This is life in the US with a reality TV star running the show

During Trump’s interview with NBC’s worm “both sides do it” Chuck Todd for Meet the Press, scheduled to be fully broadcast on Sunday, he said that if he declares war on Iran (surprise he can’t legally do that), it will mean “obliteration like you’ve never seen before.” He almost immediately tried to qualify this by saying that “I’m not looking to do that” and that there were no pre-conditions on talks with Tehran. This is the same dumb script as his lame “fire and fury” North Korea TV drama.

Earlier this week, Trump was supposedly on the verge of launching a strike on Iran following the downing of a U.S. drone that the Pentagon claims was over international waters, but supposedly aborted the mission minutes before it was to be carried out. Ya right! (How can we believe anything coming from this criminal, he lies when he breathes)

Trump’s administration has been provoking Iran at every turn, including breaking the multilateral nuclear agreement with the country and declaring the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group. Some members of Trump’s inner circle, particularly National Security Adviser and full-time warmonger John Bolton, have been itching for a military conflict with Iran. In recent weeks, however, Trump himself wants to have dinner with the Iranian leader.

Now even the conservative hawkish Wall Street Journal has scorched Trump for getting played by Iran in a brutal editorial. In a scathing column from the editors of the Journal, Trump received a dressing down for his aborted attack on Iran with the piece saying the Middle Eastern country “called his bluff” and he will come to regret it. The editors took idiot Trump to task for not only ordering an attack and changing his mind at the last minute — but for also for his lame attempt to lay the blame on the Pentagon.

“It’s important to understand how extraordinary this is. The Commander in Chief ordered ships and planes into battle but recalled them because he hadn’t asked in advance what the damage and casualties might be? While the planes were in the air, he asked, oh, by the way? This is hard to take at face value,” they wrote.

No shit, in our opinion this was no doubt another one Trumps stupid good cop bad cop negotiating ploys to get a sit-down meeting with the Iranians to try and bully and charm them simultaneously. That tactic will never work. Clearly, this imbecile has never done business with any Iranians. They don’t play like that.

13 thoughts on “This is life in the US with a reality TV star running the show

  1. All of this, and he still beat hillary….


    • Only with Russian and Saudi help and only in the electoral college.
      Actually, your boy is a looooser

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    • Oh, good grief…. still obsessed about the Russians, TE? And now Saudi Arabia? Lol….

      I got news for you, the Electoral College has elected EVERY president of the US.

      Hint: it’s in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. You really should read it sometime.


      • But only one that had help from a foreign government and that actually lost by just short of 3 million votes.

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      • Don’t forget that other Republikkkan “president” whose brother while Gov. of FL rigged that state’s election, then straight up stole FL’s electoral votes after the Democrat still win more votes not only in FL but nationally by 500,000. And so who picked Baby Bush 🍼 in the end? The five fascist Supreme Court criminals, completely unconstitutionally. The Electoral College most definitely did not decide the 2000 Presidential Selection. The corrupt majority on the Supreme Court did.


  2. Well, that’s a crock of bull puckey, TE.

    Neither Russians not Saudis can vote in US elections, to my knowledge; nor can they be Electors the Electoral College.

    Seems the Electoral College didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be President, wouldn’t you say?


    • “Only with Russian and Saudi help and only in the electoral college.” is what we said, meaning that they interfered with voting in several states by hacking into voter rolls and helping to disqualify votes. Even with that, he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million it was only three states in the electoral college that managed to flip the election to the criminal.

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      • Don’t forget 🇷🇺💵🏌️Traitor Trump’s terrible poll numbers across the swing states. Not to mention the fact he’s in a statistical tie in red states like Texas and Georgia among others. Disgusting Donald is done, son! ✅

        #FreeMelania! 💋🍄

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  3. Well, your precious Mueller Report found no collusion with the Russians; nor did it mention Saudi Arabia as a possible source of election interference.

    Remember, the election interference occurred during the Obama/Biden Administration.

    Sorry TE, but your Trump Derangement Syndrome is still clouding your rationale, even 2.5yrs later.

    Why not come back to reality? So far, you haven’t been right on a single anti-Trump theory you’ve put forward.

    Trump: 100,000,000
    TE & Hillary: ZERO


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