 2nd amendment guarantees our rights to bear arms. It does not delineate what type, manufacturer, caliber, type of action or any other characteristics. I have owned AK’s legally in the past, but got over the novelty. They are a well made, durable weapon. Any AK-47 or it’s derivative is a semi automatic weapon and not fully automatic. There is no difference between it and any number of semi automatic weapons that are not labeled as assault rifles, other than the stigma created by the left and gun control groups. A pistol grip or flash hider, or bayonet lug does not make that weapon shoot or load any faster than say a Ruger Mini 30 (which uses the same 7.62×39 mm Warsaw Pact round as the Am-47 or its predecessor, the SKS.) because of its detachable magazine that can hold up to 30 rounds. It just doesn’t have “evil” features, so is not listed in the assault weapon ban as are AK-47 or AR-15’s. It’s all just double speak from politicians and lobbyists meant to scare the non-shooting public, and it has worked, hence your comment on whether an individual can own an AL-47.

      Sorry for the long post, have a great day!


      • “As far as Gilroy goes. That was a gun free zone.”

        Yeah and the Cops took him out in about a minute after he started shooting, if there would have been other people in that crowd shooting the Cops wouldn’t have been able to tell who the Bad Guy was and would have only been slowed down, assuming they didn’t shoot anyone with a gun.

        It was also another example of a Whacked Out Right Winger crossing the California Border, walking into a Gun Store in a State with Lax Gun Laws and walking out 1/2 hr later with all the tools he needed to commit Mass Murder, good Job NRA, you just added to the list of Dead Bodies you own with your Russian Blood Money, Putin is pleased.

        #TrumpTraitor #MoscowMitch #PutinsPuppets #GOPTraitors #LeningradLindsey


    • You’re making assumptions he wants to live in a Civilized Nation, Cons like him don’t want an educated population because an Educated Population wouldn’t stand for his ideas of what a Gov’t should do, mostly to provide for the general welfare and to protect us from Fascists like him.


  9. Jim, I know you’re not very intelligent and you’re not a constitutional scholar, but do you really have to put your ignorance of constitutional rights vs government programs out there for all to see? You may crawl back under your rock now, cretin.


    • Awesome Rebuttal, Yuri. Your patented “Yer Dumm” response from our resident Fascist.
      Now our “Constitutional Scholar” is saying that the people we Elect can’t enact Legislation.

      Thanks for proving my point.
      RepubliCons/Trumpistas are all Fascists at heart, they hate Freedom.
      For them “Freedom” means their right to take Rights away from people they don’t like and if you try to stop them you’re a “Socialist.”

      I want to add the only real “Idea” RepubliCons/Trumpistas have is to make sure the 1%ers have all the Money and Goodies, Forever. We’re supposed to bow down to our “Hereditary Monarchy,” take whatever crumbs they decide to allow us and if we don’t like it too bad.

      #TrumpTraitor #MoscowMitch #PutinsPuppet #GOPTraitors #LeningradLindsey


      • You obviously didn’t read what I posted about laws enacted on the 30th and how laws can be repealed or overturned.
        I’m speaking about the rights stated in the Constitution. Don’t know why I bother


      • laws can be repealed or overturned.” Technically so can the constitution

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      • Moving the Goalposts, Yuri? You asked where in the Constitution it gives us the right to Social Security and Medicare and now since you don’t like the Answer I gave all you have to say is “Yer Dumb.”

        “The Rights Stated in the Constitution” include the right to pass Legislation to protect our Citizens from the Fascists who feel the only people in America who really matter are the 1%ers and if you don’t like the fact that we CAN pass Legislation that gives people Social Security and Medicare, things that the Middle/Working Classes pay for BTW, you can go back to whatever shithole Country you came from, Yuri.

        #TrumpTraitor #MoscowMitch LeningradLindsey #RuskiRubio #PutinsPuppets ##GOPTraitors


  10. A law is not a right. That law can be repealed or overturned. Hence it is not a right. You failed again.


    • Go ahead and keep moving the Goalposts, Yuri.

