Hey MAGA Martinets “Schiff is correct”! So says senior legal analyst at Fox News

Andrew Napolitano (senior legal analyst Fox News)

Hysterical Republicans in Congress have been going absolutely batty over what they regard is the total exoneration of Donald Trump by the Mueller Report – which none of them have seen a single page of. They are even escalating their attacks on Trump’s Democratic critics to include absurd demands for apologies and the resignation of Democratic hero House Intelligence Committee Chair, Adam Schiff.

So you have to wonder how Trump and his MAGA Martinets will respond when they hear that the senior legal analyst at Fox News agrees with Rep. Schiff. In a conversation with host Neil Cavuto, Andrew Napolitano presented the bare legal facts that demonstrate Trump’s complicity in conspiratorial endeavors with Russia and efforts to cover them up. Napolitano noted that special counsel Robert Mueller “must have found some evidence of a conspiracy,” and that “there obviously is evidence of obstruction of justice.” He elaborated on those points during the interview:

“I think that Congressman Schiff is correct. In that report will be evidence of the existence of a conspiracy. Not enough evidence to prove the existence beyond a reasonable doubt. In that report will be evidence of obstruction of justice, interfering with an FBI investigation for a personal gain. But not enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.”

That just happens to be precisely the case that Schiff has been making for months. He told CNN that:

“There was a big difference between whether there was evidence of collusion – and I think that evidence is in plain sight – and whether you can establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a criminal conspiracy.”

So all the hoopla by the right and the devoted cult followers of Trump is, as usual, just the yammering of ignorant partisans who are more interested in feeding their fantasies than in accepting reality. And the reality is that there is abundant evidence of criminality by Trump and his associates. Whether a prosecutor could obtain a conviction by the standards that apply in a courtroom is irrelevant to the discussion of whether the President’s activities were immoral, unethical, or proof of his unfitness for office.

The key point here is whether there is sufficient cause to proceed with efforts to release the Mueller Report in full and complete the investigation into Trump and Russia’s documented interference with the 2016 presidential election. Some of Schiff’s colleagues in Congress expressed their rage that anyone would continue to doubt that the President was vindicated. But Schiff masterfully put them in their place with an emotional and fact-filled response to their personal disparagement of him. “You may think it’s OK,” Schiff said, “how Trump and his associates interacted with Russians during the campaign. I don’t.”

And the America people don’t think it’s OK either. Which is why Schiff and the Democrats in Congress need to continue their efforts to bring light to the nefarious affairs of Trump et al, by demanding the release of the full Mueller Report and issuing subpoenas, if necessary, for Mueller and Attorney General Barr. The nation deserves to know, as another unscrupulous president once said, whether or not their president is a crook. Because if we don’t stop him now, he’ll just do it again (which he probably already is).


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16 thoughts on “Hey MAGA Martinets “Schiff is correct”! So says senior legal analyst at Fox News

  1. Bravo, TE for attempting to use martinet in a headline. You almost nailed it.

    Hint: wrong party…. conservatives believe in the Bill of Rights. Liberals believe the only rights the people can have are what they SAY those rights are.

    Hence a Democrat saying they’re going to control guns, keep killing unborn children, stifle opposing viewpoints, etc, etc…. that’s a martinet.


  2. deplorable, as crazy as ever and way off the bill of rights idea that Dems are not for them. Where do you keep coming up with your twisted reality? Too many foxes in your hen house.

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    • You forget “been there done that” that the MAGA crowd believe the Constitution begins at the 2nd Amendment. And ends there too.

      According to Trump and Deplorable, the rest of the Constitution is just liberal pandering.

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      • “TRUMP CUTS AID TO 3 MEXICAN COUNTRIES” was the headline chiron ran by 🦊 FOX News & Friends yesterday.

        Did you hear the news? Right-wing Republitarded county supervisor Rex Bohn 🤪🐘 ⛽️ gets all of his info from FOX “News” and Breitbart.

        Wait, that Breitbart part can’t be true, because Rex Bohn clearly cannot read! 📖 You know right-wing Rex Bonehead loves to listen to Rush Limbaugh though. 2 Fat Peas in a Pod.

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      • No, MOLA, I do not think the Bill of Rights ends and begins at the 2nd Amendment. I know that safeguarding the 2nd Amendment ensures the safety of the other Rights. Apparently, an intelligent judge in San Diego felt the same way I do, overturning California’s draconian limit on magazine capacities. Don’t think for a minute that freedom loving patriots, both Democrats and Republicans that embrace their 2nd Amendment Rights aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity to stock up on multiple platforms of higher capacitive magazines!

        Glock 33’s anyone? 30 round Colt M16 mags? I know where you can get them, legally now!

        We can even get 100, 75 and 50 round drums!



      • There is one AND ONLY ONE reason a “man” would be that excited about guns & ammo….


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      • MAGA

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  3. To The Emoji Moron:I’d rather be excited about enhancing my guns capacities than as excited as you are everytime AOC passes gas…



    • Keep on mentioning AOC, you Trumptarded troll (everyone knows it’s you, “Sexy” Rexy Bohnless – you racist Republikkkan fat-ass midget moron).


    • Yes, Dumbass Donald Traitor Trump is a moron. It’s true. But then again, the whole world 🌎 is already well aware of how incredibly stupid and insane the current Rapepublican in the White Supremacist House is.

      Speaking of Rapepublican morons 🐘🤪, has RACIST REX BOHN resigned yet? What a f**king fat ass idiot! The Bohn family inbreeds.


  4. Deplorable, why the fixation on guns and magazines? You’re weird, probably will be buried with those love guns. What an absolute waste of time and energy, and all for the right to defend yourself and your family against what, a fear of a buggie man hiding just outside your door. Face it, the bad ghost has never cast a shadow over you, your family, or your home. It won’t be and it hasn’t been because of your arsenal. That is unless you have a flashing sign on your roof which says “Gun slinging itchy finger lives here”. Time for you to re-up with the service branch of your choice and carry a gun for a real reason.

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    • been there done that:

      I did find it curious that while Deplorable was denying he was fixated on the 2nd Amendment that at the same time he nearly messed on himself trying to glorify it.

      It’s always nice when an opponent goes out of his way to prove one’s point.

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    • Because I can. Like your opinion of my hobbies amounts to a fart in a whirlwind.

      Know what I’m afraid of?

      With a weapon within inches of me wherever I’m at?

      Not a damned thing!!!


      • So what are you going to do, fascist fool, SHOOT at your gross-ass stinkbomb “farts in the whirlwind”? Why not? Go right ahead! Just make sure you first aim and fire 🔥 at your prized possession in your worthless, anonymous, unheralded, insignificant waste of “a life”… your bright orange Donald Trump bobblehead that you won at the raffle at your cross-burning Republikkkan klan rally.🐘🔥🍊


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