Another wrong turn for Eureka

“We want people when they think about the redwoods to think about Eureka. It’s time for Eureka to believe in itself as a place worthy of marketing on its own and want to utilize the marketing of Eureka as more than a draw for tourists. We want to recruit businesses and broaden the message.”  Rob Holmlund Eureka’s Community Development Director professes in The Times-Standard.  Holmlund pointed out that the city is looking to expand its marketing beyond tourism and tourism-focused marketing; he said the goal is to expand on the “live, work and play” theme focused on what the city has to offer.

For those of us that are compelled to “live, work and play” in Eureka we say WTF?

How about beginning to try to fix the many problems in Eureka, so that when tourists and visitors do accidentally stumble on the City, they are pleasantly surprised instead of horrified. We know us saying this going to really upset the “I like Eureka” crowd but we got call it as we see it.

When visitors show up now from the south the first thing that hits them is the very unattractive sprawl of South Broadway. Not too far into town, they start seeing the vast amount of street people, druggy tweakers, and houseless people walking along highway 101. A little further up the road, they get to play Eureka’s life-size VR version of Frogger.

When they arrive in the heart of the City in what should be the crown jewel of Eureka it’s Old Town. If they’re brave enough to stop and walk around they invariably run into tweakers arguing and violently spewing profanities at each other. If they take a break from yelling at each other then they’ll be hitting up the visitors for cash. If they survive all that and a walk on the boardwalk they get back to their vehicle only to find it being broken into. Now we admit not everyone gets their car broken into while visiting Eureka.
It happens enough that it’s a thing.

So go ahead Eureka, advertise your city, before you’ve made your bed and washed your dishes. Invite everyone in to see your dirty laundry.

We recommend:
Find places for all the people to live.
Get the druggies into treatment.
Most importantly get the criminals off the street!

Then promote the City……..meanwhile promoting the redwoods still makes sense.



15 thoughts on “Another wrong turn for Eureka

  1. Wow!
    If I didn’t know better I would think that the Take Back Eureka MAGA folks hired a hacker to take over this blog and post this garbage.


  2. In times past it was brothels and massacring indigenous peoples Then came hanging people from China who built the railroad and tossing the bodies under the board sidewalks.
    What do you want? We are living in a timeline, and you can’t skip to the next chapter until you finish the one you are living today.


  3. I would love fir Eureka, Humboldt County, CA and the country to invest the money (i.e. collect taxes) sufficient to treat drug addiction and houselessness, but we are too invested in endless war and subsidizing corporations and billionaires at this time to do what is necessary. You get what you pay for.


  4. Eureka does have a bit of good news for once. Matthew “Bass” Owen was just “let go” by Wells Fargo. Word is that he is leaving the county for Los Angeles where his daughter lives. .

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    • We’ll believe that when we see his creepy ass gone.
      We heard Virginia’s worried about Natalie Arroyo and going to move more to the center.

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      • Redwood Teen Challenge? What’s more of a challenge for these exploited teens than attempting to escape from their Rapepublican captors? Ryan Sundberg and Virginia Bass both should have been prosecuted for that Redwood Teen Challenge bullshit last year that was a coordinated illegal effort on behalf of both of their campaigns.

        Whatever happened to this story, T.E?


  5. Hey, you actually posted an article I agree with! Now you just need to argue for needing to restore train service. 🙂


  6. I was on the boards of Main Street and the Visitors and Convention Bureau for many years. My hope was that the area would promote what great potential was here. But no one was willing to be forceful in cleaning up the mess. No city or county official seemed to see the connection. Polish the diamond and they will come, some to see and some to stay. No vision, no, no change.


    • “Polish the diamond”? WTF?!? See, YOU are the reason Republitards can’t win a local election anymore. 🐘🤪

      You psychopaths 🐘🤪🏌️ spent several decades already wasting everyone’s time and untold millions of tax dollars attempting to “polish the turd” 🐘💩🔥 otherwise known as “the timber industry” (AKA legalized ecocide).

      Now you have a chance to make money morally – as opposed to your usual rape of the earth 🌏 (and in Traitor Trump’s especially psycho case, (allegedly) raping teenage beauty pageant contestants, etc., etc.) – BUT NOOOOOO!!!!! You don’t like change. Well, considering the FACT that Dirtbag Donald Trump and his rent boy Mike Pence are both on their way to federal prison, you Republikkkans better get used to change quick!


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  7. When is this council going to stop following staff like little sheep


  8. It feels strange agreeing with a post from Tuluwat Examiner !


  9. Joe, I don’t get the rubber stamping what ever staff wants to be done. I used to think it was council’s job to DIRECT staff. How did that get turned up side down?


  10. I need to clarify what I said about the Visitor and Convention Bureau. The only reason the the Bureau did not achieve more was the lack of strong support by the city and county in providing strong financial support. They smiled when the director came before them each year to ask for continued funds to do the work.
    But they barely appropriated enough to do the job. Tony Smithers did amazing things with the meager funds he had to work with and his legacy will show that. The money he used put Humboldt County and Eureka on the world stage. The Bureau brought tourists and hundreds of millions of dollars to the county. There are many business’s that would not be serving the county today if the Bureau had not done an outstanding job. For the city to consider backing away from support is bordering on criminal. Eureka and the county will be financially harmed in so many ways, it hard to comprehend why they are even considering taking away the funds. Talk about short sighted!!!

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