      #TrumpTraitor #MoscowMitch LeningradLindsey #RuskiRubio #PutinsPuppets ##GOPTraitors


  11. JAD, and Walmart? Are their stores gun free zones? These mass shooting events are happening so often that we become desensitized and give the common refrain, Please pray for their loss and place great piles of flowers, light candles, and hold vigils. None of this works to solve the underlying decay that is festering on our national conscience. What is the desperation that drives people to do such killing and what stops our collective government from taking action. We seem paralyzed and then a small country like New Zealand shows us a REAL path out of our national shame and we do nothing. NOTHING.


  12. Good morning, BTDT. Walmart and last night a popular nightspot in Dayton, Ohio…. I’m not aware what Walmart’s policy is of carrying loaded weapons in their stores. I’m also not versed on what Texas or Ohio’s state laws are about carrying loaded weapons openly in public. But I’m pretty sure murder is a crime that results in swift retribution and justice in every state in the Union. See, the 2nd amendment is one of the rights in the Constitution that I was debating on this thread. New Zealand does not have that RIGHT in their governmental doctrine, so they made a LAW banning weapons and the people have to accept that law. Their version of an overseeing court will not overturn that law. Our government is not paralyzed. It is limited by the rights in our Constitution.

    What is causing the underlying decay you mentioned? The desperation? None of it makes sense to me, either, BTDT, and sadly, it takes these acts for you and I to agree on something, because I completely agree with that query. But taking the rights of the many to punish the heinous acts of the few is fascism and totalitarianism in their rawest forms. We are not subjects to a crown or dictator. We are free men and women that dictate to our government it’s limits because of the Constitution.

    TE, I did not move the goalposts. You are correct, the Constitution can be amended. It is purposely much harder to amend the constitution than it is to repeal a law or end a government program, and you know that what I’ve been saying about the difference between rights and laws are true.

    BTDT, in order for our government to act on these senseless killings, it is going to have to amend the constitution. If that happens, we will indeed be at the mercy of a dictator or despot, should one rise to power. The military and law enforcement personnel that I associate with shudder at the thought of having to round up the millions of weapons possessed by millions of people. They will not relish that order, should it come. Many of them will disobey that order. I fear the decay and desperation you mention, should that happen, will be complete.

    Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.


  13. Thanks for keeping the discussion on a civil level. AK47 type weapons are one of the concerns that needs a national debate and at this point I think it will happen. Large magazines holding as many rounds as were used in these two mass killings needs to be discussed. The Ohio guy bought the gun on the internet from some dealer in Texas, not a way to buy a killing machine in my book. The police killed the guy in Ohio within two minutes and still he was able to kill and wound so many. That kind of fire power needs to be in the hands of the military only.
    What person calling him or herself a sportsman would use an AK47 to hunt a deer? Where is the “sport” in that?
    I am not for banning all guns. A number of years ago a mid level meth dealer moved in across F St. from me. I was threatened a number of times and the police, through me, found out who and where he was. They finally,eight months later, made the arrest but in the meantime it was hell on my block. So I bought a 38, took the safety classes, and went to the local gun range. I was ready if need be and knew my rights. I also owned a retail business in Eureka and had to deal with the crazy’s of old town but never felt the need to get a carry permit. I could never imagine shooting a shop lifter or a window breaker. But I did get a lot of them arrested over my 23 years in business. That is what the cops are there for. Common sense gun laws, no crazy’s, that is what I advocate.


  14. Good morning,

    There is a saying that says, “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” This is why many of your fellow neighbors and yourself carry weapons. This is also why so many were killed or wounded before the police arrive. Even if the perpetrator had used 10 round magazines, it wouldn’t have diminished the number of rounds fired by much. With a little practice, a person gets very proficient at changing magazines and chambering a round.

