The fans of the Non-Sequitur comic strip need to make Marc Valles feel your pain

For many fans of David Wiley Miller’s “Non Sequitur” comic strip, their first reaction is “I’ll cancel my subscription”. We understand, but this won’t be a very effective step because the paper isn’t really directly financially supported by subscriptions, Advertising is what directly funds the paper but by organizing a boycott against the advertisers you will get Valles attention fast.

Contact the advertisers directly and let them know you’ll be making a different purchasing choice because of the political censorship employed by the Times-Standard

Valles hasn’t been shy about owning his censorship but he’s not being completely truthful “I pulled the plug myself”. “And I didn’t do it because Miller was signaling his distaste for Trump.” “This isn’t about politics” Really? Sure sounds like politics to us. To claim it was about an illegible little F-bomb hidden in a little Easter egg that could barely even be seen with a magnifying glass is clearly just an excuse.



4 thoughts on “The fans of the Non-Sequitur comic strip need to make Marc Valles feel your pain

  1. The Trump-Standard sucks. Cancel your subscriptions and call advertisers to let them know why. A newspaper that loves ❤️ a traitor like Trump 🇷🇺 isn’t worth much more than toilet paper (in the case of an emergency). Seriously though, even running out of toilet paper and being forced by necessity to use The Trump-Standard instead would constitute a more legitimate national “emergency” than the Plump Orange Chump’s 🍊🏌️🐘 stupid psycho wall bullshit. 🔥💩🔥



  2. Who the hell is Mark Valles?


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