Eureka’s crime-wave has metastasized county wide

The current crimewave started with these clowns

The local crime wave that arguably had its start under Eureka Police Chiefs Murl Harpham and Andy Mills has metastasized to the whole County. In today’s Times-Standard there is a story (Sheriff: State ‘flooded with meth and heroin’ – County law enforcement has seen steady increase in hard drugs) featuring County Sheriff Honsel that weakly tries to make it sound like more of a statewide issue. There’s no denying that it is a statewide problem, but Humboldt is at the hub of it.

For years on this blog, we were railing about Andy Mills turning a blind eye to the obvious crime wave of gangs and drug trafficking organizations. Those entities got a firm foothold in the County starting in the City of Eureka from there they have branched out and are now firmly entrench countywide.
Now, and with no lost irony, as Eureka Police Chief Watson has slowly and methodically started turning the tables in the City. These criminals have started moving outside of the City limits. While this is promising news for Eureka we shouldn’t forget that these criminals are now organized and established here and not going to leave easily or peacefully.

4 thoughts on “Eureka’s crime-wave has metastasized county wide

  1. see if petty crime increases/increased after Palco marsh eviction and the eviction last month. about mid Feb. of 40 people from Broadway private land. We need a sanctioned, supervised, safe site for the destitute….
    The destitude population is a county, not state, not Fed, responsibility under the law. WE ALL can assist the destitute population IF we know we are allowed to, IF we know where they are. IF we know what they need and where to take it… All that is necessary is for the BOS to say… “This area will allow people to camp, park, erect (temporary) small homes. They will be given an address and residence if the ask.. Apply at the Police or Sherrif’s office.” The County can then designate or hire staff to manage the homeless problem… not just chase people around…. It has not worked, it is not going to work… People will not evaporate. They will work on roads, SWOP, or cleaning up Eureka, in exchange for a place to stay….A place in the community. Not all… but many. Time to try this here. It has always worked everywhere else.

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    • Maybe Tex Bonehead (fat-ass Fartfather 💩🚽 of the Bohnleone Crime Family) will force all of the downtrodden destitute in Humboldt County to work as indentured servants on racist Rex Bohn’s local illegal marijuana plantations. Rex Bohn is an obese Trumptard.

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    • Thanks for that Marc.

      Humboldt County needs to turn over its supervisor majority to more progressive hands as Eureka has recently accomplished.

      Yes, they will be timid for a time as the local Bigs apply immense pressure for business and bigotry as usual. It took decades to cement local plutocracy and it could take decades to undo it.

      Make no mistake, our local oligarchs are terrified,

      Every winning politician of any significance in the last 50 years ran against “the government” …lobbyists, insiders and the Wall Street elites…and then they joined the cabal anyway!.

      One would think it impossible to live under such a brazen contradiction, clearly the reason most potential voters abstain.

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      • All progressives need to do to gain a majority on the Board of Supervisors is send right-wing Republikkkan Rex Bohn packing next year. Speaking of packing, the size of the big-ass Buddha beer belly on Bohn is unreal! How is it that the deplorable diminutive 5-foot-tall Rex Bohn’s beer belly is larger in diameter than Bohn is tall? It’s like he’s a human sphere or something equally circular in proportion! You could roll Rex Bohn down a snowy hill and his fat ass would not only roll perfectly, but Bohn’s fat ass would be guaranteed to cause a gigantic avalanche with a gigantic beer belly at the center of the snowy, sweaty, greasy mass.

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