    Our country has had this debate several times. There was a Federal Assault Weapon Bans enacted in 1994. During that debate was when I bought the AK’s I mentioned in an earlier post. California has an assault weapon ban, but it is easily got around because the pols that write the legislation do not know weapons. All one has to do is make a few modifications to an AK47 or an AR15 and it is no longer an assault weapon in California. It then becomes a “sporting rifle”, capable of accepting 30 round magazines or even 50 -100 round drum magazines. They are still not fully automatic at that point, but there’s actually an easy modification, to make them fully automatic.

    I’m sitting back and parsing news from multiple sources on these shootings before passing a judgement. Sounds like you’ve read and filtered more info than I have at this point.

    I agree with you that these weapons, even if modified to “sporting rifles” are not a sensible choice for shooting deer. They’re a capable choice, for sure, just not sensible. The deer isn’t going to shoot back. For the record, I don’t hunt. Not my thing.

    Curiosity here, do you still own that .38 or any other weapons? That’s wise, in my opinion. I have an illness, something new or different comes out and I gotta buy it. Range fees and ammo cuts into discretionary income. I’m seriously thinking of downsizing my collection. It’s gotten laughable at this point. Do I really need 2 AR15’s? And do I really need an example of every small arm that the branch of service I was in has carried since it’s inception? How many pistols or revolvers can I carry before my pants fall down? And how many rifles can I pack at one time? Or shotguns! Bolt action, pump action, lever action, break action, auto…. I have several examples of each! I enjoy shooting. At paper, clay pigeons, or steel targets; and increasing my accuracy at distance and the speed at which I can change targets and magazines or reload while firing. With a pump action or double barrel shotgun I can feed it while shooting it very quickly. Basically I just compete against myself and hone muscle memory for quicker shots.

    If SHTF, do I give my extra weapons to “friends” or neighbors, only to have them turn on me to take what I have? Rhetorical questions, for sure, but if I just had one or two handguns, a good rifle, and a good shotgun, it would resolve all of them. 2 rifles…. one of them will be a .22.

    Your last statement is also the question, “Can we nationally agree on some common sense gun laws?” That’s going to be a tough debate without one side feeling the other is being draconian. I will concede that this debate needs to be started. Perhaps the politicians should legislate that the NRA and a coalition of reps from the gun control groups hash out a solution and submit that solution to congress so it would be a compromise guiding the legislation that will pass that common sense law in a bipartisan way? I’m actually agreeing with you that common sense legislation is needed at this point. And mental health needs a strong come back. I just want the gubmint to figure out how to do it without adding more taxes. Balance the budget, cut waste and use our tax dollars wisely for the benefit of all. That’s what I advocate.

    The 2nd amendment is a right, as I have said many times. But I’ll concede that it does not state what TYPE of arms the people are allowed to bear. THAT is the crux of this debate. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban only banned weapons made after 1993. There are millions of these weapons made for 50+ years in this country prior to 1993. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban was allowed to sunset in 2004. There have been millions of weapons made since then. Will people willingly turn them in? Will we be able to be fairly compensated for our purchase?

    Food for thought, for sure. Have a great week.


  15. I understand a military vet enjoying the assault weapons and remaining sharp on their use. Not having been in the military I just don’t have an interest and the stomach for it. I sold the .38 when I felt there was no need for it and my wife’s gun as well. Now I have a .22 break barrel pellet rifle. Love to pop those rats. Never had to use more than one shot per rat, which I brag about to my wife, who laughs but is glad the population is way down. I got 29 last year.
    The guy in Ohio did a great deal of damage in, what has been reported as 30 sec., before the cops killed him. He would have been very, very fast at doing the same damage if he only had a 10 round magazine.
    I am sure we will be talking about all this for some time to come.


