a set back for the monster hotel project in Trinidad

Better than the old drawing but still ugly in the context of its location and size

The Bureau of Indian Affairs’ (BIA) attempted an end run around the public by demanding at hearing in San Diego rather than Humboldt, That didn’t work so good as they suffered a set back at the Coastal Commission, for now.

The Trinidad Hotel project was heard at the California Coastal Commission meeting in San Diego. The Commission seems to want to say yes to the project but because of strong local objections and arrogance from the BIA, they rejected the Hotel plan as presented. The two points that were cited were visual impacts and no viable source of water for the hotel.

While the Coastal Commission acknowledged the broad public opposition the project but seemed inclined to approve the project.

In beauty is in the eye of the beholder moment Trinidad Rancheria CEO Jacque Hostler-Carmesin claimed “Critics seized on a very early, outdated version of the building’s design” except that the new version is as big as the old version they just soften some of its features. It will dominate the view from the bay.

No matter what the public thinks this project may still be moving forward one way or another especially with Ryan Sundberg and Dave Tyson involved

4 thoughts on “a set back for the monster hotel project in Trinidad

  1. Yeah, water is sort of important.


  2. How many times has Ryan Sundberg been arrested for drunk driving now? 🚘 🍺 ⚖️


  3. Did the tribal members of the Trinidad Rancheria actually get to vote on this latest Sundberg Crime Family boondoggle, or like usual is Garth Sundberg (Ryan’s father) treating the tribe like his own little personal fiefdom?

    #TheSundbergsAreCorrupt 💰👈🏼⚖️🚿


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