Trump vindicated?

We think we’re gonna barf!

The Trumpies are high fiving each other

Tara Palmeri- Source close to Donald Trump Jr said they’re feeling vindicated. “This whole hoax was nothing more than a taxpayer-funded partisan witch hunt. Pretty much what we’ve always said” — the source said

Yamiche Alcindor- sums up what many in the Trump orbit are saying right now. He tells me, “It’s clear vindication of what we already knew, that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and any outside force to impact the outcome of the election.”

Kyle Cheney – Trump’s closest hill allies are declaring confidently that he’s been vindicated.



33 thoughts on “Trump vindicated?

  1. Time to indict journalists at CNN, Adam Schittforbrains, Hillary Clinton, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Srewy Lieuie, and what the hell, Schumer and Pelosi too, for perpetrating this felonious witch hunt upon the duly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. Just take their money and build that wall… rebuild our infrastructure, and destroy Hollywood.

    God bless you, President Trump, and God bless the USA!🇺🇸


    • We’re deleting your other comment calling for violence against people you don’t like

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    • You are either slurping up Russian propaganda or you’re one of them.

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    • Now tell the class what is illegal about people doing their Counter-intelligence Jobs, not to mention the serious violation of 1st amendment rights you’re talking about regarding the Free Press.
      Is this the kind of world you Fascists have in mind for us in Trumpistan?


    • I think you are premature in declaring victory.

      The bottom line is this: You don’t know what is in Mr. Muller’s report. I don’t know what is in it. No one but Mr. Muller and the Attorney General knows what is in Muller’s report.

      I know the concepts I have discussed are difficult for you to comprehend, but do try.

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      • I understand your concepts implicitly. I also understand that you can’t handle the truth. No collusion and no obstruction of justice.

        The truth is, the Demonrats created, prevaricated and perpetrated mistruths that held this country hostage for 22 months. Time to water the tree of liberty.

        A reckoning is coming to these United States. It’s time for a cleansing and it’s gonna happen. Mark my words. I welcome it and will answer the call. I took an oath to defend our constitution and I take that oath seriously. And I will defend it again.

        Molon labe, semper fi, give me liberty or give me death, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, (whatever happened to Democrats like JFK?) stand for something, or you’ll fall (or kneel) for anything.

        Bring it… MAGA


      • You already said you’re willing to Lie, Cheat and Misdirect and now you’re threatening Violence.
        What do you have planned, shooting up a Mall, School, Church, Synagogue or Mosque and keep running up the Body Count like your Red Hatted pals have been doing since your Cult Leader was elected?


  2. WELL DONE! Love that graphic/


    • I don’t, that’s what those Cultists really think of the guy.
      I’m not a christian but unless that’s a depiction of the anti-christ I think a better representation would be horns and a pitchfork, I don’t think a true Christian would be in favor of taking peoples Medicare and Social Security away so Billionaires can get a Tax Break. .


      • A true Christian will tithe to the church so that the poor are cared for…. and lie, cheat and misdirect to avoid paying taxes for the welfare state.



      • So you not only think it’s OK to steal from Medicare and Social Security so Billionaires can get a Tax Break but you also think it’s OK to Lie and Cheat on your Taxes?
        Oh wait, I forgot you’re a so called “Conservative” and Lying, Cheating and Misdirection is the only way you can “Win.”


  3. Of course your are deleting and altering my comments. You’re a Marxist piece of shit. Scared to death of the bill of rights of the Constitution of the United States of America and you’ll only allow spin that fits your agenda.


    • Are you talking about the Bill of Rights that includes Freedom of the Press?


    • You are right, the Tuluwat Examiner is prejudiced against sociopaths and the emotionally maladjusted. The shame the TE must be feeling!

      You should get in touch with the ACLU right away. They will set things right.

      Then you can shoot them.

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  4. It’s obvious…..Russia got to Mueller and Barr. That has to be it. It can’t be anything else. It has to be Putin. What does he have on them. Yada yada yada….


    • Obama called me a clinger, Hillary called me a deplorable, Trump calls me an American
      Leftist tears are a beautiful thing. Love watching their heads explode! MAGA


  5. To Jim: where is there violence in my statement to defend our constitution? Change can mean many things and accomplished in many ways.

    To MOLA: Does freedom of the Press allow that press to delete, alter or misconstrue commentary? Of course it does. That’s why today’s “journalists” spew fake news. Trust me, I would not consult the ACLU for anything. Not necessary, although I find it amusing that the ACLU has recently backed and supported the NRA. That caused agape expressions in many leftist circles! LOL.