    • It’s time to have that debate. Michael Savage was talking about it yesterday, too. Said there is no reason for military grade weapons in the hands of the people or the police, which is an angle I hadn’t considered. He said only the military should have weapons of war, and I agree with him. Said he asked the NRA to debate this issue on his show and they refused.

      Rats are pretty wiley! That’s impressive taking them out with an air rifle. That takes some skill, sir… well-played!


    • We’ll be talking about the demise of the Trump regime for at least a few months more. Impeachment hearings will probably begin full steam ahead in Sept. or Oct.

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    • From the sources I’ve read, the Dayton shooter used a 100 round drum magazine in a pistol AR utilizing an arm brace. Not much skill required there, for sure. He purchased the weapon from an online FFL dealer in Texas and had it shipped to an FFL dealer in Ohio and passed the federal background check. The weapon was purchased legally. The drum mag and arm brace modifications are legal under Ohio laws. As is open carry. The law was broken when he opened fire on innocent people, regardless of “red flag” warnings the shooter may have exhibited. Going down that rabbit hole is going to violate due process. Best way to legislate these mass murders is to remove the weapons from the equation but that won’t be easy due to the sheer numbers of these weapons in circulation, parts for them, and the ease with which a 3D printer or milling machine can manufacture them.

      Back to your question on causes of underlying decay and desperation:

      Multiple factors could be pointed at as contributors, such as removal of Christianity from our schools, suppression of masculinity, violent video games, pornography, racism against white males for the sins or transgressions of their ancestors, proliferation of online hate groups, absence of fathers from children’s lives, absence of mothers from the home, etc. I’m not saying these are the causes, just that others have pointed at these causes in sources I have read or watched.

      But the elephant in the room that no one is talking about is the prevalent use of prescription drugs in today’s society. Up until the latter part of the 20th century, there just weren’t that many people taking prescription drugs. What are these drugs actually doing to people? To our kids? To us? Corporate boardrooms of drug companies are made up of powerful individuals who also sit on the boards of major media conglomerates. Think they may have a vested interest in selling drugs and broadcasting bad news? Some say children’s use of marijuana may be a contributing factor as marijuana use in children with developing brains can cause anger and disconnect, but we are being told by the rising marijuana consortiums that marijuana use is benign. Young women develop much quicker than young men. Young men’s brains and bodies continue growing into their mid 20’s.

      But back to the prescription drug use…. think about it. These types of mass shootings have been going on since at least 1982. President Reagan signed legislation (OBRA) in 1987 effectively allowing the mentally ill to be released from long term care. Did he do this from pressure from the drug companies? To cut federal spending? Maybe both? The rise of psychiatric drugs being more prevalently prescribed in the 80s, the beginning of modern mass shootings and the absence of mental health care all coincide in a compelling way in the 80’s.


  16. jad, You have hit most of the bullet points. I will offer my experience in public school, 1946/1959, college 1960/1965. Christianity was not a part of any classes that I took. There was a bible club that met after school along with a music, photo, and drama club. No guest pastor offering a prayer at assembly, football or basketball games. Te was always the pledge of allegiance, ect at all school events. Drug were almost no existent, but alcohol sure was. We are in a very different today. Society is far more complex, communication is always at your finger tip. Bogus and dangerous information is only a click away. And it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, even if you are a thoughtful skeptic. Getting the government to commit to reform and strengthen our union seems a near impossibility. We are bound by that union and that is the glue of our commitment to one another. That is what’s at the heart of what the people of El Paso are showing us. They love this country, cherish their multi cultural history, and add depth to our common bond. Get back to our core values and a lot will change for the better.


    • Thanks for the open dialogue and sharing your experiences. I’m tied up at the moment, but will offer more later. I’m enjoying this discourse and agree that we need to come together for the betterment of all.

      Have a great day BTDT and I apologize for antagonizing you in earlier posts. I realize now I may have much to learn from you.


