Is the fix in for Bass? Sure looks suspicious

When our two popular local and widely supported candidates for the open coastal commission seat, Arcata Mayor Brett Watson and Eureka City Councilmember Natalie Arroyo were summarily rejected by Governor Gavin Newsom, it seemed like a red flag to many observers. Now we hear that the Governor’s office has actively encouraged Virginia Bass to apply for the position.  WTF?

The coastal commission has barely survived Jerry Brown’s 8-year effort to stack it with developers and elites.
Now Newsom wants to appoint Ryan Sundberg’s “bestie”! The pro-development, anti-coastal act and Arkley disciple Virginia Bass! Looks like Virginia’s more than a decade sarade as a Democrat is going to pay off big time.
Well maybe ol’ Rob Arkley can call in all those favors he has granted Bass over the years and finally get approval to build his ill-fated “Marina Center” big box mall!

4 thoughts on “Is the fix in for Bass? Sure looks suspicious

    • I’ll tell you who’s weird, that fat-ass lil’ racist Republikkkan midget Rex Bohn who loves White racists in blackface, but hates Mexicans who supposedly steal his hub caps. He thinks he can buy off the public with hot dogs?

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  1. A ranked-choice voting system would do for Humboldt County what a true-ward system did for Eureka.

    Elections with just two contenders, or running unopposed, is how the development industry has kept its moneyed stranglehold on Humboldt County.

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  2. Has crass Virginia Bass divorced Matthew “The Moron” Owen yet?

    # Bass Is A Lying Republican Party Girl Skank 👅🍄🐘💰💋

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