    To TE: Never threw rocks or hurt girls in school. But weak, spineless guys coughed up their milk money on more than one occasion. And their girlfriends gravitated toward guys like me. Natural selection…🤷🏼‍♂️


    • OK then. 👌🏿You think you’re a tough guy? Come get some! 👊.

      The great thing about these fat-ass obese Trumptards is you can’t miss them – literally! If it comes to violence (which is clearly what Traitor Trump and his moronic minions are hoping for), hitting the Trumptarded targets will be the equivalent of throwing a football 🏈 up against the side of a barn. You can’t miss! Too many Big Macs means you fascist freaks can’t find enough Kevlar to cover those HUUUUUGGGGE 🐷 Rex Bohnesque bellies full of fat, grease, and lies. Be careful for what you wish, because you may just bring it down upon yourselves in the end.


      • Sounds like you think YOU’RE a tough guy. I can hold my own, I assure you. Just keep on running your mouth like a $2 whore on nickel night, moron.

        You make more noise than a prostitute trying to pay off her dope debt!


      • Wow, as much as you seem to know about frequenting hookers on the cheap, I’d have to say “Deplorable” is a perfect moniker for you!

        I hate to brag, but I’ve never been to “a professional” 💋, not even once. That appears to be YOUR thing, Deplorable Dirtbag Dipshit. 💩. REAL Tough (and funny 😆) guys like myself, for instance, don’t have to pay for it. 💰🚫

        P.S. – By the way, Deplorable, if you ever actually encountered me in public, you would probably Trump 💩 yourself in sheer terror!

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  6. I don’t think our heads are exploding with anything but patriotism. Assholes like the MAGA crowd almost lost the American revolution for Washington. In the name of “independence” and “liberty” they lost the value of working together for the common welfare. Look up the battle of Monmouth. Oh, never mind.

    It is true, my patriotism translates into a health hatred of the greed and ignorance manifest in the Russian puppet currently occupying the White House. Asshole in Chief, that’s Trump.

    God Bless whatever is left of the USA. We need all the help we can get.

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    • Summer Zervos says: “Mr. Puppet President 🏌️👈🏼💰🇷🇺, we’ve all seen how much you enjoy dry-humping American flags on stage, like an orange 🍊, even fatter, older version of Ron Jeremy 🇺🇸🍌 Is that why Trump dry-jumped me on the set of the Apprentice?

      # Stop Dry-Humping Summer Zervos, Mr. Puppet President!

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  7. Adam Schiff: You may think that what this President has been doing for the last two years is OK, I don’y think it is OK.

    That is paraphrasing five minutes of Schiffs cataloging of trump’s follies. I concur, His behavior is “for sure” not OK.

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  8. To Bill Roseanne Barr. Yeah, you got women hanging all over you, which is amazing, seeing how you’ve got all that time to post nonstop, all day every day.

    I see you in public everyday. You’re one of the slack jawed, mouth breathers playing frogger on Broadway. Don’t think much of ‘em…

    You see, money, brains and savvy Trumps a moron…. every time.

    And, obviously, the candidates the left backed in the 2016 election.

    Same scenario, the Democratic candidates just go home to the same type of dwelling that the Republican candidate (and conservative voters) go to… while the liberal voters keep living in squalor and begging for more government handouts.

    But not you, Billy, Rosanne, Jimbob, Barr! You got a real nice place under a bridge, dontcha?!


    • for once we agree “…Trumps a moron…. every time”

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    • I have a very nice home, Deplorable Dumbass Dirtbag. If you don’t believe me, JUST ASK YOUR MOTHER! 💋🍌


      # Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor “Blackface” Bohn

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      • Oh, the outrage, the horror of poking fun at other people… Triggered snowflakes keep wailing and more people keep ignoring the mock indignation. Political correctness and thin-skinned sniveling is irrelevant and overdone. No one gives a damn anymore. And you gotta go back six years to find something trivial to whine about? Go crawl underneath your “very nice” bridge and find something else to cry wolf over.

        I think Rick James would have laughed at those white folk imitating him. Especially if he was riding rails and had his nose in a sack!

        How much you wanna bet Rex gets re-elected AGAIN despite your gum flapping, moron?


      • If thin-skinned sniveling is irrelevant and overdone why does your Mango Mussolini spend so much time on Twitter Whining about how he’s being picked on by Liberals?


  9. Cause the Attorney General said hi campaign was under surveillance illegally?


    • That isn’t what he said and if you don’t want to be investigated by the FBI it’s a good Idea not to be hanging out with Russian Spies and Mobsters then Lie about it when you get caught, if they weren’t doing anything wrong why did they Lie and that includes Mango Mussolini who lied about the meeting in Trump Tower.


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