    • The Christianity in school I was referring to is there was a plaque with the 10 commandments on it. I was in school from 71-84. A pastor led a prayer before school assemblies and football games. We recited the pledge of allegiance. There were drugs, and plenty of alcohol.

      I admire Hispanic immigrants and their families. They remind me of American families when I was growing up.

      My only take on immigration is that they need to come here legally, not just flow across the border unchecked. I don’t subscribe to open borders and I’m not racist.

      Merle Haggard said it best, “if you don’t love it leave it.” So I know what President Trump meant when he told the “Squad” to go back to their countries. Has nothing to do with their race. Has everything to do with their hateful ideologies.

      One of the morons on this blog told me to go back to my “shithole country”. Sorry, I’m gonna stand and fight so that my country isn’t turned into a shithole.

      You BTDT have some reason and validity and I appreciate your viewpoint. Democrats used to stand for the working man and woman and now they seem to want to turn this country into a socialist hellhole. What happened to the democrat leaders like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Truman? When did the Democrats start openly embracing socialism or even shades of communism? You’ve seen and observed much. I would think those three presidents would be appalled at what their party has become.

      Not saying the Republicans are much better, cause I consider myself a moderate. Both parties are leaning way to far to the left or right at this juncture in history, in my opinion.


    • “EL PASO STRONG”. 💪🏻


      #UnwantedIvanka 👸 🚫

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  17. Social security , minimum, wage medicare, Civil rights legislation, Obama care,
    The bulk of our National Park system, protecting our lakes and rivers, 40 hour work week, were programs,and by in large spearheaded by Democrats and passed with the help of Republicans. All are social programs, so does that mean we are a socialist country? I sure don’t see it that way. I lived and worked in Australia for a number of year. Their system is very much like Gr. Britain and Canada and I did not feel I was living in a socialist experiment.

    You don’t have to love it to be a U.S. citizen and live your life as an equal of any American who is a Christian, or a card carrying member of the NRA. Some don’t take off their hat for the Pledge of Allegiance or the Nation Anthem. But that doesn’t mean that you get to beat them up, as happened to a 13 year old this week. I don’t agree with the kid but he has the freedom to be non respectful of tradition. Just a few thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Some of those Social programs you listed are fine points, BTDT… I’m not big on Obama care. All that did for me personally was raise my premiums and lower the quality of care. It also raised my deductible. I understand what the Civil Rights legislation meant to minorities, but I’ve always been appalled at WHY it was needed in America. All of us are free men and women. The poor treatment of minorities is anathema on this country.

      No, the things you listed do not, in my opinion, make this country Socialist. I’m sorry you haven’t gathered that the Socialism I’m talking about is the continuing onslaught of freebies announced by current Democratic candidates for the Presidency: Free Healthcare, free tuition and relief of all student debt, retribution to descendants of slaves, housing exclusively for black Americans, (damn, what about poor Americans from other continents? Don’t Democrats see these types of bills as inherently racist when they omit others???) money for this, money for that, etc, etc. Continuing to throw money at everything is going to lead to rampant inflation. That rampant inflation has taken down every Socialist country that tried to give everything to its citizens. Limited Social programs as practiced by the countries of the U.K, Japan and the USA so far haven’t led to those levels of inflation. But that can may be kicked down the road only so far and the Fed can only lower interest rates only so far to keep it in check before that inflation creeps up. The chickens will come home to roost, some day, mark my words.

      No, we don’t get to beat up someone who exercises their right to peaceful protest by beating up someone who doesn’t stand or remove their hat or ignore a tradition. Nor do we get to beat up someone who does the same in exercising their religious beliefs. But we can call people out on their statements and their ideology.

      Or you can be like TE who outright deletes or refuses to print comments they don’t agree with but at the same time writes nothing, just plagiarizes the work of others. Now THAT’s freeloading! Or communism and Marxism. So far in my reading I’ve seen very few original thoughts or articles from TE on this blog.

      I mainly just come here for the comments…the articles have been printed elsewhere.


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