Caltrans proposes spending more than 50 million so you can drive fast between Eureka and Arcata

Here’s a view of heavy summer traffic and the eucalyptus trees before the were pruned to near death


On May 23, 2019, CalTrans hosted a public information meeting at the Wharfinger Building about the Highway 101 Safety Corridor Project between Eureka and Arcata.

Here a list of some of the many objections and concerns expressed:

  1. Opposition to CalTrans reducing local, public participation by bringing the Humboldt project to be decided at the San Diego meeting, in June, of California Coastal Commission (CCC). Two months later, the CCC will meet in Humboldt.


  1. Concern the mitigation portion of the project has no costs associated with it so the public cannot comment fully.


  1. Concern the proposed interchange will lead to an increased speed limit on the corridor.


  1. Concern the adverse impacts of both during the construction and after the closure of median crossings at the Bayside, Mid-City, California Redwood Company, and Bracut areas will increase traffic on and negatively impact residents adjacent to the Old Arcata Road/Myrtle Avenue and Samoa Boulevard/Highway 255 corridors. Not to mention the businesses located on the corridor.


  1. Concern the “improvements” will not adequately address the safety needs of non-motorized transit (bicyclists, pedestrians, and users of wheelchairs).


  1. Concern: The Indianola interchange/airport road half-signal cost has escalated to 34 million dollars. Think of all the county road improvements that won’t happen because of this boondoggle.


  1. Concern: The Indianola overpass will induce and facilitate growth all the way to Kneeland via Freshwater and Greenwood Heights.


  1. Concern: No serious consideration on traffic signals on the 101 corridor were ever seriously studied just rejected out of hand because there might be a rear end collision.


  1. Concern: Caltrans is using this project as an excuse to achieve their long-desired goal of clear-cutting the remaining eucalyptus trees along 101.


Also, no serious plan for climate change/sea level rise was revealed!


Note: Public input received before 5/31/19 will be included in the packet submitted to the California Coastal Commission. Public input received before 06/07/19 will be included in the addendum to the packet.


Partly taken from a Facebook post by Ali O. Lee, Bayside

7 thoughts on “Caltrans proposes spending more than 50 million so you can drive fast between Eureka and Arcata

  1. Raising the speed limit is a good thing. It will reduce traffic, reduce accidents, benefit the economy, and make everyone except for you happy.

    The improvements include a new trail, keeping pedestrians entirely off the highway. Hard to see how this doesn’t solve all the problems.

    There is no need for a complex sea level rise plan for this section. There is already an existing seawall that can be repaired and raised. Except for the underpass, the road can also easily be raised by just adding more gravel and rolling the top. By the time these measures are ineffective, we’ll have far worse issues, like not having a downtown eureka to connect to.

    My main concern is the effect it will have on residents of bayside through to indianola, as their stupidly closing the bayside cutoff median crossing will force all southbound traffic through old arcata road, which is already overloaded and prone to traffic jams, as well as adding quite a bit of time to the trip, and is not safe for additional traffic. But, caltrans doesn’t care since it’s not their problem…

    Also, I like the trees, and the whole “trails can’t be near trees” thing is utter bullshit…


  2. I think Cal Trans and the City is only doing this because of the MONEY INVOLVED and it is a Waste of Money and Time when the Money Can Be used for Better Road Up Grades for Safety, Instead of Having Pot Holes that Damage Peoples Cars. Mabye We All Should Hold Cal Trans Responsible For our Cars That Get Damaged For Poor Highway and Road Up Keep Like My Car Did.


  3. If Cal Trans were truly interested in serving the public interest…$36 million would go a long way in restoring Eureka’s trolley system to mitigate the deaths and injuries that plague Eureka streets.

    Raising the speed limit for a 6-mile stretch of freeway will only return the frequent deaths and injuries we used to see there.


  4. And the Trumpiest Tennessean Traitor award goes to moron Marsha Blackburn! Damn she’s dumb! 🐘👈🏼🤪 🍑


  5. I drive that section daily. The only time there is traffic as heavy as shown in that photograph is if there is an accident, so I feel the photo is a bit misleading and so is it’s caption.

    Not sure if an upgrade is necessary. It’s really not a big deal to slow down and enjoy the view for the short hop between Eureka and Arcata. “No serious plan for climate change…”. The trail wasn’t well thought out for that (questionable) possibility either, but still many left leaning people were glad handing that being built, but they’re going to fight this?

    I’ll stand back and watch this one. Don’t have skin in the game for either side in this. Build it. Great, I’ll save a few minutes at beginning and end of day. Don’t. That’s okay, I enjoy the drive and view.


    • No one cares what you want, Trumptard. 🏌️🍄👈🏼🤪🐘

      #DevinNunes’Cow 🐄

      Liked by 1 person

      • Does that mean everybody DOES care?

        If you read what I wrote you’d comprehend that I didn’t have an inclination either way.


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