Mueller has downplayed the importance of some key events and felony crimes in his report

Some Democrats and critics of Donald Trump have been railing against Republicans for admitting that they haven’t read former special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report for the Russia investigation and for saying that they don’t plan to. But journalist and Trump critic Jed Shugerman takes a different approach in an in-depth piece published in the Daily Beast this week: rather than attacking Republicans and Trump supporters for not bothering to read the report, Shugerman argues that Mueller’s report isn’t as damning of Trump and his allies as it should have been — and that Mueller is downplaying the importance of some key events.

“The bottom line is that the Mueller Report is a failure not because of Congress or because of public apathy, but because it failed to get the law, the facts or even the basics of writing right,” Shugerman asserts. “When Mueller testifies before Congress sometime in July, he should be pressed on all of this.”

In his report, Mueller concluded that the 2016 Trump campaign’s interactions with Russians, although questionable, didn’t rise to the level of a full-fledged criminal conspiracy. But Shugerman views Mueller’s analysis as flawed.

“It seems Mueller did not hire any legal experts with experience in campaign finance regulation,” Shugerman complains. “Given that this investigation was about campaign crimes, this appears to a revealing oversight with serious consequences.”

Shugerman goes on to say that Mueller’s “errors meant that, first, he failed to conclude that the Trump campaign criminally coordinated with Russia.” And the Daily Beast writer adds that Mueller “failed to indict campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, for felony campaign coordination.”

In 2018, Manafort was vigorously prosecuted in federal court for a long list of financial crimes thanks to Mueller’s investigation — and Gates became the prosecution’s star witness. But neither of them was accused of “felony campaign coordination,” Shugerman writes.

Shugerman, in his article, goes on to list and describe, in detail, interactions between Trump’s campaign and Russians in 2016 — and those interactions, he believes, are more damning than Mueller concludes in his report.

For example, Shugerman asserts, “Mueller should have concluded that both Manafort and Gates engaged in felony campaign coordination, and he should have indicted Manafort for it. Manafort is a lawyer with decades of experience working for presidential campaigns: it would be less difficult to establish knowing and willful violations. And Manafort’s extraordinary record of lying to prosecutors — and coordinating his lies with Trump’s lawyers — would help prove the case as an inference of consciousness of guilt.”

Shugerman concludes his piece by stressing that when Mueller publicly testifies before two committees in the House of Representatives on July 17, he hopes members of Congress will address some of the ways in which his report falls short — and why the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russians three years ago were more damning than the report indicates.

“Given Mueller’s failure and Trump’s exploitation of that failure,” Shugerman stresses, “it is now Congress’ duty to the public, the candidates under investigation and future candidates to identify the law clearly and to explain that some of this behavior was a civil violation — and in fact, a criminal violation.”

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3 thoughts on “Mueller has downplayed the importance of some key events and felony crimes in his report

  1. The Mueller report didn’t give TE what it wanted, so now it is trying to discredit Mueller by poring over obscure news feeds to find another like minded source to feed it’s delusion?

    In the meantime, the Socialist Democrat party is parading candidates that are trying to convince the populace that they will give more free stuff if you vote for them, and the lackeys in the house are fighting over who is more “woke” than the others. Implosion, Division, Delusion and Sedition…. welcome to the Socialist Democrat Party of 2019. This is going to be fun to watch!


    • “The Mueller report didn’t give TE what it wanted,”
      You’re right we want him frog-marched out of the white house

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      • The pedophile parasite puppet of Putin 🇷🇺👈🏼 is behind ALL of the leading Democratic candidates in the polls. ‘Nuff said. 🐘🏌️💩🔥

        P.S. – Traitor Trump is a HUUUUUGGGE fan of Jeffrey Epstein. Donald Child Molester Trump thinks Epstein is “a terrific guy”. 🐘👈🏼

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