What is Mueller so afraid of? Trump’s GOP Primary opponent knows

William Weld former U.S. Attorney and Assistant Attorney General under Ronald Reagan and a former Republican governor of Massachusetts.

He is Donald Trump’s challenger in the 2020 GOP primary.

Weld said yesterday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s wish to avoid televised testimony before Congress is driven by his reluctance to broadcast the “dirty story” of his longtime friend and boss Attorney General William Barr.

“As you see the special prosecutor making this unprecedented choice — basically unprecedented since television cameras first went into hearing rooms — what is your reaction tonight to Robert Mueller saying I’m ready to testify but no cameras?” Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC asked.

“Well, Lawrence, I think that Bob Mueller is totally up to testifying in public,” Weld replied. “He was head of the FBI for twelve years. He was grilled by Congress — both parties — many, many times.”
Mueller had been Weld’s deputy at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Boston.

“I think what’s going on here is Bob is so straight, that he doesn’t necessarily want to say how the process has been perverted,” he suggested.

“And my reading of what happened behind closed doors — Bob Mueller’s report says we decided not to make a traditional prosecutive judgment because we really couldn’t. Translation, Bill Barr told me that he was going to squash any indictment I tried to bring against the president for obstruction,” he continued.

“That’s a dirty story,” he added.

“Bob Mueller doesn’t want to have to tell that on TV. I think that’s exactly what’s going on here,” he concluded.

Sounds like Mueller doesn’t want to burn his old friend Barr by revealing how the Attorney General shut his whole investigation down within a week of being sworn in.

William “Bill” Weld Republican challenger of Trump in 2020

“Trump looks like he would rather be a king than a president who had to work to earn and preserve the trust of the American people,” said Weld

5 thoughts on “What is Mueller so afraid of? Trump’s GOP Primary opponent knows

    • Ethics = “Treason” in Ku Klux Klan King Trump’s Amerikkka. 🏌️💩🇺🇸

      #FreeMelania! #StopGrabbingIvanka’s 🐈

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  1. His challenger?? Now that’s some funny shit….


    • Yeah, that is funny, especially considering the fact that fat-ass fascist Rapepublican traitor Trumptard will be Impeached and removed from office by the Senate long before the GOP (Greedy Old Perverts) 🏌️🍄 has a chance to make the same mistake again. No, pro-choice William Weld will not be the Republican nominee in 2020, but then again neither will Deranged Donald Chump.


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  2. If Bill Weld wins the New Hampshire primary or even comes close to doing so, all bets are off on the Republican nomination. It’ll be like 1968. Except Trump won’t drop out like LBJ. If Weld even comes close to beating Trump, a more prominent candidate will jump into the race to take advantage of Trump’s proven weak political position. 🐘💩🔥. Like John Kasich or Jeff Flake. Or if Mike Pence gets dropped from the ticket in an attempt to lessen the gender gap, you could even see Mike Pence become a presidential candidate at that point.

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