Can an eighteen-year-old beat Rex Bohn? History tells us yes!

In fact, fresh out of high school Chris Kerrigan beat Rex in a landslide for Eureka City council!


We have no idea who this person is, but we know one thing, he’s not Mr blowhard bully Rex Bohn!

Here’s what Elias Garcia has to say:

We as a County have come a long way, as we raise the future of our county. We aren’t seeing change from our local officials. We have to start pushing for greater change in our Communities.

Our neighborhoods are becoming unsafe for children to play at home, the park, or go anywhere. We see a rise in needle use and unsafe dumping by people whom use these drugs.

Our law enforcement has been ignored the funding needed in order to properly function. Response times have gone far and beyond what it should be. Anyone who lives in any community in Humboldt County knows that it does not take 30 minutes to an hour to have local authorities respond to a call. With inefficient funding they are unable to hire more officers.

Another local issue that is slowly being addressed by the community is homelessness. With such a small community we are finding ways to help homelessness come down. Although we should not stop helping the homeless get back on their feet.

We are a community I know that we find ourselves asking where our money is being spent. A majority of the funding that the county receives is spent on Health and Human Services which is approximated at 35%. I would like to redirect funding around 5% to 7% towards other categories that have not received an increase in funding in the past 5 years that is much needed. That would take 20 million to 30 million to be redistributed into other categories.


We are endanger of our Community, especially children finding, playing, or falling on these needles. These are no joke, something must be done now!!! I personally have had experience with these needles while working. I came across them while weed wacking in an ally way of a client. Luckily I saw them or else the Needles would have flown up at me. I would be in favor of going around the county and organizing cleanups.

As long as our county continues to hand these needle’s out to people who uses them we are losing.

We need to stop this before we have to start worrying about our front lawns having these needle’s and further fearing if we can even go outside and stepping on a needle or our children being able to play without them being in immediate danger.

The  Picture was taken at the corner of M st & 15th st. Which is only 1/2 a mile from both Eureka High School and Zane Middle School.

This information is from Elias Garcia’s facebook page


6 thoughts on “Can an eighteen-year-old beat Rex Bohn? History tells us yes!

    • I thought right-wing Republitards 🇷🇺🤪🐘👈🏼 Anthony “Fat Tony”’Mantova 🍕 and John Foolerton 🐘💩 blew out the bank 🔥💰🔥 last year by spending over $50,000 and over $40,000 last year on their respective failed pariah political campaigns for Eureka City Council.

      But I had completely forgotten about the OVER $130,000 Republikkkan Rex Bonehead spent in his disastrously dumb and defeated campaign for Eureka City Council. 🔥🔥💰💰💰🔥🔥. Now that’s a weak candidate! Damn!


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  1. Elias’s Facebook Page reads as if English were his second language,
    maybe he is a little young yet.


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